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uk-Dublin £ 9 return full details timings meet up

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First steve has probs with his phone as in its down till next week and also thus not online

if anyone wants to get in touch email us as have his mobile number

Dublin Holyhead

Reckons bout 40 odd doing it so far

all below for sunday!!!!!

£9 return on ferrys from holyhead, you buy the tickets a hour before sailing at terminal

ferry leaves at 1430 sunday, so have to be at terminal before 1330 sunday

meeting up at pub across the road - The Edinborough Castle

it has safe parking - cost £4 ish ?

Ferry takes a hour and half


Ferry leaves at 0345 am Monday Morning

says after event activites avail

ferry back takes a bit longer as overnite so chance of kip

think thats it

says yes to

sausages,soda bread and red slemonade

as said if anyone needs to get in touch email us

gotta go


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