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    classics ,so glad i found you

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  1. Looking for ex + condition of oz and the sperlings - dancing a hole in yout soul - villa 107 . Sensible pricing please. Many thanks
  2. Sue has a great taste in music and is not scared to play new material. frank Norwich
  3. I believe a famous Lincolnshire Soulie will be attending this event with a posse of pals to celebrate his 60th birthday. A team of Norwich lads will be there to support and clean up the trail of destruction he may leave behind him, mainly empty wine glasses and empty Cider bottles. Should be an early start in the Blue Posts to get Spaldings Jez Porter launched into a memorable 6ts Soul extravaganza. If not you can join him later ,singing on the parquet floor (near the bar). Safe journey everyone, atb Frank
  4. until

    Have a cracking time Monsey, hope they have sorted that sectional dance floor out before some hurts themselves and puts in a claim!!!!
  5. Ady , put it out on the 100 club anniversary single years back and ref-o-ree followed later. somewhere on a previous thread it was said they are both legit singles. Peggy also did a cracking take of "One step" on the soul train show (I believe) but no single release to my knowledge. Lovely voice ....
  6. If you know the other DJs and what they normally play ,you can reduce the records down but a 100 or so normally covers it. When you get home you always wished you had played some of the other tunes in your box. I have a half an hour set to play this weekend so I will take the smallest box of about 50 only to play 14 tunes ,lol.
  7. Norwich Posse aiming to be in the Blue Posts PH for 2100hrs or earlier depending on Buses ,trains and tube connections. Safe trip everyone....
  8. yes , clicked on discogs to buy records and as you said ,they say the item is no longer available. I go back onto discogs again and item is still there ?
  9. Yes I like his work . One of my favourites is "hurt so bad" Little Anthony & the Imperials...
  10. Great stuff ! thanks for the posting . see you at the 100 club
  11. James Taylor - Ovide needs more spins. always sounds fresh Clear the empties off the carpet before the Missus gets back !
  12. Sometimes we miss the obvious. This might be it Tears of a Clown- Smokey Robinson n miracles

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