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New 45S Listed - G Redding, Us Everyday People, B Angelle, Attractions

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Saturday sales. Some nice items here.......again. Usual drill folks - post costs to be added, Paypal gift or add 4% to cover my fees please. Now to the merchandise:


(1) FALCONS "Has It Happened To You Yet" (Lu-Pine) VG- £40          ******SOLD******
- not the prettiest copy, but it plays decent enough - BARGAIN!!


01 Has It Happened To You Yet.mp3


(2) BOBBY ANGELLE "Living Lie" (Money) VG £70
- in demand; plays great - ANOTHER BARGAIN!!


01 Living Lie.mp3


(3) NAOMI WILSON "Do You Feel What I Feel" (UA promo) VG+ £25     ******SOLD******
- nice thick vinyl copy, not usual styrene - practically giving this away


01 Do You Feel What I Feel.mp3


(4) THE INTRIGUES "Don't Refuse My Love" (Port demo) VG+ £35


Don't Refuse My Love (Port).mp3


(5) LITTLE SHERMAN & THE MOD SWINGERS "The Price Of Love" (Sagport) VG+(wol) £35
- 1st label before ABC


01 The Price Of Love.mp3


(6) QUEENIE LYONS "Drown In My Own Tears" (Deluxe demo) EX £25     ********SOLD*******


(soundfile can be done but this record plays beautifully)


(7) THE ATTRACTIONS "Burn Up Some Road" (De-To) VG+ £75
- great condition on this, although Ron decided to write his name on the flip


01 Burn Up Some Road.mp3


(8) GENE REDDING "I Got Soul"/"I Need Your Lovin" (Bell promo) EX £150      ******SOLD******
- big big sound for the last few years; don't forget the brilliant crossover classic on the other side


I Got Soul (Bell).mp3

I Need Your Lovin' (Bell).mp3


(9) US EVERYDAY PEOPLE "Without Your Sweet Lovin" (LBJ) VG+ £200
- big current spins; brilliant dancer and a hard record


Without Your Sweet Lovin' (LBJ).mp3

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