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Vinyl Reggae Sellers


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Most active in this topic

Guest the dukester

Anyone know of any reggae forums or places to buy obscure ,oldies reggae on vinyl?

any help most appreciated

seasons greetings



I have a load of ska reggae, never stopped buying it and recently I have sold loads of the soul stuff and started to collect the Ska stuff again, (I think it gives me a bit more pleasure :( ) collected it from age 14, dj'd it along side soul tunes at Deighton Youth Club, Huddersfield (wish I could go back in time!!) We had a Jamaican guy in town...Steves Records, Manchester Rd, front of the shop was Records........ most nailed to the wall, back of the shop was Pete's tattoist..known locally as Raggy Dans :D he also he had a spot in front of a Hairdressers shop next to the Midway Cafe in Hillhouse, near Town) could pick up all the Ska and reggae you wanted from Steves, find now though that its best to talk to local older West Indian Guys they have a lot of stuff they are willing to sell, also they put you in touch with guys they know, have picked up some cracking stuff around West Yorkshire. In the past had some Brilliant Reggae venues in Town, Venn St, Silver Sands, Paddock, Arawak Club, Ah for those heady days of a mispent youth :(

May do a Ska - Soul - R'n'B - Rocksteady night at Easington Next year have wanted to do it for years :lol:


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Nev the answer to your question is "no" basically.

The only place to get reggae from is ebay.

There are no sellers of original 60's 45's on the net to which you can go back to time after time. Some may get one or two things occasionally but you have to be lucky and get there at just the right time.

If you search GEMM you'll find a lot of things but 95% of them are priced a good three times their actually value, the most overpriced being soul dealers.

At the moment I've got the money to buy a handful of decent tunes but why pay £180 for The Uniques Gypsy Woman on Island when it's not worth half that?

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