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Going out in 2018 Poll


Going out in 2018 Poll  

  1. 1. In 2018 I am going out

    • More often than ever
    • Same amount as I always have
    • A lot less nowadays
    • Stopped!

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As always, related comments welcome.

People are at different stages of life of course, and that can reflect the above. Personally, I go out a lot less nowadays due to wanting to spend as much time as poss at home with the kids / and my work has finally taken off, so my priorities have naturally changed.

The trouble is though, if you actually ‘stop’ going out, I think it takes some doing to make the effort to bother again (The years fly by)

Others will have different reasoning behind their votes.

All the best,

Len :thumbsup:

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Voting seems similar to the buying vinyl in 2018 Poll (Maybe somewhat linked)

Thanks for votes so far.

All the best,

Len :thumbsup:

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