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Dab of Soul Radio Show 7.9.20-Listen Here!

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Impalas-Speed up Bobby Black-Right on The Albert-One life Jesse Boone-No particular one Freddie and Sounds of soul-I can't break away from you Robert Parker-I caught you in a lie Mixed emotions-Am I imposing ZZ Hill-Universal love Archie Bell-Real good feeling John Edwards-Cold hearted woman Mike James Kirkland-You put it Individuals-Never too late King Floyd-I'm gonna fall in love with you City Limits-Words without love Infinity-Keep it to yourself Otis Clay-Tired of falling in and out of love Bobby Womack-Something for my head Four Tracks-Charade Cynthia Sheeler-I'll cry over you Geil Scott Heron-Willing Impressions-My woman's love Barbara Mason-You can be with the one you don't love Donny Mann-Treat me like a stranger Elgins-You found yourself another fool Barbara Stant-He's still your man Change of pace-Bring my buddies back Gail Eason-I can see the hurt Billy Stewart-What have I done Walter Jackson-I never had it so good Louise Freeman-How could you run away

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