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RE The Rotations - (Put A Dime On) D9


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I am sure this has been asked many times on here not sure if any of the others  had any success but Yes, I am looking for The Rotations - (Put A Dime On) D9.


Does anyone selling a copy at a decent price or that am impossible question these days - prices as they are. I am interested to know what it would cost me to acquire one.


Thanks in advance for all those anticipated replies arriving soon :)

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7 hours ago, Stanley said:

didn,t a mint- demo sell for 1200pds late last year .private sale f.b.

i,ve a near mint demo thats not forsale i have on the book at 1k. great record ..

I have a demo that I'm convinced you sold me many, many years ago at Lowton.  Does that ring a bell...or am I mistaken?

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