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    55 years young, been into northern soul since mid seventies and funk during early eighties. Only recently retrieved my record collection from loft and started to attend events again.

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    Doncaster, Uk
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    Dobie Gray, out on the floor

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  1. until

    Hi Rob, do you have any updates from your meeting ? I know things are still uncertain but do you think the weekender will go ahead as planned. ? Cheers, Neal.
  2. I've no idea if my Sassy copy was part of those 500/800/1000 ? from Neil rushton, bought mine from a lad from London in approx 1978/79 for a fiver. I still have it and it's always been one of my top five .
  3. It would be my Sassy copy, Frankie Beverly " if that's what you wanted" , bought it for a fiver in 1977 at Lilleshall ( where the England football team used to train) and it's still my favourite !!! it would definitely be last man standing Neal.
  4. Star wars theme , Meco, played over & over cos people were dancing to it in circa 1977/78.
  5. Sold mine 2 years ago ( Vinyl in ex condition but some writing on A side ) for £600 , I have owned it since it came out. wasn't a big fan of either side so happy to move it on to someone who liked it. ! Neal.
  6. Just joined the league ( 1st time ) Spanners select
  7. You can't beat a bit of Motown to get back into a groove Ain't too proud to beg - four tops will do for me Neal.
  8. Parklands in donny, just brilliant. Can't wait to get back on it sometime !!!! Neal.
  9. Me & the missus are thinking of attending a weekender and as I haven't been to one since the late seventies I'm not sure which one would best suit our taste in music. We go to a few local events that play mostly northern/motown/club classics etc so that sort of play list would be ideal. I'm not into the rare & underplayed stuff, and want to mostly hear sounds we might know so any advice would be welcomed. I live in Doncaster but willing to travel for a good event. ! Thanks Neal
  10. Great night again at the Parkland club. Some new sounds for me, and a great mid set by Joe whittle. Neal.
  11. Brilliant night again at the Parklands, great music and friendly crowd. Can't wait for the regular monthly nights to come back. We will be there !! Neal & shaz
  12. Span

    northern soul + motown

    Had a great night at the Parkland's with some brilliant music and a lively atmosphere, and not forgetting the fantastic dance floor. Will be at the next one on the 12th October. Neal.
  13. Great night at the Parklands last night, great music and a lovely atmosphere . Pity it isn't a regular night anymore !! Neal.
  14. Hi Rob, I have one of these, it may be a couple of days before I can find it and confirm the condition if your still looking by then ? Neal.
  15. Yes, leeds, leeds,Leeds better known as " marching on together" was the flip side to leeds United 1972 FA cup final song. Nice one les reed.

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