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  1. Saw her at the Cats Whiskers in Oldham about 72-74ish for sure. She was great from what I can remember.
  2. The same old thing the same old way to often. Remember there was life before and after at many venues that barely get a mention. So let it rest , the music came first and always will. Move on please.
  3. Well, well, well. Many views good, bad and down right nonsense from some people who maybe weren't around from the start 68-69 so 50 years of being on the scene no excuses about getting married having kids blah blah blah. Oh yes and collecting actual 45s for all those years. My opinion quite simply is if & when i DJ i will play and do what I want to do mainly for people of similar tastes which there are plenty just wanting to hear tunes that are not the same old thing the same old way. It's to easy, but if you want to be famous ? Ha ha well carry on enjoy and have fun. But leave the rest of us alone please. That is people who have served their time. In other words been , seen and done it. Keep dancing, listening, buying but most of all be Happy with your own SOUL.
  4. Yep well said totally agree it's simple really. Be honest. Don't try to be what you're not.
  5. OWow bloody hell great to hear. I worked at Seddons Smythy was there for a while. Later years I ended up playing football for the Pineapple for a few years with Steve & Pete. Smythe lived on same street as me Charter st bottom of Oldham edge, bargap.When we where little kids.Wrighty used to come to Hollinwood Soul club the two bald blokes do for years. I was a scooter boy early days back then with the Lee's skins but had friends through music & football & scooters with all locals Derker skins. Royton lot etc etc. Lived in SPAIN last 15 years still collecting & DJing over here. We got a good scene in Spain the Spaniards love it.Say Hi to em for me next time. Cheers. Ski as they'll remember me. Brilliant memories. Thanks.
  6. Hi was that Pete Wright ?. Spent a lot of time in Shaw at the Motown upstairs in the dance room great early days fab music. Use to get hand stamped and go across road to pub to get a drink then back for a dance. High Crompton boots boys was it ?. Steve Smythe ?.Big Bob Sweatman was on the door. Yeah Oldham was good early 70s the Magnet Pub at Mumps bridge. Cats Whiskers. Oldham bus garage with Kev Roberts & Clarence. Good times.
  7. Remember it well meeting up in Werneth, Oldham with a gang of youthful soulies all good friend's to get the coach . It was everything that's already been quoted. BUT we where 16-18 year olds and going on an adventure. So we made the best of it no matter what. Still has the record for the biggest gathering of your soulies ever. So still proud I was there. Forget the dross it was exciting and fun and the scene still can be now depending on where you go, who with and most importantly the MUSIC. Keep the Faith & the Fun make of it what you will while you still are able.
  8. Yeah like you say Top Tune. Still loooooookiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
  9. Still looking for one of these.??????????
  10. Hi looking for a copy of the Alpacas- Sometimes I love you girl on Double Take must play Ex at very least. PM me sensible price. Thanks.
  11. Yaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnnn same old thing the same old way, he should stick to what he knows, writing about stuff he actually has some idea about. Sounds like a review that was done in 1973 !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Some of us have moved on since then, thank God !!!!.
  12. All very interesting and many views but isn't that the same for any tune classed as 'Northern Soul' they where all worth peanuts once upon a time. Could spend a week writing down big money tunes many 'Mega' oldies and played to death tracks that some people class as brill or crap, expensive or cheap, everyone has their own opinion. At least this is not common as muck. Had it years and played it out here and there always with a good reaction because is was not heard or even known by many. Glad I still have mine tucked away always knew it would have it's day and this proves it as someone was willing to splash out for it so they must like it to say the least I say good on em, get it played let everyone get a chance to hear something different. Wonder how many of those that are slagging it off actually have a copy, or is it just that they could have made some money and missed out, what a shame. Doesn't matter to me what a tune is worth as I don't sell, I have and play what I like with no compromise, try it !!!!!!.
  13. Oldies but Goodies, like a pair of your favourite old brogues maybe, bit worn out, bit out of fashion, bit tatty, over-worn and needs a fresh Soul .But you keep putting them on just for a walk down garden path to the back gate and back for old times sake .Bite your tongue chuck em out and try something new. Same with music, nothing like stepping out in your new comfy shoes and dancing to solid Soul sounds whatever year they are. For me 60's, there are still plenty to go round if you seek em out. Gettin to listen to them played out at venues is a different matter. Only a few that still try to be fresh and not worry about money and the bright lights. Keep it fresh.
  14. Well I'm 61 started going out in 69 to local do's around Manchester when we where all trying to work out what had hit us, Soul Music, fresh and new a lifeline from boredom for many. You could dance your head off all night because it was mainly unheard which was the attraction, not he same old but good 60's tunes we had been listening too through the 60's era. Fresh means life in most cases I don't mean Modern, Funk, R+B, Garage n whatever some call it. I mean pure 60's Soul still coming through and still giving that feeling of Wow this is fantastic all over again. The so called top 500 should be known truly as the first 500 played out regular and loved by many back in the day. There is no top figure now just thousands of great tunes not getting the credit they deserve.Try it you might like it.
  15. Yeah totally agree, dead right same old thing the same old way. Good for the masses bad for the few. It's all about the Glitz now the bigger the better, big venue, big DJ s, big oldies guaranteed Woweeeeee, TV ads, in the sun, at BBQ's, on a cruise. Next is NS Quizzes and Karaoke just to top it off. Big adverts everywhere,Facebook, twitter, big bags,big dance competition, big ego's and big money. Big booooooooooooooooooooore. But leave em to it, will still keep searching and playing fresh stuff when anybody wants to listen, at home with no bright lights and fan club.It's all about the (MUSIC) yep simple as that, well it's enough for some of us, the few that is. What ever turns you on, just do it. .Everyone to their own I suppose !!!!!!!!!.

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