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Events - Amount??

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Been looking at amount of niters and soul nites around our way (north wales and north west)

had news of new regular monthly events at stockport and warrington last nite

plus heard of other reg events planned soon to be annouced

dunno how many major niters each month, but must be close to 4 or 5 at least?

along with other stuff such as special one offs, weekenders, then throw in fact usually only 8 event days in month

other things that seems to be growing is promoters taking on more than one event, not many working together and regionalisation

end of day it does seem getting just a bit crowded out there imo

good thing or bad ??

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In Kent it seems to be the other way, in fact I don't think we have even got a monthly do, if we have anyone know where? And nighters nope... Bisley is the nearest big do for us.. (Next Saturday 2nd October).. Bring it on...

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