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    Whats on the B-side Mate ?

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    classics ,so glad i found you

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  1. Bossfourpart1

    Eddie Spencer / Precisions- If This Is Love- difference?

    I have both and I like them both even with their differences
  2. Bossfourpart1

    Backstreet Boutique Norwich

    Looking forward to seeing Soul Friends having a good time listening to an event full of quality sounds. Well done Mark , quality not quantity !
  3. Bossfourpart1

    four tops dunhill 45

  4. Bossfourpart1

    four tops dunhill 45

    please remove this add in
  5. Bossfourpart1

    four tops dunhill 45

  6. Bossfourpart1

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    Nice build up on this one !
  7. Bossfourpart1

    Bad soul doo's

    Too many to mention !!! Good beer helps me to forget.......
  8. Bossfourpart1

    I Hate Northern Soul

    I like good soul music across the board really ,so Soul music covers it for myself.
  9. Bossfourpart1

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    "can you play something we all know ? "
  10. Bossfourpart1

    Jamaican Soul

    I played W.King Cole at Cleethorpes this year , Sunday afternoon session , Great tune ! Micron records.
  11. Bossfourpart1

    Dark Horses

    nice cover-up !
  12. Bossfourpart1

    Cleggy weekender takes "stomping" to a new level ... !

    Butch had turned the volume up on the decks leading up to this geological event. lol
  13. Bossfourpart1

    Joey gee it's more than I deserve

    Anything from £80 and up from there, depends on condition really. I've seen more Demos than issues. Ask on the wants section , most people are pretty fair on their pricing . I am sure someone else can add to this topic. regards Frank
  14. Bossfourpart1

    Happy Birthday Tattoo Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave , hope you had some Strawberries to celebrate. ATB Frank


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