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    Whats on the B-side Mate ?

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    classics ,so glad i found you

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  1. yes , clicked on discogs to buy records and as you said ,they say the item is no longer available. I go back onto discogs again and item is still there ?
  2. Yes I like his work . One of my favourites is "hurt so bad" Little Anthony & the Imperials...
  3. Great stuff ! thanks for the posting . see you at the 100 club
  4. James Taylor - Ovide needs more spins. always sounds fresh Clear the empties off the carpet before the Missus gets back !
  5. Sometimes we miss the obvious. This might be it Tears of a Clown- Smokey Robinson n miracles
  6. Long standing Soul collectors playing from their own collections to like minded listeners on a Sunday afternoon /evening. Chill-out atmosphere listening to good Soul music not your old " Handbag stuff". soul alldayer.pdf
  7. The guys will give you the "Bumps" at the Gig on 22nd June (those with a strong back !) Well done Billy enjoy your semi -retirement ......
  8. "Pusherman" oooh, nice glass of Red wine ! Perfect.
  9. until

    A few more hours and a few miles to go before the event kicks off. Looking forward to seeing the Venue and lots of the regulars and new faces for beers n laughs all weekend. Safe journey everyone ! The "Webster" party
  10. Well , I still think it was a great first Film from Elaine . It was entertaining and I could relate to a lot of the detail in the story line although I was not there in the 70ts either. I can only guess that when you make a film, a lot of the decision making must be made while sitting around a table and discussing the distribution and all the finances that go with that. Meeting the viewing time and editing a lot of material that you really wanted to be in it. It would be great if a directors cut could be released, as I am sure there would be a lot more material that would lift this movie to another level. Great Movie , not easy to make and made by some one who cares about the scene.
  11. All the best Dave , "Av a good un"
  12. All the best Kev, i'll get you a pint in the Blue Posts the next time I'm "in the Smoke "...
  13. The Norwich crowd enjoyed the sounds as usual. A great weekend of quality !!!

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