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Christian Punky

Soulastatic Soul Club 17Th Anniversary Weekend Playlists

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Ohf, just sobered up from 2 days and 3 venues with some fine fine rare-soul from TOP faces like:


STEVEN mr Fish CLANCY, GINGER TAYLOR, RUSSELL Guttersnypes PAINE, KARL MARTHON and my own sorry box Christian Punky. Thought it was a brilliant weekend, maybe the best Static anniversary EVER?! Who would have thought that back in 1998 ;-).

Playlists below:



Oh, dance floor from sat night below.


Edited by Christian Punky

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RUSSELL gutter snypes PAIN:



aka shaic "swa villi us" dove song
jodesha and star ride "star ride" love poet
manhattans "follow your heart" carnival
ellipsis "gregory moore" briameade
nate evans "main squeeze" twinight"
cooking on 3 burners" this girl" freestyle
bobby joy "sweet devil you" trc
bobby reed "time is right for love" bell
ralph marcial "black people" now
bill brown "bip bam" brownstone
wee "try me" owl
pokerface "come on back" jagi
odds and ends "let me try" today
stevens and foster " i want to be love" jerri


soul suspects "handle it" black prince
fredrick hymes lll "time aint gonna do me no favours" fab vegas
frankie nieves "true love" speed
cloudburst "im loving you" stormy monday
the chancellors "something for sure" chamus
dewie jeffries "when no one cared" gary drew
tommy young "hit and run lover" soul power
brand new "thousand years" du-vern
purple mundi " stop hurting me baby" cat
guitar ray "youre gonna wreck my life" shagg
ringleaders "baby what has happend to our love" m-pac
internationals "beautiful philosophy" d'ar
areatha franklin "oh no not my baby" atlantic
margie joseph "one more chance" volt
cotton mouth "treat you kindly" rca
al mason "good lovin" fynal vinyl
wes black "feeling good" star-west
barbara st clair "teacherman" cross eyed bear

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Guldhedsgården 2015-02-27

Cheers — Take me to paradise — OKey
Tan Geers — Let my heart and soul be free — OKeh
Marriotts — Tell it like it is — Abc
Denise LaSalle — It’s too late — Westbound LP
Hearts of Stone — If I could give you the world — V.I.P.
Mixed Feelings — Sha-la-la — United
Mixed Emotions — Gold of my life — Rock-Way
Relatives — Leave something worthwhile — Ever-Soul
Archie Bell & the Drells — When you left heartache began — Atlantic LP
Margie Joseph — Nobody — Volt
Cookie Woodson — I’ll be true — Colossus
Thelma Jones — How long — Columbia LP
Cosmos Universal Band — Third eye — API Atteiram
Theron & Darrell — I was made to love her — Solo
Compliments — Beware, beware — Midas
Marvin Smith — Who will do your running now — Mayfield

Kino All-Dayer 2015-02-28

Cruisers — Mink and sable mable — Gamble
Gem Prewitt feat. Loretta Mathison — My love box — Key
Bobby Eaton — We gonna do our thing — Galaxy
Unfinished Business — Holding on — Decimal
Experience II — ‘Bout time I told you baby — Capitol
Sedatrius — Just one earring — Clayton
Lynn Varnado — Wash and wear love — Gator
Soulettes — Find somebody new — Dud Sound
Cleveland Robinson — Somebody to love — Nosnibor

Pustervik 2015-02-28

Garfield Fleming — Don’t send me away — Becket 12"³
Mark IV — If you can’t tell me something good — Brite-Lite
Edwin Starr — Running back and forth — Gordy
Betty Padgett — Sugar daddy Part 2 — Alwa LP
94 East — If you see me — WB
Eloise Laws — Love factory — Music Merchant
Centaura — Just don’t love you — Spiral LP
Patti & the Emblems — I’m gonna love you a long, long time — Kapp
Willie Wright — Right on for the darkness — Hotel

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Afternoon session:

Exit - I wanna be close to you (Rex)
Unfinished Business - Holding on (Decimal)
2001:Black Essence - Change in my life (JWJ)
Reason Why - Step inside my world (Polydor)
Trace Of Smoke - Treasure mind (B.J)
Barbara King - What I did in the street (Alwa)
Burning Desire - Why she had to go (Charisma Sound)
Village Choir - Sweet hot lips (N.Y.C Street Sound)
Brenda Jones - Big mistake (Mercury)
Barbara Lynn - Mellow feeling (unissued)
Innersection - I'm in debt to you (Group 5)
California Playboys - Trying to be a millionaire (Loadstone LP)
Marvin Holmes & Justice - You better keep here (Brown Door LP)
James Phelps - The look on your face (Apache)
Talmadge Armstrong - Give it up (Spindletop)
Sy Hightower - I know you're leaving me (Carmen)
Vivian Copeland - Chaos (D'oro)
Natural Four - I thought you were mine (Boola Boola)
Mel Production Band - Smiling and crying (MPB)
Differences - Five minutes (Mon'ca)
Portrait - Love you from now on (acetate)
Cake - Make up your mind (Key)
Karvin Johnson - If you let me (Marshall)
Village Choir - Along the beach (SCM)
Spirit Of Love - Power of your love (Birthright)
94 East - If you see me (NG)
Relatives - Leave something worthwhile (Ever-soul)
Gene Washington & Ironsides - Got to get through to you (Colemine)
Valdons - Just how much can one man stand (Secret Stash)

Friday & Sat Night time sessions:...

Reggie Soul - My world of ecstasy (Capri)
Guitar Ray - You gonna wreck my life (Shagg)
Kelly & Soul Explosions - Talking bout my baby's love (Dyna-Mite)
Lovations - Later baby (Cap City)
Young Mods - Who you gonna run to...(Everblack)
Entertainers iv - Just ain't my day (Dore)
Skip Drake - Don't do it sister (Cash)
Citations - Two for the road (Solid Soul)
Foreign Blue Renaisance - Finding you (Kohoutech)
Charlene & Soul serenaders - Can you win (Volt)
Delegates Of Soul - I'll come running back (Uplook)
Sherrell Bros - The price (Currison)
Underground Express - Never found a girl (U.G.E)
Sir Henry Ivy - He left you standing there (Future Dimension)
Joe Bataan - Cycles (Vampi)
Harvey Averne Dozen - Never learned to dance (Uptite)
Isonics - Sugar (Kammy)
Emulations - Move a little slower girl (Emulate)
Jeanie Tracy - Making new friends ( Brown Door)
Patrinell Staten - Little love affair (Sepia)
Sugar Boy & Shades Of Black - Free man (Shades)
John Harris & Soul Sayers - Hangin' in (Kerston)
Felix Harris - Walking in the night (Counterpart)
Harvey Scales & Seven Seas - Trying to survive (Magic Touch)
Doc Peabody - Here without you (Both Sides)
Lil Major Williams - Girl you're so fine... (Williams 111)
Skull Snaps - All of a sudden (Fonit-Centra)

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GINGER Taylor, well what did he not play?




Parliaments this is my rainy day

JT Parker

Rita & Tiaras

Del Larks

Larry Clinton

Jonathan Capree

Hamilton Movement

Harvey Averne

Nancy Wilcox - hell be leaving you

William Powell

Allen Sisters

Soul Inc.

Calvin Grayson

Jimmy Bo Horne




and about a hundred other super rare records!

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Christian Punky:


Static, over 2 days and 3 venues, impossible to remember all but heres some, absolutely not in right order:

Mark Holder — Tell Me What You Want - Dervia
Delilah Moore — Ill just walk away - Money
Kijana — Did you really choose me — Pzazz
Third Generation — Love is gonna rain down on me — Prison Soul
The Variations — I Wanna take you uptown — Right On
Chosen Few - I´m Alone - Faces
Betty Willis — Gone With The Wind (is my love) - Mojo
Ronnie Mcneir — Saggitarian Affair — Prodigal
The Voices — Soul Clinic — Marlu
Neo Experience — Human — Sahara
Image — Were movin — Verdy
Pure Pleasure — By my side — QC
Ebony Diamonds — Im so lucky — Edi
Bobby Shannon — I get my groove from you — Tomar 
Jimmy James — This heart of mine — Piccadilly 
Bobby Womack — Home is where the heart is — Columbia
Old(m)pressions — Right On — Brooks Brothers
Willie Clayton — Dancing — Kirstee
Edwin Starr — Whos right or wrong — Motown
Pretenders — Everything about you —Carnival
Top Shelf — Doggone baby I love You — Spectrum
Willie Picket — On The Stage of Life — Eastern
Bob & Gene — I really really love you — Modo 
John Simeone — Who do you love — Tnt
Sebastian Williams — Get you point over - Ovide
The Arabians — Let me try — Staff
Wendy Rene — After the laughter - Stax
Jay Rhythm — Soul Emotions — Leo
Calvin & Catamounts — I Know my baby - Catamount
Jimmie Ellis — Happy To Be — Century City
Willie Fischer — Put Your Lovin on me — Tigress
Brethren — Can This be real — Teen Town
Spartans — I don’t need another lover — Era
The Cautions — Watch Your Step — Shrine
Fairchange — Let me be good to you - Valley
The Arcades — Theres gotta be a loser — Triad
Autographs — Loves gonna do you in — Joker
Christine Burkley — Got to have you — Milestone
C.V Horne — Love is a situation — Della
Gentlemen For — Cant keep a good (request) - Wand
Wade Flemmons — Jeanette — Ramsel
Differences — Five Minutes — Monca
Celeste Hardie — You’re gone — Reynolds
an maybe Little Tommy? Im blank.....

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and ERIK HÖÖKs friday warm up spot:


The Limitations - All because of you Volt 7"

The TSU Toronadoes - I still love you Volt 7"
Silk - Falling in love isn't easy Nation 7"
Soulful Twins - I can't let you go Sable 7"
The Exits - Under the streetlamp Gemini DJ 7"
Ron And The Embracers - You came into my heart Spectrum 7"
The Herbs - Put a hurtin on my heart Smoke 7"
Maurice Jackson - Lucky Fellow Lakeside 7"
The Flairs - You got to steal it Rap 7"
Paul Thompson - Special kind of woman Volt 7"
Four Tracks - Like my love for you Mandingo 7"
Philharmonics - I need, I need your love Soulin 7"
California Rock Choir - Whoever you are Cyclone 7"
Mandrill - Too late Arista 7"
Fifth Avenue Band - One way or the other Reprise Promo 7"
The Chimes - The beginning of my life Down to earth 7"
The Minits - Still a part of me MGM 7"

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