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  1. Hi Sue...I'll be sure the girls read your comments as they're not on here, but I was unaware of some people taking the P.... As for your luck in the draw, there were a lot of prizes. and I should know lol for info: the total raised from the night: £502:00 best regards Ric F
  2. Moonwalk Soul is an "Across the Board" Soul Nite to be held at the Railway Public House in Boston Lincs to help raise funds for Soul sisters Caron Brooks & Ingrid Matthews's attempt at Moonwalk 2017. That events chosen charity is "Walk the Walk, Uniting against Breast Cancer". During the evening there will be a Raffle and food will be provided. Entrance is free but donations would be much appreciated. DJs include: Steve Jay, Rupe, Chris Rose, Jez, and for one night only Mick & you can expect a night of 70s/80s Soul, crossover, modern, Motown, 60s Raresoul, etc Caron & Ingrid are currently training hard for the walk and would really appreciate your support at MoonwalkSoul and look forward to seeing you there and raising a pile of money for this worthy charity...
  3. Hi...still looking for a clean copy of the above if someone wants to part with it...please pm price/condition etc thanks Ric F
  4. Occasional DJ to be honest but I've played this a few times...US copy £20...U.K. EMI demo £3.50... Ric F
  5. Yes Stephen, you most certainly can...see you on the night Ric
  6. SANTAS GOT SOUL 5 FRIDAY 16 DECEMBER 2016 730pm - 1am Spalding Services Club, 24 High Street Spalding, Lincs, PE11 1UD Yes, it's here again! This is the 5th year we have held this event...As before it's a Charity Northern Soul Night for the Blind Society with resident Special Guest, Top EASC DJ, Kev returning (with his decks ), Richard Peel...and Spaldings Jez Wensor & Ric Franks...
  7. still looking for this on Copperstate in VG or better...please pm price condition etc...thanks Ric F
  8. Really enjoyed your set Steve...that Benjamin & the Right Direction had passed me by...sorted now, cheers ....a cracking night as always Ric F
  9. There's one on Joe Dunlops sales list from Saturday...
  10. 100 club regular Jez appreciating construction hoardings opposite the Blue Posts
  11. Thanks for the sound clip Kirsty... I can't recall it from back then...its a cool track tho
  12. Sorry to have dragged this up from 9 years ago lol....Anyway, I'm sure I had this off Dave Raistrick in the early was on a sales tape as the last track featuring the "Summers Groove" side which if I remember is an instru which starts off pretty good but then goes a bit rubbish after a minute or so...Of course the tape only featured the good bit...needless to say I bought it £5...and was somewhat my shame I cannot remember the other side and the copy is long gone...shame I would have liked to have heard it... Regards Ric F
  13. Pm'd you Barry...
  14. Looking for a VG + or better...please pm price and condition thanks Ric
  15. Hi Mark...was at that alldayer and had travelled on a bus from Boston getting picked up in Spalding...didn't know that many on the board....any ways at the end realised I'd got left behind!!! so stranded at the St Ivo... Watched everyone leave, including Nev and me mate even helping him load his records in the boot. Actually skipped college to go to the funeral in Nottingham, thumbing it some of the way...a real friendly guy who I remember playing a request I'd asked for, even tho I was some young kid at his first allnighter in he announced it he looked at me and gestured to get on the dance floor the request? Gary Haines....if you're dad turned out to pick us up lol A great feature by the way Ric F