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SAD NEWS.....In the photo taken at the Cellar Bar Stamford by Frank Elson back in 1974 is a black guy we all knew as Geno, I'll always remember him dancing with a suit on and a silk hanky in his hand....he was a class act.

Over the last few years Poke has had this personal mission to track him down after returning home to Africa to become King of his local Tribe. Poke did tell me several years ago that Geno my have been murdered in some tribal altercation.

Poke emailed the local paper in Africa a few months back with a request for some info and regretably they cam back with the sad news that Geno had infact been murdered several years ago as Poke had suggested. RIP in peace Bro..

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Posted (edited)

OMG Very sad to hear this news. Geno was a really good friend of my late brother Rob Ward R.I.P. and used to see him at the Cleethorpes pier/Winter gardens All nighters. I also new him,he was ever so polite and humble. Always was happy to be able to walk with us on the same side of the street. At the time was not allowed in South Africa. He used to tell us his Dad ran a Cane furniture busines called Mmanto Shikane and exported cane furniture all over the world.. Geno came over to the UK to have a good education. Loved Northern Soul and was a really good dancer as it was in his blood. R.I.P. Geno.

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That is so sad to hear as i remember him well, Not the news we wanted to hear but Thank you Poke for taking the time to investigate the Rumour of our Friend Geno and Thanks also to Paul for Posting and Mr Fred for the insight to his Dad... R. I. P. Geno


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