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  1. Jerry Hipkiss

    Carmel Strings, I hear a symphony, white label??

    Can't recall an Instr of JWIMS, but I do remember the Disco Strings of Cloud Nine LP - another "wallpaper" instrumental LP which was big for a few minutes!
  2. Jerry Hipkiss

    R I P Lee Vowles

    St Ives and Newquay will continue, but I know Baby Boy will be posting more about that on here - for myself I'm still just utterly gutted, although I'd known of Lee for decades it's only over the last couple of years that we'd become friends, and it was only last Thursday night we were chatting on the phone about upcoming events and getting together for a few beers. It was an honour to know the Big Man, and I'll miss his usual greeting of "Ah, Jeremiah Hipflask!" RIP Lee...
  3. Jerry Hipkiss

    How the hell is this not massive??

    One from me - what a stormer!
  4. Jerry Hipkiss

    Various quality Northern:

    Liking the "San Removals Strings" :-) - don't you just love predictive text?
  5. Jerry Hipkiss

    John Peel's unknown soul record from 1975?

    Not really, the whole thing about the "underground" scene was supposed to be rebelling against the mainstream - by the summer of '67 those involved considered soul naff, commercial and - to use a phrase coined a little later - "teenybopper" music. Those of us who stuck with it got ribbing and sneers from mates, believe me! Peel just ditched the Fab 40 playlist to see if he could get away with it and the Perfumed Garden grew from there. Incidentally, it's fun looking at their charts and seeing future Rare Soul favourites getting plays, like in this one which has Bobby Sheen in the Top Ten!
  6. Jerry Hipkiss

    Carmel Strings, I hear a symphony, white label??

    Station Road for me - sounded much better loud, but it goes in that category of "You really had to be there"...;-)
  7. Jerry Hipkiss

    Carmel Strings, I hear a symphony, white label??

    IIRC the lookalike black and white "audition copy" had poor sound quality, so if yours sounds good it might be proper...
  8. Jerry Hipkiss

    Brenda Holloway-We'll keep on rolling

    Larry Atkins has Delta 72741 - should make it late July 1968...
  9. Jerry Hipkiss

    Unusual Places You Found Imported 45s

    Mate of mine found a Joe Hicks issue with a few crap pop things underneath a parrot's cage in a flea market in Tenerife! ("I wanna be free" on the flip BTW...)
  10. Jerry Hipkiss

    Richard Selwood R.I.P.

    Indeed - I just re-read the old thread...
  11. Jerry Hipkiss

    Richard Selwood R.I.P.

    Sad to say that I've only just found this out courtesy of Steve Smith, but Rich Selwood, lynchpin of the early days of the Rare Soul scene in Gloucestershire - and further afield - via his Wax Machine shop in Worcester Street, passed away at the very start of this year. Thanks Smithy for picking up on this...bad news indeed, but at least most of us had regained contact with him in recent years. R.I.P.
  12. Jerry Hipkiss

    Cherished record casualties

    Light blue issue of Millionaires "Never for me" bought in 1971, snapped in two while I was cleaning it years the time I thought oh well, it's only a cheapie, replaced it with a dark blue 2nd - now look at the 2017 price!
  13. Even more desirable...:-) Well done Andy Gillespie BTW!
  14. Jerry Hipkiss

    Bobby Garrett. I can't get away

    I got caught decades ago with this, looks OK but it's a boot, they copied the matrix details as best they could...well, 3am at a dark niter, how was I to know...:-) "counterfeited as a blue stock copy using very flexible VINYL (you can do a Rolf Harris impression with it) and copying DELTA # 59636 and lots of other very unconvincing squiggles and numbers etc. "
  15. Jerry Hipkiss

    Yate, Just A Distant Memory ?

    Yes, that's got to be that Stella Reuter ( later Prince) as well?