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  1. I rate Forever and a day even better. Blank, credited to Orville Wood on some sources but sounds like Boris Gardiner to me
  2. Which Boris Gardiner on Bronco - there should be two
  3. Hi, selling my copy of Buddy Ace - True Love Money Can't Buy on Duke there's my scan on 45cat (the issue) and condition is EX. Price: 70 GBP registered shipping from Austria is another 8 GBP, shipping to Europe and rest of the world just ask Kind regards RR
  4. Need help with these two, what's current rate fro Buddy Ace - True Love Money Can't Buy on Duke and Jerry Williams - Run, Run Roadrunner in Musicor for a quick sale (both in EX condition) Thanks for your help RR
  5. Just heard I Hate To Be The One To Say by Gene Chandler after a long time, this should be Mike Terry in the background. Are there any other tunes where Mike Terry was involved in Chicago at that time, except the Giant connection with Joe Armstead
  6. Hi guys, need some advice as I'm thinking of selling up and not sure what's the best way to do it. My collection includes about 1400 Soul and Reggae singles (+ a handful of LPs) with some average stuff and some really sought after tunes, but mainly on the Jamaican side (can be seen here https://www.45cat.com/member/returned-ringo ). Decision is already made and I'm in no hurry, but it is 100% sure to let all of them go even though I might regret it one day. There are some time and money issues that keep me thinking. - I would prefer selling the lot to a dealer as it saves a lot of time which I haven't got at the moment, problem is that my collection is located in Austria and there is no dealer close to me to be able selling both, Northern Soul and Jamaican 45s. Shipping 1400 singles to the UK is not a good idea either I guess. - Selling my collection on my own takes a lot of time I guess. I'm not a big fan of sharing my money with Ebay or paypal. Especially with leaving out paypal will put many buyers off I guess, and I probably won't reach top prices with some sought after Jamaican singles leaving out Ebay. I'm OK with discogs but again I'd prefer avoiding paypal. Not a facebook member so I haven't tried selling via facebook groups and forums. Also thought about creating a website, but that's even more a time issue and completely out of fashion. - If I decide to sell on my own, I'm also not sure where to sell what. Where to sell Reggae, where to sell big money items or where to sell cheap Ric-Tics and Motown stuff. Also not sure about the currency, should it be € or GBP if I list my tunes here for example. Any other advices would be helpful Kind regards Stefan
  7. Hi guys, got two books left for sale Central 1179 Story of Manchester Twisted Wheel Club by Keith Rylatt & Phil Scott 13 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria) Casino by Dave Shaw 3 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria)
  8. Hi everybody, Need to make space so sorting out a couple of books, not a 100% sure about shipping costs but I guess they'll be OK, condition is very good on most of the items. If you need more details, let me know. Kind regards Stefan Central 1179 Story of Manchester Twisted Wheel Club by Keith Rylatt & Phil Scott 15 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria) Casino by Dave Shaw 5 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria) The Road Through Motown by Ralph Terrana SOLD 5 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria) Guitars, Bars & Motown Superstars by Dennis Coffey SOLD 5 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria) The Rise & Fall of Philadelphia Soul by John A. Jackson SOLD 5 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria) Motown - The View From The Bottom by Jack Ashford SOLD 5 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria) Chicago Soul by Robert Pruter SOLD 10 GBP + (4.70 GBP shipping from Austria)
  9. Hi everybody, ready to sell my collection of my There's That Beat magazines - got all issues in decent nick except number 7. Would like to sell them as a lot, but also open up to sell them as singles issues. Original price was 10 $, thinking about 5 GBP each or a bit cheaper if you take all of them. Shipping is from Austria. Shipping costs will depend on how many issues there are sold. Would prefer payment by bank transfer. If you need more infos, let me know Kind regards Stefan
  10. Jackie Lee - Oh My Darlin' on Mirwood My copy feels like a boot but I'm not sure. Thanks
  11. Not happy with condition. Maybe a better copy will turn up in a couple of years.

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