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Horse n Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 16/2/20

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 A bit late but here's the playlists from the latest Horse and Groom from 2 weeks ago ...........

Joe Lakin  12:00 – 12:50

Big Youth – What’s Goin’ On

Bobby Womack – I Can’t Understand It

Wilson Pickett – We’ve Got To Have Love

Curtis Mayfield – We Got To Have Peace

Rhetta Hughes – Cry Myself To Sleep

Staple Singers – Trippin’ On Your Love

Johnny Gilliam – Room Full Of Tears

Bobby Womack – Harry Hippie

Sidney Joe Qualls – Run To Me

Bobby Bland – Love To See You Smile

S O S – Won’t You Try

Delfonics – Can’t You Remember

Impressions – Falling In Love With You

Four Tops – Your Love Is Wonderful


Little Av – 12:50 – 13:40

Troy Keyes – I’m Crying Inside

The Larks – Lost My Love Yesterday

The C.O.D’s – Pretty Baby

Milton and Winston – You Lied

Ray Gant and The Arabians – Don’t Leave Me Baby

The Hesitations – Yes I’m Ready

Darrow Fletcher – Little Girl

Lee Williams and The Cymbals – Please Say It Isn’t So

Baby Washington – (You) Just A Dream

Unique Blend – Does He Treat You Better

Donny Hathaway – Someday We’ll All Be Free

The Modulations – Your Love Has Me Locked Up

Lynn Collins – Wide Awake In A Dream

Gladys – Love

Willie Wade – Come Into My World

Clydie King – Soft Gentle Ways

Betty Wilson – I’m Yours


Dave Pinches  - 13:40 – 14:35

Big Dee Irwin – You Satisfy My Needs

Ruby Andrews – You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Ricky Lewis – I’m Lonely Too

Tony Drake – Suddenly

Jaggerz – Let Me Be Your Man

Henry Richardson – Dancing Girl

Johnson,Hawkins,Tatum and Durr – You Can’t Blame Me

Bobby Burn – I’m A Lonely Man

Joe Tex – It’s The Only way To Love You

The Sunday – Where Do We Go From Here

Ruthie – Just For Love

Jimmy Brinson – So Many Miles Away

Kazu Matsui Project – Standing On The Outside

Ron Keith – Gotta Go By What You Tell Me

James Brown – So Long

Supremes and Temptations – Then

Embers – Far Away Places

Poor Boy and The Orphans – I Know She Loves Me


Bri Pinches  14:35 – 15:30

Don Thomas – Train Start Moving

Douglas and Lonero – Baby Take My Hand

Delegates of Soul – What A Lucky Guy I Am

Syl Johnson – The Love I Found In You

Three Jades – I Care For You

Stovall Sisters – My Baby Loves You

Tommy Tate – Are You From Heaven

Gentlemen Four – It Won’t Hurt

Caesars – Girl I Miss You

George Jay – Say That You Love Me

Embers – Aware Of Love

Topics – Booking Up Baby

Gene Townsel – There’s No Use Hiding

Thee Image – Alone With You

Rhonda Davis – A Long Walk On A Short Pier

Theola Kilgore – I Can’t Stand It

Billy Kent – Take It All This Time

Sonny Childe – Giving Up On Love

Ty Karim – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

Moses Dillard = They Don’t Want Us Together


John Benson – 1st Guest 15:30 – 16:30

Mose Dillard and Tex Town Display – I’ve Got To Find A Way

Linneas – Born To Be Your Baby

Betty Everett – My Love To Lean On

Lee Williams – It’s Everything About You

Newsound – Bet You Never Thought About It

Lovettes – I Need a Guy

Jerry Butler – Walk Easy My Son

J B Bingham – She’s Gone

Barbara Jean English – Comin’ or Goin’

7 Miles High – She’s Gone Away

Wilton Felder – Inherit The Wind

G C Cameron – Live For Love

Hodges,James,Smith and Crawford – I’m In Love

Naturals – La Da Da Da I Love You

Curtis Mayfield – Love To Keep You In My Mind

Gwen McCrae – 90% Of Me Is You

Terry Callier – Got To Get Closer To You

Heywood Cash – Your Messing Up A Good Thing

Shirley Alston – Can’t Stop Singing

Temptations – Smooth Sailing

Lloyd Williams – I’m In Love With You


Mark Hopes (2nd Guest) 16:30 – 17:30

Lou Pride – Your Love Is Fading

Chuck Holiday – Just Can’t Trust Nobody

Montclairs – Hey You Don’t Fight It

Blue Steam – I Want A Girl

Pandella Kelly – Stand In For Love

Camaro’s – We’re Not Too Young

Monique – If You Love Me

Soul Inc – This Is My Proposal

Arthur Willis – The Hurting Is Over

Mr Soul – What Happened To Yesterday

Bernard Drake – I’ve Been Untrue

Donald Thomas – Calling Me Home

Salt and Pepper – Man Of My Word

Kings Of Soul – Is Your Love For Me

Clay Brown – Talkin’ Soul

Chuck Cockerham – Have I Got A Right

True Image – I’m Not Over You Yet

Curtis Anderson – The Hardest Part

Black Essence 2001 – Change In My Life

Johnny Starr – Dark Skie

Benny Harper – This Is My Prayer


Joe – 17:30 – 18:00

Delegation – It Only Happens

Impressions – Potent Love

Eddie Kendricks – If You Let Me

C M Lord – Oh Mama

Brothers Guiding Light – Getting Together

The Miracles – I’ll Try Something New

Paul Thompson – Special Kind Of Woman


Ian Johnson – 18:00 – 18:30

Whatnauts – Help Is On The Way

Gwen McCrae – Doin’ It

Michael Wycoff – Lokking Up To You

Brand New Heavies – Never Stop

Kendra Cash – Smile

Temptations – Aiming At Your Heart

Change – Miracles

Dottie Pearson – Bring It Over Baby

Willie Hutch – Ain’t That Mellow


Dave – 18:30 – 19:00

Raj – Something Inside

Rivage – Strung Out On You Love

Pages – Heartaches and Pain

Norman Conners – Phoenix

Daybreak – I Need Love

Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get The More I Want

Will Collins -  Anything I Can Do

Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You

Mixed Feelings – Sha La La

Willie Tee – The First Taste Of Hurt


Bri – 19:00 – End


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A bit late but here's the playlists from the latest Horse and Groom from 2 weeks ago ........... Joe Lakin  12:00 – 12:50 Big Youth – What’s Goin’ On Bobby Womack – I Can’t Understand I


As usual, the hottest ticket in town, magnificent soulful diversity, catch up with you guys later in the year (bloody shifts) 😡


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