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Friendship, Barnsley - Review

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Friday 25th of June was the 1st Anniversary for 'The Friendship' soul event in Barnsley. Nice backroom of a huge pub with scope for another smaller room upstairs which was not used on this occasion. To mark the event we had the pleasure of 'the Pincher Brothers' (two big lads with big records!!) and Soul Sam.

After a quiet first couple of hours the place soon got busy with the dance floor well attended. Main Friendship man and author of a great little fanzine given away free, Ian 'Geordie' Johnson, opened the proceedings with some nice stuff from his collection. I have listed below some of the stuff played by the DJ's of the night with the probable addition of spelling/grammar mistakes etc.....here goes!

Ian 'Geordie' Johnson

Joyce Bond 'Mrs Soul'

Angels 'More than ever now'

Ernestine Eady 'The Change'

Betty O'Brien ' She'll be gone'

Freddy Houston ' Chills & Fever'

Fabulous Appollas 'Something good in everything bad'

Anthony White 'Hey Baby

Al Hudson'When I'm gone'

Exits 'Under a street lamp'

Darrow Fletcher 'What have I got now'

Dave & Bri Pincher

Inspirations 'Your wish is command'

Admirations 'You've left me'

Joseph Moore 'I still can't get to you'

Ringleaders 'Baby what has happened'

Fascinators 'In other words'

Cashmeres 'Showstopper'

Spyder Turner 'I've got to get myself together'

Ideals 'Mighty lover'

Professionals 'That's why I love you'

Celeste Hardy 'You're gone'

Soul Sam

Gayle Adams 'Baby I need your loving'

Otis Clay 'Only way is up'

Hamilton Movement 'She's gone'

Omar & Angie Stone 'Be thankful'

Joseph Webster 'Watching' ??

Kenny Hamber 'Never found a girl' ??

Bobby Kline 'Say something nice to me'

Mr Soul 'What happened to yesterday'

Ronnie McNeir 'Isn't she a pretty girl'

Kenny Thomas 'Crazy World'

The next Friendship event is Friday 30th July with DJs including Terry Wright.

Thanks to the Friendship crew - Geordie, Glen, Mark, Gary & Russ.


ps you asked for it Mike and here it is!!

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nice one shane

that "unwritten rule - mention an event 3 times etc always comes in handy:)

good to meet up with you last nite

will move review into review section later

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Shane thanks for the write up also want to mention superb spot done by rory sykes and the last hour (happy hour)Double act of Mark Whiteley and Gaz steele who played some brilliant rare Oldies to round off the night. great night had by all and the next Friendship is the 30th of July with Guest Terry Wright promoter,DJ of Castle Park Doncaster.

Big Thanks though to soul Sam for a great, rare, across the board spot

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