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  1. Hi iam after a m- copy no label wear or damage please of the melba moore/the magic touch/kent anniversary single first issue.Please pm.Thanks.
  2. Hi looking for a M- copy of Just Brothers/Sliced Tomatoes issue or demo mm1010 not the white boot copy.Please pm thanks.
  3. Sam fletcher think it over,insurance i think.
  4. As above M-Dh condition £80 + £3 pp p pal friends and family only.Please contact.SOLD
  5. As above Original M- condition £100 +£6 special del p pal only friends and family.Please contact.SOLD SOLD
  6. As above M- condition £250 p pal friends and family pp special del £6.Please contact.Thanks.SOLD
  7. Can you help me with this on Roger not sure were it comes from.Thanks Mick
  8. Not the same record mate. Not the same record mate.Who are you trying to fool.
  9. Hi looking for a m- copy of Little Ann/Who are you trying to fool..Kent 112A label only.Please pm.Thanks Now sorted thanks to Steve (COBBLERS).

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