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UK Re-Issues/Originals and US Originals

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Selling some 45s for a mate in PART A

This is first batch. There's a lot to go through.

I'm going to rate them all VG+ condition-wise.

All have a number written on label.  Quite small writing.

Anyone not satisfied with grading can obviously return for full refund.



Lovelites   Get it off my conscience   GRAPEVINE   £10

Rita Dacosta  Don't bring me down   CONTEMPO  £15

Johnny Johnson  Honey Bee    STATESIDE £10

Mr Bloe   Grooving with …………… DJM   £5

Shakers   One wonderful moment  PROBE  £10

Tami Lynn  Im gonna run away from you  MOJO  £5

Barbara Lynn   Take your love and run  ATLANTIC  [RED UK] £15

George Clinton  Please don't run from me  UK ABC  £20

Rufus Lumley  Im standing  EMI   £15

Dusty Springfield   Whats it gonna be  UK PHILIPS  [moulded label re-issue]  £8

Eddie  Regan   Playin' hide and seek  UK ABC  £15

Bunny Sigler   Girl don't make me wait   LONDON  £10

Decisions  I cant forget about you  UK A&M  £15

Crow   Your autumn of tomorrow  RIGHT ON  £20

Paul Kelly   Sweet sweet lovin'  UK PHILIPS   £20

Fi-Dels  Try a little harder   JAY BOY  £20

Roger Collins  She's looking good  VOCALION  £15

Vel-vets   I got to find me somebody  PYE INT  £10  SOLD

Esther Phillips   Catch me Im falling  UK ATLANTIC  [Red/White]  £15  SOLD

Joy Lovejoy   In orbit   UK CHESS  £20

Packers   Hole in the wall  SOUL CITY   £10

Soul Twins   Quick change artist  GRAPEVINE   £10

Billy Butler  Right Track   EPIC  £10

Carl Carlton   Bad for each other  ACTION  £15  SOLD

Los Canarios  Get on your knees  MAJOR MINOR  £20  [click at beginning]



Poets   Im stuck on you   RED BIRD VG+  £5

Brenda & Tabulations  Hey Boy  DIONNE WDJ VG++   [WOL on b-side]  £5  SOLD

Johnny Monday  Don't put the hurt on me  20th Century  WDJ  M- £75  [£250 on Manship!]

Spaniels   Maybe  BUDDAH  M-   £20

Dee Dee Warwick  Don't you ever give up on me  MERCURY M- £20

Jimmy Delphs   Almost  KAREN  WDJ  M-  £15

 Concept Nine  When  TANGERINE WDJ  VG++ £5  SOLD

 Jackie Lee  Your personality  MIRWOOD WDJ VG++ £15 [WOL]

 Sharpees  Tired of being lonely   ONE-DERFUL  VG+ £8  [one mark on vinyl NAP]

 Supremes  Million Sellers e.p DUTCH MOTOWN M-    [inc. When the lovelight, Come see +2]  £5               

Andre Scott   Crying in the arms of another love  SUNFLOWER  M-  £25

 Creations    Just remember me    GLOBE  M- £40

 Walter Scott   Brand new girl  Ivanhoe  M-  £25  [b-side low rider goodie]

Four Tops     Shake me wake me  MOTOWN M-  £8

 Superbs  Happiest girl in the world  CATAMOUNT  VG++   [b-side VG+] £10

Major Lance  The Matador  OKEK  VG++ £8

Sensations   I wont be hurt  WAY OUT  M-  £20

Jackie Wilson   Whispers  BRUNSWICK  M-  £8

 Jackie Wilson   This love is real  BRUNSWICK  M-  £8

Mitch Ryder     Breakout    NEW VOICE  DJ   M-  £20

Cliff Nobles   Gettin' away   PHIL LA  M- £15  [similar to Teddy & Fingerpoppers on ARCTIC]

Ronnie Savoy   Loving you   WDJ  WINGATE  £15


PayPal :-  Gift or add 3% please

Postage  £2.50 for 1st class recorded 45s



















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Hi there, Could I have :

Esther Phillips


Brenda & tabulations

concept nine



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5 hours ago, Span said:

Hi there, Could I have :

Esther Phillips


Brenda & tabulations

concept nine



Sent you a PM.


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