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Romany Rand


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Most active in this topic

£500 is way optimistic for this. Sold one fairly recently for about half that and was lucky (and glad) to get that for it. Fairly scarce, but in no way a £500 tune. As one of the more obscure D-Town releases it has a value (at least to completists) and before the days of ebay it probably was pretty difficult to track down: I recall this appearing on a Pete Lowrie tape some years ago alongside many noted Detroit rarities. The record has a naive charm and I've always quite liked it, but similarly I'd have to agree with anyone who called it lightweight, boring pap.

All in my opinion of course. No offense intended to anyone who plays it/is looking for it/is looking to sell it/etc...

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Sold my copy several years ago £150 its something you dont see very often

and as the sayin goes a rare45 is only worth what someone is willing to pay

for it..................... When you think 45 like Willie Kendrick--Change your ways goes for 350

which is not a hard 45 to locate ,something like R Rand which is a great double sider should fetch at least that price but like i said there are collecters with money and those with a bit of money those who have to sell to buy and then the i dont give a monkey what it costs i,m havin it collecter the ones when i,m sellin owt i like :rolleyes: he he

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