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  1. Polly Matthies

    Billy Butler & Infinity ‎– Hung Up On You Pride

    sorted now
  2. Polly Matthies

    Billy Butler & Infinity ‎– Hung Up On You Pride

    Yes, i am smitten- it has everything for me!
  3. Looking for a copy of this LP: Billy Butler & Infinity ‎– Hung Up On You on Pride, thank you for looking...
  4. Polly Matthies

    List for sale 20.04.18

    Hi! I'm interested in Maria Dallas and Lavern Baker, are they still available? Best, Polly
  5. Polly Matthies

    Wigan Poster etc

    Yes, that would be good
  6. Polly Matthies

    Ebay set sale

    Can you tell me why you are not replying to my messages? Just want to clear that up....
  7. Polly Matthies

    83 x 45's inc Barbara Lynn Good woman - Soul Funk etc

    I have also messaged you a while back
  8. Polly Matthies

    Back cueing & damaging records

    You could use a couple of tetra paks too, orange juice cartons for instance.They should have them at the bar...
  9. Polly Matthies

    Polly Matthies

  10. Polly Matthies

    Different Strokes.. Soul Or Nothing Meets Barefootin

    I really wish i could be there tonight and see all you FABULOUS people!!!!!! Have a great time and see you soon!!! Can´t wait to come back to Manchester! xxx Polly
  11. Mr.Lars- thanks so much for the Tripps!!!!
  12. It seems the link is not working... They are in the gallery though! Somebody we really missed on the weekend: THE FABULOUS BURKES!!!!!
  13. Ok, i`ve put some pictures here, courtesy of Cristina, Paulina and some of mine , too... Movin On Pics It was an absolutely fantastic and very special weekend- so many great, great people came- and that for me are the best things about it: the music and the friends!!!! Thank you all for being there: Lars+ Alexandra, Leona+Ady, Bob+ Val, Malayka+ Dave, Anja, all the Spanish and Catalans (especially those that made it from other cities even though there was an air controller strike) Musically i really enjoyed Joel and Ady double decking and El Butch was on fine form, Lars is always a pleasure to listen to... Leona and Lars were fab on Sunday at the BBQ too.... Leona: re the Goddess thing: it takes one to know one!!! Can you all come to the next one????? ,
  14. Polly Matthies

    [Rs] george tindley - fairy tales- parkway

    Title: george tindley - fairy tales- parkway Artist: george tindley Track: fairy tales Label: parkway Record information:


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