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Soul Source Via Facebook

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soul source on facebook

Few things been going on in background on here recently

One of the benefit is that we can now offer all members on facebook a easier life

There's no need to go out dodging all them dodgy groups/walls just to get to the group for your your soul source fix

You can now get all the latest news/articles straight to your facebook door in a no fuss no brain style

We are getting rid of the Soul Source Group and a new page has been set up to take its place

All you have to do to for thsi easy life is visit the page and hit the button that says "become a fan" :lol: x 3

Thats it, from then on

you will automatically get sent to you a brief one liner notice when ever new articles/news is posted on the front of soul source

(and now and again the odd interesting worthwhile forum/blog news)

should average out at no more than say 1-3 a day

apart from the inital bit its all automated

just a quick and easy no fuss way of keeping up with all the latest soul source articles/news while slumming it on facebook

the url is below


as said just hit that link , then hit the "become a fan" and forget about it

door to door soul source


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