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    Whats on the B-side Mate ?

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    classics ,so glad i found you

    Looking forward to hearing some top tunes from fellow Soul brother collectors / Djs from across the UK supporting a great charity. Please note ; I will be heading off to London later for the 100 Club and there are two spare seats in the car , let me know if anyone wants to pop into the Capital for the 6ts Nighter ? regards Frank

    Hi Billy , it might be worth while editing the street view on "Google Maps" as it picture shows the car park. For the street view follow the arrow down to the left of the building where the clearing leads to Yarmouth road. See you all there "if you can find it". Cheers Frank
  3. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Ray Pollard is it Sad thing underrated tune....
  4. 100 Club Anniversary Allnighter- SOLD OUT.

    I Managed to get to London and in the 100 Club by 02.00am, place was still rammed with Soulies and I could hear the Empires -You're on top girl being played by Mick Smith (still got some great records that man ). Saw Charley and Gary ,Rowena near the bar side of the floor . Teamed up with Jez n Chang n Suzy across the other side of the dance floor. Great move Matt with the birthday cake for Mark D, he did look surprised and blew the candles out safely. The Hinkley lads were out in force too. Brilliant nighter always worth the effort , nice record too. Thanks to Ady and team... atb Frank
  5. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Ambers -now I'm in trouble - verve Melinda marx - Happens in the same old way - Veejay Sam Cooke - Change is Gonna come- RCA Mr Lucky - Born to love you - stardom Broadways - are you telling me goodbye - MGM loads more but I am getti...
  6. 100 Club Anniversary Allnighter- SOLD OUT.

    If there is a poor turn out at their gig in Norwich ,you could see your house belongings at a local car boot sale as they need some petrol money for their journey home and their van could shift a few pieces of furniture ! Failing that, their "After gig Party" could be a "Yellow pages" aftermath, so check the pictures hanging on your wall. atb Frank
  7. 100 Club Anniversary Allnighter- SOLD OUT.

    This years anniversary should be packed out, based on genuine tickets to genuine attendees. That air-conditioning will be working hard keeping that soulful sweat cool ! Looking forward to the event , although I will be there later than planned (New Street Adventure playing in Norwich ). have fun in the Blue Post PH. Cheers Frank
  8. Perhaps this might be the tune ; Little Hank - try to understand - SS7 records . Its always reminded me of that Billy Stewart rrrrr singing style.. Great tune this. regards Frank
  9. 100 Club Allnighter

    Looking forward to meeting soul friends and any first timers in the Blue Posts PH for a few pre drinks n banter (Newman street W1). Don't forget the 100 club anniversary tickets go on sale at this nighter. see you there, Frank
  10. Dean Anderson's TNT Soul Show Thursday's at 8.

    Great show , great humour and great tunes . still smiling ,
  11. Norwich Rare Soul All-Dayer

    Mark ,I believe this is the first ever Soul event in our Norwich Land-mark former Court room, built in 1410. Great Venue , hope the oak panelling can take the tunes and not give us a heavy sentence, "You can be the Judge " Some German friends will coming over and attending this event."I rest my case" Looking forward to it. Frank
  12. News: 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    Couldn't make the last gig due to a local event /weekender. Definitely attending the next 100 club dates. The high quality of music is like a "candle to a moth" , can't help but attend .... On behalf of the Norwich crowd.. "Keep on going !"
  13. The Metros - Since I Found My Baby

    NZ COPY . like the large print , good for Old eyes !
  14. Happy Birthday billywhizz

    Happy birthday Billy , it was good seeing you on the floor at Cleggy. atb frank
  15. Cleethorpes Northern & Rare Soul 6TS 25th Event


    The Norwich posse will be migrating North on Friday for this World famous , 6ts Weekender. I should be in the Trawlermans for a carvery Friday afternoon to set myself up for the nighter ahead. Looking forward to another blinding weekend, Willys bar Saturday afternoon ,Whale- tail Haddock n chips in Cleggy - record stalls music ,banter and loads of belly laughs ! Oh and a bit of indigestion. ATB Frank