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Hi All, 

Been a long time since I've visited here but thought it would be a good place to ask. 

As a younger collector I bought a few soul packs to start me out and I thought these were great fun. I was thinking something similar would make a great stocking filler for my girlfriend who also love soul/northern/r&b. Think it could make some of the dull January nights a bit more interesting seeing what we've got... 


Any suggestions as to where to buy soul packs? Or would anyone be able to put together some packs?


I'm not really after spending £100 quid + and getting 100+ 45s.

I'm just after getting my hands on a decent wadge of listenable/decent tunes to enjoy having a listen through. 




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If I’m honest think you’d be damn lucky to get 100 records for £100 now days and even luckier to get anything remotely decent in amongst it even if you could

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When I've searched, Anglo American has come up many times and seem to do packs of 100 for 100 quid. So was looking for different suggestions. Hopefully someone will be able to help 👍

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Try des parker on here soul inc.

He has done me packs in the past. 

John Powney did great packs before he died.

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Posted (edited)

Sean Chapman Records does packs for £50


20 Mixed selection of US Originals, UK and Tamla Issues. Condition VG+ - EX- £50 inc post. Fabulous Value.


Northern Soul Reissues VG - EX- GREAT VALUE some top titles and at least £250 in Value in each pack. £50  inc postage.

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