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  1. I am surprised this hasn't been posted by others on here but I understand that Chrissie's fight with a brain tumour finished on Monday . She was Blue Skies' main publicist and the Queen of what became called Mamsey Pamsey soul tunes when she DJed. RIP and keep playing them up top. mx
  2. Dry sense of humour, great taste in music, reasonable prices on record sales and happy to pass on knowledge without being big headed......
  3. I assume the "buyer" had provided name and postal address . Why not send him/her the police.
    How about some play lists ......
  4. I posted a birthday card to a mate living in Manhattan......it took two full weeks to get delivered. Nowt to do with customs and all to do with a very poor customer service in the US. PS. Ever fancied being invisible? ...... Go to a Post Office in Manhattan and you might as well be.
  5. £150 bid was way off..... Great record and now a better investment?
    I know Dave was concerned about the size of the venue as it was going to have a similar atmosphere to the moon but his worries must have been dispelled after about half an hour. The place was full of the clubs members playing bingo and enjoying beer at £2-80 a pint. Did they depart when the music started....NO....they got up on the floor and danced! The DJ read the situation really well, playing mid tempo soul classics at a sensitive volume..... The room filled with WOH regulars and a fair few that I haven't seen before. The lights were lowered the tunes became more rare the volume incre
  6. Going to come by train and tube so I can try this cheap bar.
  7. Want a four prong centre 1967 first press with "SOLD SUBJECT TO....etc..." printed on centre in near mint condition or VG+++ PM please with terms.
  8. Make me an offer..... By PM please.... 16th anniversary single with Calamity Jane by The Raven on the flip....
  9. Wow....that looks to be a nice venue Dave. A shame Tony Smith is unavailable as not heard him play out since the Soulgate alldayers. Hope to be there. M
  10. I visit NY on a fairly regular basis and have only managed to time one stay with a proper 60/70 northern soul event.....Subway Soul which is run by a guy called Phast Phreddie....... I did write a review of the event but as far as I know there hasn't been once since. Dave Withers(lives in NJ) has promised to let me know if another one is planned. Botanica Bar down on 47 E Houston has a soul night on a Wednesday evening but there is not much in the way of dancing..... Brooklyn Bowl (in Williamsburg) sometimes has a soul/motown evening with a live band but not a regular thing.

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