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    Great night, as always. Enjoyed Martins spot, nice to hear some different stuff, and know we are going to have a good dance when Cathy is djing! Love her choice of records , right up our street. Hot, sweaty and good music, just as it should be. Tina & Phil. x

    Great news Carl. Tina & Phil.x
  3. Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 25th June

    What a night, Martin, Brilliant! We are so goin to miss this venue, one of the few now where the biggest part of the night is spent dancing. Thanks to all the djs who helped make it so good, a better set of residents would be hard to find. We don't want memories yet we just want to keep enjoying the great music played at Inner Soul, felt sad travelling home last night knowing that our fave venue has now finished......T & P. xx
  4. Steve Duckworth update funeral

    Shocking news, he and Liz have moved in the same circle as us for many years on the soul scene, and he will be very missed. Condolences to Liz and family. RIP. Tina & Phil. x
  5. Soul Shack

    Brilliant night at The Shack. So good to see the room so full, think this was possibly the busiest ever. Loved it, roll on next month. T & P.x
  6. Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 28th May

    Great night as always. So goin to miss this place......T & P. xx
  7. poppy

  8. The Soul Shack

    A bit of a mixed night last night music wise , not all to our taste,, but then you can't please all the people all the time !! Love this venue all the same and long may it continue. Sorry that Martin won't be helping out anymore, He and Kath have been a big up for The Shack over this last year, love them both! Will miss Martins spot especially. Good luck to Terry in keeping the venue going. T & P. x
  9. Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 23rd April

    Great night as always at Inner Soul , good crowd in but room to dance too. Will miss this little venue and its great atmosphere, but looking forward to the new place in July. Am sure the faithful will follow you there, Martin, as there aren't many places nowadays playing the great sounds you hear at Inner Soul, but for now, looking forward to the next two months at The Gas Club ! T & P. x
  10. Soul Shack Alfreton Saturday 2nd April

    Another great night at The Shack , Brill music all night , especially enjoyed the Brandy Sisters spot, really good. T & P.x
  11. Inner Soul Sheffield March 26th 2016

    Another great night at Inner Soul.. Really busy, so do understand Martins reasons for limiting numbers, being a northern soul night there has to be room to dance !., and here you just have to dance all night because of the great music. Loved it. T & P .x
  12. Matlock Bath Soul Bash

    Enjoyed the first night but thought the price was a bit steep for a soul night in such a small room ! Also the room was too light, darker room creates a better atmosphere. A good dance floor tho!. Cheers , Phil & Tina.
  13. Soul Shack Alfreton Saturday 5th March

    Absolutely Brilliant night again. Good to see this place so busy now, thought with Prestatyn being on may have been a bit sparse, but no, still busy, still buzzing, great. Top people, Top music, Top night. Tina & Phil. x
  14. Inner Soul Sheffield February 27th

    Just keep saying the same things each month about Inner Soul!, but what more can you say!, An absolutely outstanding night, second to none. A great keep fit night too as dancing from start to finish! Think you will be needing that FULL sign soon Martin!!, where is everyone coming from?!!!, a full house that creates a great atmosphere, Brill. Tina & Phil.x
  15. Ian Gee RIP

    So sorry to hear this, so sad. RIP, Ian. Tina & Phil.x

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