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Hideaway Club Manchester Lookback 30 Oct 04

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Site note: Work still ongoing in final news/article section 1000+ posts sorted - bout 400 to go

Comments feature been sacked for more intergrated forum feature that slowly getting there

Weekend saw me end up in manchester for a first time visit to Hideaway and a most enjoyable nite

review - some of the djs interesting plays choices -bit of streaming and so on

View Review in new Reviews:Events Lookback Section

If out and about this weekend how about a few shouts on what got up to, what impressed your ears or feet, and all that sort of thing

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nice write up and a couple of good tunes. I keep on telling me self to get to the hideaway but have put all events off till next year apart from a couple. Will be out and about more in 2005 with out a doubt.

work sucks :angry: (but it pays the bills :shades:


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