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  1. Jerry Hipkiss


    Our Fourteenth Anniversary! Two rooms, Northern Soul in the main room with residents Neil Self, Jinksy, Dean Carr and Jerry Hipkiss plus guest spinner Des Parker. Modern Room from the 80's to tomorrow's big tunes, residents Paul Garland, Steve Lloyd, Graham Dowler, Neil Self and our guest, making his annual visit, Colin Curtis! All at the excellent ...8pm to 1am, £7 all in.
  2. Jerry Hipkiss


    Sidders, Jinksy and...me
  3. YOUR SOUL MUSIC NEEDS YOU! Get out this weekend, claim your spot and have a good time!
  4. Peter Jarett was later, surely - Dalton James and Sutton fits the time frame for me...
  5. Another ex-serviceman I don't think we've mentioned yet - Ronnie Jones... https://www.cyrildavies.com/Ronnie.html
  6. ...plus of course "Get Down With It" was produced by Norman Smith , who went on to have a couple of pop hits as "Hurricane Smith"...
  7. Nor had I until a year or so ago, despite having been around for more decades than I can remember - apparently played by Soul Sam, Top Rank Hanley 1973 - and just the other day I saw it on a Soussan sales list from 1975 - just goes to show how many tunes there are just under the radar...
  8. Strictly personally, I always look forward to Jordan Wilson's sets, as well as Matt from Trowbridge and of course Ted Massey...
  9. Melvin Clapton is (despite all the odds) alive and well and active on Farcebook, sadly Roy Hyett passed on some years ago now...
  10. until

    ...and I missed both your sets as I was in the other rooms! Great to see you and Sarah, as always - catch you at Soulfusion in January if not before! Back on topic, great weekend, full of tunes, fun, chatter and laughs - but no fancy dress - not the biggest but a real soul family vibe to it. Loved it to bits...
  11. I only went the once - as far as I can remember - December 1984, a coach from Cheltenham and Gloucester with all the usual reprobates on board . Had a great night, think I got home about 6am, tried to sleep for a couple of hours, and then went to work for the whole day! Hmmmm....
  12. Yep, Soulfusion is one of my regular bookings so naturally I was there - another busy night from start to finish, as always a mix of the favourite tunes as dictated by the dancers, with a few underplayed things thrown in for good measure, the usual quality set from Ted Massey, regional DJ's with decades of experience in Jinksy and Don Palmer, plus the excellent Dean Carr, not to mention uptempo soulful and jazzy house in the second room hosted by one of the country's finest mix DJ's Paul Garland...must be why it's still going strong thirteen years on! And oh look, there I am at the bar...
  13. "Falling in love" by DeLuxe is a must play whenever I do those sort of nights - hard to get hold of apparently, and always gets people asking about it...
  14. Can't recall an Instr of JWIMS, but I do remember the Disco Strings of Cloud Nine LP - another "wallpaper" instrumental LP which was big for a few minutes!

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