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    Whats on the B-side Mate ?

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    classics ,so glad i found you
  1. At last - name and shame them.. I should imagine a few other unofficial suppliers are feeling a little less comfortable as this gathers more focus in the market place.
  2. Bossfourpart1

    27th 6Ts Northern & Modern Rare Soul Weekender


    Any information regarding booking tickets with accommodation ?
  3. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club Xmas Party

    Looking forward to an evening of festive soul sounds while drinking with like minded friends.
  4. Bossfourpart1

    Pure City Soul Club Charity All-Dayer

    Great turn-out on the day , full of soulful people supporting a great charity .
  5. Bossfourpart1



    Alternative room ! the best sounds of the weekender . Enjoyed your spots last year , unfortunately can't make this year , have a great time Yocky , atb frank
  6. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club

    Less than 24hrs to go , looking forward to meeting up in the Blue Posts for some pre drinks !! safe journey everyone ...
  7. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club

    I believe that S.C. Monster is partial to Red wine too , and the odd 70ts tune !!!
  8. Bossfourpart1

    funky sole party

    822 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA90026, Andy Cobbs last DJ set in LA. 21.00HRS TIL LATE
  9. Bossfourpart1

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    twisted wheel real Ale...
  10. Bossfourpart1

    6TS Weekenders Under New Management

    Looking forward to seeing the details being posted a.s.a.p.
  11. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club

    Happy Birthday Andy,
  12. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club

    Epic journey plans Andy , makes my shift work adjustments seem like a "stroll in the park"............. where you and Kev might be on the bench !!! I'll get you both a Pint in the Blue Posts .... See all of you Migrating Soulies in the venue for some rewarding tunes. Regards Norwich Soul man, Frank
  13. Bossfourpart1

    frank howard , judy

  14. Bossfourpart1

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

  15. Bossfourpart1

    northern soul - the current state...?

    Personally I feel there is still some energy out there in the scene but it is a little tired. As mentioned above we are getting older along with the scene and the numbers of younger Soulies coming through has slowed down. There are loads of great tunes out there but they do not all make it to the decks. Collectors must be sitting on most of those. People go to different events for different reasons. Personally due to the number of years I have been going I prefer rare and underplayed all-nighters, soul nights. It doesn't help when you feel knackered at the start of an all-nighter. Work these days for many of us is very demanding so that does not help with the positive thought process. As mentioned previously , there are many factors affecting the scene these days. There a lot of good people out there running good regular Soul nights and all-nighters trying to keep the flame burning. Just my reflection on it today. p.s. working night shifts all week. KTF Frank


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