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Bag-A-Bargain List # 1

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Pm to order

Payment via Cash (your risk) / Cheque / Money Order / Bank Transfer


UK Postage (1-2 discs) : Recorded Delivery £2 / Special Delivery £5

Overseas Postage : At cost - to be advised

Thanx for looking..

ABC Para Ray Charles Something Inside Me Ex £10.00

ABC Para B.B.King I wouldn't Have It Any Other Way M- £10.00 SOLD

ABC Para Martha Jean Love Nice Guy Ex White DJ £15.00

Anna Cap-Tans Tight Skirts Crazy Sweaters Vg £5.00

Aqua Earl Dawkins & Aqua Lads My Friend The Fool Ex £45.00

Atco Clarence & Calvin Rooster Knees & Rice Ex White DJ £15.00

Atco Ben E,King What Can A Man Do Vg plays ++ label dirty White DJ £10.00

Atco Ben E,King Tears Tears Tears Vg+ plays Ex White DJ £5.00

Atlantic Drifters Some Kind Of Wonderful Vg+ plays ++ £3.00

Battle Roscoe Shelton My Best Friend Vg+ slt lbl wear £5.00 SOLD

Battle Bobby & Sylvia You Broke My Heart.. Vg plays + edge chip nap £3.00

Battle Zelma Cliff Good Night My Love Ex £10.00

Bell Buddy Grubbs I'm Telling You Vg+ Promo £50.00

Big Top Lou Johnson If I Never Get To Love You Ex White DJ £15.00

Big Top Bobbie Smith Wanted Vg plays Ex wol slt lbl wear White DJ £10.00 SOLD

Big Wheel Eddie King Talk Too Much Vg+ slt lbl stn £15.00 SOLD

BRA Byron Lee I Had A Dream Vg+ £10.00 SOLD

Edited by FickleFingers

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Candi Maurice Williams & Inspirations The Day Has Come Vg++ £10.00

Capitol Cindy Malone Is It Over Baby Ex £25.00

Capitol Darlene Paul All Cried Out Ex £15.00

Capitol Patrice Holloway Black Mother Goose Ex Promo £8.00 SOLD

Challenge Jimmy Seals Runaway Heart Vg++ White DJ £8.00

Checker Albert Williams Tumbling/I'm In Your Corner Vg+ £3.00 SOLD

Checker Joe Tex Don't Play Vg plays ++ White DJ £3.00 SOLD

Checker Bo Diddly Bo Diddly 1969 Vg++ drill hole £3.00

Checker Meditation Singers Don't You Want To Go Ex DJ £15.00

Chess Ty Hunter Bad Loser Vg++ £8.00

Chess Radiants One Day I'll Show You Vg+ £20.00

Claridge Tony McKay Detroit/Nobody's Perfect Vg+ ring wear White DJ £15.00

Columbia Aretha Franklin Cry Like A Baby Ex £5.00

Columbia Turley Richards I Just Can't Take It Any Longer Vg++ White DJ Pic Slv £25.00

Columbia Luke Williams Who's Gonna Be Vg++ wol White DJ £25.00

Columbia Mongo Santamaria The Now Generation Vg++ xol White DJ £3.00 SOLD

Columbia Spellbinders Stone In Love With You Vg++ 1/2 " crack from edge nap White DJ £3.00

Columbia Spellbinders Stone In Love With You Ex £3.00

Decca Page Boys If Tears Could Speak Vg+ £5.00

Deesu Zodiacs Don't Ever Leave Me/Surely Vg+ plays Ex £5.00

Dial Paul Kelly Chills & Fever Vg+ drill hole £5.00

Dial Joe Tex Anything You Wanna Know Ex White DJ £3.00

Dial Joe Tex I Can't See You No More Ex White DJ £3.00

Dial Joe Tex Close The Door Vg plays + White DJ £3.00

Duke Bobby Conerly Little Girls Go Home/A Whole Lot Of Soul Is Gone Vg+ store warp nap DJ £5.00 SOLD

Edited by FickleFingers

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El Zarape Little Joe Tell Me What Did I Do Wrong Vg++ £5.00

End Birdie Green Tremblin'/How Come G to Vg dirty lbl White DJ £3.00 SOLD

Everest Jimmy Holiday How Can I Forget Vg++ £3.00

Fairmount Shirley Vaughn You Don't Know Vg++ stkr stain £15.00

Falew Bette Boothe Teardrop Avenue Vg+ wol £5.00

Fantasy Betty Everett I Got To Tell Somebody Vg+ £5.00 SOLD

Fire Bobby Marchan Look At My Heart Vg++ £3.00

Hanover Clarence Paul I Need Your Loving Vg+ £5.00

Heidi Pat Lundy Come To Me/Make It For The Door Vg wol £5.00 SOLD

Hit Bobby Brooks Wise Like Solomon M- £40.00

Hit Productions Moments Happiest Man In The Land Vg plays ++ £3.00

Hype Paul Sindab Do Whatcha Wanna Do/Give Me Your Heart Vg++ 2nd issue £10.00

Imperial Baby Ray House On Soul Hill Vg+ £3.00 SOLD

Jamie Pentagons I Wonder Vg++ wol White DJ £25.00

Jamie New Silhouettes We Belong Together Vg plays + White DJ £8.00

Jay-Walking Wee Willie & B.Clark There She Blows Vg++ £3.00 SOLD

Jet Set Eldridge Holmes Humpback M- £5.00

Josie Phil Flowers Cleopatra/You Little Devil Vg White DJ £8.00

Josie The Sound Of Soul Wrapped Up Tight Vg++ White DJ £10.00 SOLD

Jubilee Valentinos You've Got The Kind Of Love.. Vg++ slt lbl wear £5.00

Kama Sutra Carmen Taylor You're Puttin Me On Vg+ DJ £3.00

Kapp Lenny Welch My Fool Of A Heart Vg+ £5.00

Ko Ko Little Dodley (Dooley) Pity For The Lonely Ex £50.00

Edited by FickleFingers

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Lamp Vanguards Thought Of Losing Your Love Ex £5.00 SOLD

Liberty Clay Hammond We Gonna Get Married Vg lbl tear & lift White DJ £3.00

Liberty Fury's If I Didn't Have A Dime/Dream Vg++ £5.00 SOLD

Li'l Mec Terry Clark No I Won't Cry Vg+ wol lbl stain £8.00

Little Star Louis Dyer Lonely Drifter M- £3.00

Loma Enchanters I Paid For The Party Vg plays Ex wol White DJ £10.00

London Sherry's Pop Pop Pop Pie Vg+ stkrs Canadian £3.00

Ludix Valentines Mama I Have Come Home Vg plays + lbl damage £3.00

Lupine Mack Rice The Whip Vg++ £5.00

Major Sound Gary Wagner I Can't Go On Without You Vg+ £35.00

Mala Jackie Mayro Giant Step Vg++ Blue Promo £35.00 SOLD

Maycon Earl Connelly Don't Let Me Go Vg++ £3.00 SOLD

Mercury Spectrums Our Meeting Place Ex Pink DJ £5.00 SOLD

MGM Formations Loves Not Only../Lonely Voice.. Ex Yellow DJ £25.00

MGM Spyder Turner You're Good Enough For Me Vg plays + £3.00

MGM King Williams Patience Baby/Fight For Your Girl Vg+ xol Yellow DJ £5.00

MGM Invitations The Skate/Girl I'm Leaving You Vg+ £3.00 SOLD

MGM Show Stoppers How Easy Your Heart Forgets Me Vg+ plays Ex UK £5.00

Minit Homer Banks Me Or Your Mama Vg+ £3.00

Mint Sentimentals I Want To Love You/This Time Ex £20.00

Modern Other Brothers It's been A Long Time Baby Vg plays ++ £5.00 SOLD

Money Bettye Swann Don't Wait Too Long Ex £3.00 SOLD

Music World Edward Brothers People Say../Keep On Knockin' Vg+ edge chip nap stkr wol White DJ £5.00 SOLD

Musicor Jimmy Radcliffe Moment Of Weakness Ex £3.00 SOLD

Naurlene Ike Perry At The Party Vg plays + xol White DJ £3.00

Edited by FickleFingers

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Okeh Major Lance Um Um Um.. / Sweet Music M- stkr~xol-White DJ £5.00

Okeh Major Lance Investigate G plays thru some noise, improves. 'doofer' copy~stkr~White DJ £3.00 SOLD

Old Town Arthur Prysock House By The Side Of The Road Vg++ £3.00

One-derful Betty Everett Please Love Me Vg++ £10.00 SOLD

O'Retta Chi-Lites You Did That To Me Vg++ £5.00

Paramount Bull Woman On My Mind Ex White DJ £10.00

Parkway J.Maestro & Crests Is It You Vg++ date stamp £5.00 SOLD

Parkway Eddie Holman Stay Mine For Heaven Sake Vg+ plays Ex drill hole £5.00

Parnaso Meridians He Can't Dance + 3 Ex Green Vinyl Reissue EP £5.00

Peacock Jackie Verdell Come Let Me Love You Vg plays ++ Promo £8.00 SOLD

Peacock The Chains It Happened This Way Ex £5.00

Peacock Al TNT Braggs I Just Can't Get Over You Vg plays ++ slt lbl tear~Promo £5.00

Phil-LA Joey Gilmore Do It To Me One More Time Vg++ White DJ £20.00 SOLD

Polydor Jesse Langford What's A Matter Baby VG plays + wol ~ White DJ £10.00 SOLD

Prime Beau & The Dollars Any Day Now Vg++ White DJ £3.00

RAB Mel Sheppard Downstairs Phone Ex £3.00

Rare Bird Brenda Parker My Baby Loves Me Vg++ £5.00 SOLD

Ra-Sel Metros Now That You've Gone Vg+ £5.00

Ray-Co Nathan McKinney Oh How I Love You Vg++ £10.00

RCA Grandisons Daddy Roll 'Em / I Love You So Vg+ £20.00

RCA Brook Benton Where Does A Man Go To Cry Vg++ £15.00

Red Bird Herman Grimes Thought I Had It Made Vg plays + much wol £3.00

Regency Fiestas I Feel Good All Over Ex Canadian £3.00

Reginald Chick Willis My Bowlegged Woman Vg++ slt lbl fade £5.00

Renfro Carl Henderson I Love You So Vg plays ++ £10.00

Reprise Little Joe & Thrillers No No I Can't Stop Ex £3.00

Ric Tic Edwin Starr I Have Faith In You Ex £3.00

Ring O The Soul Four Misery Vg+ plays Ex £5.00 SOLD

Rockway Van McCoy It Ain't No Big Thing Vg+ plays Ex £5.00 SOLD

Romar Mel Williams Do Me Wrong But Do Me Ex White DJ £25.00

Ronn Ted Taylor Funky Thing VG plays + wol £3.00

Edited by FickleFingers

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Sag Port Billy & Betty Talking Bout You Baby Vg plays ++ v.slt lbl tear £5.00

Sandura Lee Stone Wait For Me Vg+ plays Ex stkr~wol~White DJ £10.00

Seg-way Mary Ann Fisher Forever More Ex £5.00 SOLD

Seg-way Mary Ann Fisher Forever More Vg++ £3.00 SOLD

Shirley Jesse James I Gotta A Little Girl Vg++ White Label (DJ ??) £5.00

Smash Parrish Broxton The Thrill Of Loving You Vg++ White DJ £5.00

Solid Soul Martha Branch You Ex £40.00

Solid State Johnny Bartel & Soulmasters More Than Ever Before/State Of Mind Vg++ White DJ £20.00

Sono Play Otis Redding Tuff Enuf / Getting' Hip Vg plays ++ Spain £3.00

Soul Jimmy Ruffin How Can I Say I'm Sorry Vg++ £3.00

Soulo Escorts S.O.S. (Heart In Distress) Vg++ £15.00 SOLD

Soulville Lynn Martini & Jolly Jax Now Vg++ White DJ £3.00

Soulville Shang There She Goes Vg++ stkr tear £3.00

Sound Stage 7 Joe Simon I Got A Whole Lot Of Loving Ex £5.00

Sound Stage 7 Roscoe Robinson One Bo-Dillion Years Vg++ £3.00 SOLD

Sound Stage 7 Jeff Joffrion I Got A Reason Vg+ plays Ex lbl wear~White DJ £3.00

Speciality Millionaires It Ain't No Achievement Ex White DJ £5.00

Star Track Lee Jenning Just Keep On Loving Me Vg++ £8.00

Suave Johnny Clyde Copeland Coming To See About You Vg++ £20.00

Tamara Vows The Things You Do To Me Ex £20.00

Tangerine Bill & Sherry I Believe You Put Me Down Ex White DJ £10.00

Test Pressing Wilson Pickett Come Home Baby Vg+ £15.00

Thelma Magnificent Seven The Groove (inst.) /The Leap Frog (inst) Vg plays + xol £3.00 SOLD

Tip Top Gerald Sims & Daylighters Cool Breeze Vg+ plays Ex lbl wear ~ stkrs/stains £10.00

Top Hat Buddy Lamp Can You Stand It Vg+ plays Ex £10.00 SOLD

Tri-Spin Larry (Chubby) Reynolds Please Don't Leave Me Ex £20.00

Edited by FickleFingers

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United Artists Falcons The Teacher Vg++ £3.00

United Artists Marv Johnson All The Love I Got Vg plays + £3.00

United Artists Eddie Holland Everybody's Going G plays Vg wol ~ White DJ £3.00

United Artists Billy Barnes I'm Coming To See You Vg++ White DJ £5.00

United Artists Len Wade The Night The Angels Cried Vg+ £5.00 SOLD

United Audio Insights Love Is A Game Vg+ plays Ex £50.00

Uptown Groove Stick Imitation Of Life / I can See Ex White DJ £15.00

USA Lonnie Brooks I'm Not Going Home Ex DJ £5.00 SOLD

USA Jimmy Burns Forget It Vg++ DJ (crossed out/marker pen) £50.00 SOLD

USA Lou Washington Any Old Time Vg plays ++ £30.00 SOLD

Vanguard Buddy Guy Mary Had A Little Lamb Vg++ £3.00

Vee Jay Dontells Nothing But Nothing / In Your Heart Vg++ v.slt stkr tear £5.00 SOLD

Vee Jay Four Tees Like My Baby Vg plays ++ £5.00 SOLD

Veep Bobby Boyd My Type Of Dancing Vg plays Ex ~ drill hole marker pen on lbl~White DJ £8.00

Verve Howard Tate Half A Man Ex drill hole £3.00

Viney Forest Hairston We Go To Pieces Ex £5.00

Vivid Van Trevor A Fling Of The Past Ex £8.00 SOLD

Volume Othea George Keep On Writtin' Ex White DJ £8.00

Wand Chuck Jackson I Don't Want To Cry Vg++ stkr stain £3.00

Wand Bobby Bradshaw Show Me A Man Vg++ DJ £15.00

Wand Benny Conn I Just Wanna Come in Outta the Rain Vg++ stkr stain DJ £5.00

Warner Bros Barbara Jackson Big Man Vg plays + xol ~ White DJ £5.00 SOLD

Wheelsville Buddy Lamp I Wanna Go Home Vg plays + £3.00 SOLD

Wheelsville Lee Rogers Craked Up Over You Vg mis-spelt title £3.00 SOLD

Zells Ada Ray Give Our Love A Chance Vg++ £3.00 SOLD

Edited by FickleFingers

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dont really understand the question ?

idea is that all members use this forum without their use having a effect on others posts

if you look at the sales posts and see that its full of your own lists then somethings wrong

these are still valid and should provide a guide


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