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    Whats on the B-side Mate ?

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    classics ,so glad i found you
  1. Bossfourpart1

    Happy Birthday Tattoo Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave , hope you had some Strawberries to celebrate. ATB Frank
  2. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club

    176 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4NQ , THE POLO BAR
  3. Bossfourpart1

    26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    Ady , when do you want the final payments in by ? regards Frank
  4. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club

    Can't make this one due to a Birthday celebration over the same weekend. Enjoy the 100 club Buzz and see you all in May. cheers Frank
  5. Bossfourpart1

    Soul Essence 36 -25th Anniversary


    Geoff, have you got a review ? regards Frank
  6. Can't make the 4th May as I'm working a night shift (shame its a Friday).


    catch up soon , Frank

    1. jmuir


      O.K. Matey, looks like I'll have to put up with "mundane Maguire conversation" (I can always turn the music up I suppose)....


    2. Bossfourpart1


      I think I have this tune for the other side "he's a player " ?

  7. Bossfourpart1


    I recall some whisper (not sure how true) surrounding the detail regarding Ray Agee and the I'm losing again. The quote was that Ray Agee couldn't remember performing or recording the tune ? Any substance behind this quote ? I know he did quite a lot of tunes so not that unlikely .....
  8. Bossfourpart1


    People have money to spend !!! whether its is cash or credit the prices reflect the present market. Individuals have their own financial circumstances that reflect their spending. The internet does allow for a lot of sales being bought from your armchair from anywhere in the world (with wifi ) Personally I preferred the record faires and the record bars and the events where it was more social and open to offers, ..
  9. Bossfourpart1

    Soul Essence 36 -25th Anniversary


    Looking forward to some chill-out crossover grooves with likeminded Soulies .
  10. Bossfourpart1

    Memorable DJ set

    Andy Gill from near Fakenham in Norfolk during the late 80ts djing at the Backstreet soul club (Norwich ) Playing the; Passions- If you see my baby , Sensations -Demanding man Ray Williams -gonna get even Poets -just a boys dream Fascinators - in other words Johnny soul - can't buy me no love and the list goes on ! all direct from Soul Bowl - GREAT DAYS
  11. Bossfourpart1

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Its spun down the 100 club , great tune !
  12. Bossfourpart1

    Pure City Soul Club

    Is this gig still on given weathers conditions. ?
  13. Bossfourpart1

    Pure City Soul Club

    Billy , the Google map is Norwich Vermont ? what time is our plane leaving for the USA ? You might want to Edit this a.s.a.p. cheers Frank
  14. Bossfourpart1

    100 Club

    I've been supplementing the "Soul Thirst " with other events but they just don't have that 100 club 6T's thang ! Can't wait for that tricking walk down those Hollowed steps to hand over the admission fee. The Blue Posts don't make those steps any easier .... The DJ's have had ample time to add a few new Vinyl purchasers to their Play boxes.. see you all there ! Norwich crew
  15. Bossfourpart1

    THE VIBE - Sandy, Beds.

    Looking forward to this event and only an hour away from Norwich ! I'm all Ears .....

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