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Dennis Linde-penned Tunes Recorded By Soul Artists


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The let's-celebrate-Elvis-Presley-thread and the mention of "Burning Love" once again got me thinking about the songwriter of that tune, Dennis Linde, and the songs he's written that has been recorded by soul artists. I've been thinking about compiling a list of Dennis Linde tunes recorded by soul artists, or indeed by artists in any genres, but before I get started it would be nice to know if such a list already exists? Does anyone of you know?

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Shall I take that as a "no" then? :thumbsup: ...

He's written scads of songs for country artists - I'm just about to go off to football but I'll try to get some of them listed for you later over the weekend. Possibly off site...

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Didn't Arthur Alexander record "Burning Love" first? I'm sure Linde wrote other stuff for Arthur, but Tony's right Linde wrote tons of stuff for country artists.

Yes, Arthur did record "Burning Love" prior to Elvis, and there's a nice version of Linde's "Call Me Honey" on that LP as well.

I know that Dennis was a prolific country songwriter and has written hundreds of songs, but I'm primarily interested in his 60s and early to mid 70s material that was recorded by soul artists.

Obrey Wilson recorded his "X Marks The Spot" on Mercury for example.

Would be great to have his BMI entry sorted by "date of registration". :thumbup:

Tony, it would be really nice if you could send me a list of titles in case you have one. Does Ace own the rights to any Linde-penned songs recorded by artists other than Linde himself? I assume you can search the Ace files by songwriter?

Any info would be great! Thanks in advance. :thumbsup::thumbup:

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