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  1. Looking for a copy of Linda and the Pretenders - doesn't need to be mint but very good + or better. Thanks
  2. Sorry just seen the previous topic - guess this is a boot as nothing blacked out
  3. This seems to have shot up in value and I wondered if this is a real one before I sell to help fund a want - thanks
  4. Walls of Heartache is back at the Luna on Saturday 1st February for our 15th Anniversary with special guest DJ local boy Tony Smith. As ever only a fiver on the door - doors open 8.00pm and we finish at 1.00am. Free CD's from the resident DJ's for the first through the doors (not sure if that is an incentive or not)! Hope to see some of you there. Dave
  5. After a stormer last time out Walls of Heartache is back on Saturday 5th October with guest DJ's Nick and Dawn Brown joining residents Richard, Shaun and Dave behind the decks. As always 8.00pm to 1.00am, across the board soul on original vinyl and only a fiver on the door. Hope to see some of you there.
  6. After a storming October night, where the Willingham's blew the roof off the place, Walls of Heartache is back on Saturday 1st December, where we are pleased to confirm guest DJ Martin Thompson will be joining residents Shaun Arnold, Richard Anker and Dave Duplock, spinning tunes on original vinyl. As always, only a fiver on the door and running from 8.00pm to 1.00am Leytonstone tube is only a stone's throw away and runs all night - plenty of parking near the venue. Look forward to seeing some of you there. We have booked a free Christmas 'Thank You' event on Saturda
  7. Looking for a copy of Florence Devore Kiss Me Now
  8. Looking forward to it!
  9. Ah thanks , I had better look into the out of house bit.
  10. Mine are insured with Hiscox - they do specialist record collection cover in bands, up to 25K, 25 to 50K etc. Pretty reasonable but don't cover if you take them out of the house, might have to look at Newmoon next time around. Dave
  11. Weekenders in Valencia, Rimini, Portugal and Berlin and Nighters in Rome, Genoa, Copenhagen, Valencia.
  12. Looking forward to this, never been let down by the quality of the music or Valencia!
  13. Looking for an original copy of the Velvet Satins - nothing can compare to you Must be good enough to DJ with Thanks Dave
  14. Guest DJ's coming up - Steve Johnson, Andy Jones, Barbara Grossi, Carl and Maria Willingham and Martin Thompson

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