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Jason S

Vise - Baby I Love You (Ltd Re) £10 (Or £41+ On Ebay If You Prefer)

Weird, some people just don't ask google!


Vise - Baby I Love You/We Tried It We Made It (Chocolate Mama) Reissue £10 New


Got a few of these left at £10 set sale. Legal repress of this great 70s tune backed with a good underheard funk side. 


****Just In****


Elbowed Out - Things Are Changing/Just To Be With You (Soul Junction) £9 New
Great follow up to the awesome 'Taking A Step' 45 (also a few of those back in stock at £9)


Tamla 45s


Also, reluctantly split the Motown 7s box set: £15 each as they seem to be selling for on EBay...check the site for full details here. 

PM or email soulstacks@gmail.com or see the New Release section of the website to buy direct. 

Edited by Jason S

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