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Sleepless Nites - Dublin - Good Vibe?

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Stevie t just passed on that he's had lot of interest in this upcoming bank holiday dublin event

As holyhead based and used to work on ferry hes usually best person for info/tickets on getting across, and gets a lot of enquires

he says will pass on upt odate timings and ticket prices soonest

Reckons tickets across are about 8 quid return , which sounds a good deal to me, but dont quote me on that as may have misheard, wait for the info:)

full details of event can be found here, should be a good one espically as its Carl willinghams farewell to dubli


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Hi Mike, Stevie T & Steve Cato for plugs

Details as brief as can make them below......... have had big interest esp. with our 3 guest djs for this weekend ova Saturday & Sunday so looking forward to meeting old/new friends, many coming straight from NCS Manchester This is a pretty emotional one as its Carl Willingham's farewell to Ireland, Carl has been a big support to the Irish scene and they'll be turning out in big numbers for him, a true gent and class act he deserves nothing less.

Steve Thomas & Dave Miller both no strangers and big faves to these shores also ensure we will be spoilt rotten.

Both saturday events in city centre, sunday commercial rowing club is about 1mile west from city centre between river liffy and phoenix park, thats bout 30min by taxi from airport or Dublin Port. Dun Laohaire port has a rail link but is about 7 miles from city.

Saturday 28th 6-9pm SN@Carnival, Wexford Street, Dublin 2 FREE IN

Saturday 28th: 9pm - 2am Sleepless Nights, Basement, Gingerman, Fenian Street, Dublin 2; Guest Dj: Dave Miller (Edinburgh) 5

Sunday 29th: 4pm-12.30 am 2 Room All Dayer, Commercial Rowing Club, Conyngham Road, Dublin 8 10 (less than £7)

Modern Room: Soul Heaven 7ts-21st C/ Main Room X the Board Northern

(Have been asked for dj times for main room so)

4pm Al/Pip (SN)

5pm Mark T (SN)

5.50pm Paul Grant (Clonmel)

6.40pm Phil Shields (Belfast Backdrop)

7.30pm Karl Mitchell (SN)

8.20pm Danny D (SN)

9.10 John Dunne (SN)

10.00 Steve Thomas (Holyhead/Drunken Monkey/NCS)

11.10 Carl Willingham LAST EVER IRISH SET

12.30 end!

best ferry is Stenna, fast one leaves Holyhead 1.45pm arrives Dun Laoghaire 4.05pm, you can catch a rail liink to city centre


Irish ferries also ;


ryanair fly: http://www.ryanair.com/

Accomodation B&B page from Irish Golden Pages (Dublin 8,2,1,7 nearest to all dayer):


Whew, hope enuff info there, otherwise +353 86 2547069 call me,

cheers have a good weekend wherever you are


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