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People / Gregory Moore

A Soul Sam monsterrrrrrrrrr!

The Godfather of Northern Soul knows what he likes, how to secure it and how to turn his envious rare acquisitions, into club Monsters

This 1976 St. Louis creation was missed by everyone during the following decades, emerging belated from it’s local roots to grace the turntables of European turntable in recent years.

It’s hard to believe a record of this obvious dancefloor quality could be kept away from the Rare-Soul jocks for near 3 decades underlines its Rarity-Pedigree. As still today, with its cover-blown, there are only a handful olf copies in cuirculation.

Persistenty driving dance-soul ignoring all the outside pressures of “Disco” with not one crass lyric, electric drum or moments of arm-waving are to be found….just distilled horn-driven good-time dance music, edged with FUNK!

One of the innovative tunes that kicked off the ever mushrooming Funk/Northern Soul blending..

I think this is the very Top-end of the genre

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 3,013.00


Cody Black

I'm Slowly Molding / Keep On Keeping On

Delicious Detroit !!

Does Northern Soul get any more uplifting than this finger-popping mood-elevator. It has EVERYTHING in abundance, the full spectrum of NS components required for the Northern Soul greatness, it has already had had bestow.

The intro instantly catches the ear, archetypical Motor City gladness of driven by hand-claps, finger-clicks and highly pitched echoing vocal-group choruses all support Cody’s subtly cracking vocal, singing about his slow comeback to happiness… this recording does, so very inspiring, a feeling of total elation is assured after dancing to this tune.


Flip it over, the pace drops but it is still so recognizable as a Detroit delicacy carrying all the traits of a Groovesville influenced recording… but was most likely crafted by B.R.B Productions Grant Burton, Rudy Robinson & Cody Black. Who all cut their teeth on the streets of Detroit music scene..and produced so many stand-out sessions together.

This 45 drips with the City’s atmosphere, again the trio crafting real-deal Northern Soul of the very highest calibre…

This promo copy has two flawless labels and vinyl that only reveals the merest sign of handling..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 721.00



Sacrificing / Tomorrow

Just Love.. New Orleans - Just adore the outer-limits of rare record collecting, just addicted to the vocal-group sound.. so I’m floored by everything thing this discovery has to offer… knocked-out in fact..

White Cliffs was a prolific New Orlean vehicle for Cresent City local artists to release their work through.. so much interesting street-level material. Soul, Garage and other collectable genres litter the discography listings..

Most all of it, yes and we do mean all of the labels releases are Rare, Very Rare, totally impossible with still some unocumernted and remain unknown..

So when # 243 by The MAGNETICS drops on my desk… I just know we have not had this record for sale before, by the fact even the sight of the White Cliffs labels demands urgent attention, but when it debuts your life, tat really stirs me.

Pretty sure this is is not the same Magnetics group from Detroit, but all the same serve us with potent vocal-group Northern Soul..I love rare records ..don’t you?

So check out what this New Orleans “Ghost” has to offer.. on the double soundfile provided..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 148.00


Carl Carlton

I Can Feel It

One of the top dancefloor-detonators of the moment!!!

There’s always a reason why some 45s stick head and shoulders above the rest of an artists recordings - the reason this disc instantly knocks you off your feet is JOSHIE ARMSTEAD give for crafting perfectly paced Northern Soul dancers that have the character to grow stronger as the song plays..

Check out how Carl Carlton’s enthusiasm swells as the horn blast holes through the arrangement, male-vocal-group cradle his voice aloft and how two simple piano solo’s followed by suddenly emerging squealing Girls, take this song to even greater heights.

Once very an affordable capture but rocketing in value, as more and more Jock get behind this current crowd-pleaser!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 232.00


Judy Street


Pristine timeless classic.. well not only timeless but a full-on proper NS Anthem nestled deep wiithin the hearts of all British Soul fans who attended Wigan Casino or even wished they had.

Judy may in 1966 have been a stunning blond with a trendy bob-haircut, slick MOD attire but “Soul” it certainly was intended to be; when H. B. Barnum recruited one of California’s top girl teams to support Judy’ vocal prowess, …with “The Blossoms” belting out the choruses; along with H. B.’s proven ability for conjuring up stand-out productions, the resulting session could only spawn one thing….

Joyous 60s invitation to dance…that influenced a whole generation 1000’s of miles away from its birth.

THIS IS REAL-DEAL NORTHERN SOUL in near perfect condition

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 463.00


Kenny Gamble

No Mail On Monday / Standing In The Shadows

The Sound Of Philadelphia from the Sultan of the City’s music.

In 1963 Kenny was doing it oh so differently, but as you’d expect, with Kenny at the mike Philly crooning hits the places other Big City Beaters just don’t reach.. His silky, seamless vocal strolls through fellow Philadelphian Bobby Gregg arrangement. A man no stranger to the Soul Session having arranged Richard Popcorn Wylie, Erma Franklin and of course his work as tghe drummer for the John Madara Len Barry recordings.

The team on the day deliver a heavenly easy-going Beat Ballad. Flip it over for a bigger production, a lift of pace and you’re pulled in by a NS dancer that grows and grows as the production unfolds..

Two killer sides - from a man who evolved into the most-important music-man ever to emerge from Philadelphia.

This rarity is in blinding condition throughout, flawless in every way

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 112.00


Billy Storm

Please Don't Mention Her Name

Is there a Latino Northern Soul renaissance stirring…

Just starting to trigger vivid visions of the feelgood 80’s and 90s, as Billy Storm just like Tommy Navarro again takes to the turntables of the British NS venues… I find it quite invigorating to re-encounter the unobvious oldies saturated in Latin-Cool.

Vocally these boys are right-up alongside any of the very best Soulful Crooners, you care to mention, especially Billy Storm who as you know, boasts an impressive catalog of Northern Soul offerings..

Are we about to see this 45 surge up the Northern Soul most-requested charts.. ?

With this listing it matters not, because we are aiming this offering @ the Northern Soul OCD condition fanatic…brandishing two immaculate labels, both vinyl surfaces are completely flawless and the so often worn & tatty picture sleeve, is in this case, absolutely impeccable..

Forget, revival, renaissance or rejuvenation…this is about .. CONDITION, CONDITION & CONDITION..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 119.00


Four Larks

I Still Love You ( From The Bottom Of My Heart) / Groovin' At The Go-go

Is this the finest girl-group ingot of Northern Soul ever made?

Pretty darn close we think..so why has it lived in the shadows of “Groovin’ At The Go-Go” for literally decades.. whilst this Motown-esque killer has everything it takes to beam the Northern Soul dancer to Paradise and back…

Lending heavily from the Temptations “Girl Why You Wanna Make Me Blue” this riveting girl-sound, is it could be argued the greatest non-Motown “Motown” sound ever recorded…

Click the sound file.. you’re gonna be knockout when these Philly giurl remind us of what we have been deprived of whilst inferior NS oldies are played….

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 445.00


Linda Jones

Hypnotized / I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby

From the undisputed High Priestess of Soul, the eternal vocal of Linda Jones is here again to nail the very heart of your emotions…with her incomparable style.

Before you today is no ordinary Linda Jones 45. It is, as you can see the highly coveted, seldom-seen 1967 UK DEMO in superb clean condition, showing off two flawless labels and original company sleeve.

Top side was this great lady’s biggest R&B chart success over in the USA, here in the UK nobody had ever heard of Linda Jones in 1967 and it sold “nothing”. In fact the orange stock copy is also a near impossible challenge to find.

Even if this 45 was picked up by the British Radio stations of the day, would Linda Jones’s vocal have been so shockingly advanced, I think some radio-programmer would have demanded the DJ stopped playing it.. deemed as JUST TOO DARN SOUL!

With a fabulous Northern Soul mid-paced dance track on the flipside, this 45 has gained quite a following; especially for the previously “not so rare ” Loma release..

Before you today is the ultimate Linda Jones rarity - and for those serious about collecting rare British 45s - this is a trophy..

Click and listen to Soul’s greatest ever voice - whilst gazing upon those two captivating label scans.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 93.00


Martha And The Vandellas

4 Track Ep

1964 born and the laminated cover looks factory fresh…!

This Tamla Motown EP was # 2009 in the all too short lived but now highly sought after run; offering finely crafted covers with hand-picked artist poses. EMI cut this meager selling idea, off too short because there was only 19 issues under the UK TME banner. Ending just over a year later with the 6 track Marvin Gaye tribute..

The french of course of course “Went To Town” on this format producing so eye-popping offerings; but none better than this jubilant trio shot. 3 young girls right at the top of their game n’don’t show.

An inspiring and historical photo.. and more importantly not a flaw in sight. Scrutinize the scan, no laminate veins, not creases, no corner point bumps or any of the other niggle-blemishes that seem to plague the British 50’s & 60s laminated covers.. check it out, this is an astonishingly fine cover both front & back.

Labels are immaculate, vinyl surface inspection reveal only light paper-contact imperfections or very light surface scuffs. As you can hear it plays totally clean

The four tracks speak for themselves, making this one fabulous example of the genre and one its most elusive too…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 98.00


Ike & Tina Turner

Somebody ( Somewhere ) Needs You / ( I'll Do Anything ) Just To Be With You

A unicorn-rare British WHITE DEMO!! of this legendary couples best Northern Soul offering.

Condition as you can see and hear is just exquisite..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 212.00


Neo Experience


Philadelphia perfection!!

..as Leon Mitchell project takes Tommy Hunt’s 60s New York classic Beat Ballad - deconstructs - giving it a totally new identity; by adding lush Philly-esque strings… specifically to fuel David Simmons magnificent vocal powers to greater things..

The result is quite staggering, a maelstrom of Philadelphia hits the dancefloor with Simmons becoming increasingly powerful as the recordings progesses. . the crescendo peaks..but it’s not over yet as Mitchell as if begging for an encore, brings the group back in for one more chorus… totally awesome.

A perennial in my DJ box and one that is constantly requested…

Encore, encore, encore..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 262.00


Marvin Gaye

1976 Uk September / October Tour Program

13” by 9” full colour gloss 20 page 1976 Tour program.

Crammed with glorious full page images, informative information not only on Marvin Gaye but also on his support act Carol Woods who promoted by her label UK Ember partnered Marvin on this two month tour.

A startling piece of Motown Memorabillia.

Near 40 years old and only suffering from very light creasing to the outer cover - the insides are immaculate..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 25.00


Lou Ragland

Since You Said You'd Be Mine / I Didn't Mean To Leave You

Seriously-Seasoned-Soul-Sages will not ever need reminding how darn RARE the stock copy of 1973 session is, offering up TWO sides of crucial Cleveland Soul from a man who’d become a Northern Soul icon with his timeless “I Travel Alone” classic.

Once again Mr. Ragland serves us with a silky flow of soul, incorporating an uncredited male vocal-group cradling Lou’s joyous vocal performance. Philly inspired string section levitate the vocals up into Soul Heaven..

Superior Northern Soul dancer, sodden in class…

But this is the silly-rare STOCK copy with the flipside the PROMO doesn’t have.. click the soundsfile to see why today, I’m so delighted..

Real Soul awaits you..

bubbling with all the ingredients of the A-side but geared down a little, slowing melting into a lush mid-paced session of regret, heartache & remorse. With those string and the male chorus keeping it buoyant.. with Lou Ragland’s vocal transferring the pain so convincingly…

Soul Essence, Simply Soul, Just Soul, The Orwell or my office ..venues that play and dine on records of this calibre as their staple.

May I remind you the USA stock copy is 1000’s of times rarer than the promo press that offers just the single side…

Go feast and have two courses of Mr, Ragland at his superlative best! .

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 212.00


Clarence Hill

A Lot Of Lovin' Goin' Round

I can’t even remember the last time I encountered the RED stock copy of this snarling colossus.

The opening of the low-burping Sax, instantly speared by relentless chirping girls; Is today so very memorable, even after a few notes you just know this tune is knock-ya-sideways.

Personally, I also instantly knew, back in 1974 when I bought my very first sizable load of 45s; that originated from a New York shop clear-out. Picked clean by two Nottingham importer/dealers and the “junk” left for me purchased.

In that pile of vinyl garbage nestled a handful of Clarence Hill Promo copies, which I slowly filtered out over time. The style, the pace, the production was out of kilter with the Northern Soul “sound” of the period… but it had “something” captivating about it. The mix of the brass, that gang of gals and Clarence Hill’s rustic-rasping was the ideal criteria for the 80s and the “NEW” style sets based in Stafford’s “Top Of The World” all-niters; Delivered by Dave Thorley and his New Model Army of exuberant Young Soulie’s.

Truly great records will always break through, usually aided by visionary people, of which “Stafford” was saturated with them…

Over the years since my brief-flirt with my discovery, I can could count the White Promo copies I’ve encountered on one hand..

…the RED STOCKER I could maybe use just one finger…!

A rare and utterly compelling sight… but not as vital as the magnificent production it presents you with…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 673.00

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Cody Black is Sooooo Goooood ! But maybe out of faZhion and so; nor good enough for the NowadayZ northern soulZ. It's not that rare anyway so most of the collectors are satisfied with it by now. Plus for most of the new DZ's it's nothing they should wonder I understand. Just rare and good like the Soul folkS dig IMHO.

Edited by tlscapital

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