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  1. One of my favourites from Wilson Pickett Wilson Pickett - Don't knock my love
  2. I've had a couple of the 70s/80s packs in the last 5 years or so. Think it was the BB packs 70s/80s dancers, all were in at least EX condition. Well worth a punt imo if you like soul music in general and not just northern.
  3. Multi coloured label - styrene Pink label - vinyl
  4. Various originals for sale. £2.50 signed for postage to UK. Payment via paypal or bank transfer please...….thanks Dean Crown Four - Birth of a playboy / Love for my girl (Lee John) VG+ wol (few marks, plays well) £125 SOLD Marvels - Mr soft touch (Mercury) EX- £50 Caprells - Deep Love / Hey girl (Bano) EX £25 Chuck Overton - Is it possible (Kapp) EX- dh £40 Majjestees - Let her go / Take back (Mutt) EX- £325 Sue & Mel - Cant do without me (Star Track) EX- £50 Patti & Lovelites - We got the real thing (Cotillion) EX- £25 Jan Bradley - Tricks of the trade (Doylen) VG++ £20 Gary Toms - Love me right (PiP) EX- £10 SOLD Charles Brimmer - The feeling is in my heart /Mr Teardrops (Broadmoor) EX- £150 SOLD Bob & Gene - I gotta find a way (Modo) EX- £25 SOLD Argie & Arketts - Your'e the guy (Ronnie) EX- £90 Chancellors - All the way from heaven (Cap City) EX- wol £75 Sophisticates - I need you (Mutt) EX £150 SOLD Jaibi - You got me (Kapp) EX- £100 Soul Pushers - With a broken heart (Ambush) EX £40 Bobby Hutton - Ive got a memory (Phillips) dh EX £20 Barbara Mercer - So real / Call on me (Sidra) EX £55 Doris Willingham - You cant do that (Jay boy) UK EX- £20 Millionaires - I'd rather do it myself (Phillips) EX- dh £10 Queen Yahna - Ain't it time (P&P) EX- £125 SOLD Holly Maxwell - Never love again (Smit Whit) EX £20 SOLD Darrow Fletcher - What good am I (Jacklyn) EX- £120 SOLD Derek Martin - Sly Girl (Tuba) EX- £30 Frank Eddie - Forever (Insync) EX £300 Viola Wills - I got news for you (Supreme) EX- £30
  5. Yes pretty sure the Tempests on Stardust has been booted.
  6. Another recent one is the Tempests someday 45 on Stardust
  7. Wasn't a bad day yesterday was is? England crusing through to the knockout stage in the afternoon , then followed by a nice chilled-out soulful evening at Stanwick. Here is what I played; Sam & Dave - Everybody got to believe in somebody (Atlantic) Avons - He's my hero (Excello) Manhattans - I call it love (Carnival) Invitations- Love has to grow (Polydor) Hokis Pokis - Cant wait for love (Shield) Roscoe Robinson - Let me be myself (Paula) Jackie Ross - Showcase (Fountain) Eddie Jefferson - Uh Oh (Stax) Jan Bradley - Tricks of the trade (Doylen) Shalong - Lady (Red Coach) Willie wade - When push comes to shove (Nite Life) Marvels - Mr soft touch (Mercury) Electras - Another man's woman (De-Lite) Gino Washington - What can a man do (Washpan) Darrow Fletcher - Little girl (Jacklyn) Imported Moods - What have you done with my heart (Hi) Dean
  8. 2 USA originals for sale....add £2.50 signed for postage Soul Pushers - With a broken heart EX- (Ambush) £60 Georgetta Banks - Sweetly & Completely VG+ (Dot) few light scratches, plays fine £60 SOLD
  9. I've offered a copy for £20....not heard anything back!
  10. DJust missed the one that sold yesterday, please pm if you have one for sale Thanks Dean
  11. Is it 'The Invicibles'- So much love' on Loma?
  12. Hi 8 originals for sale....payment by paypal please....£2.50 for Uk signed for postage....cheers Dean CLARA WOOD - you're after my guy (IR) sm EX £125 SOLD SOPHISTICATES - I need you (mutt) EX £150 SOLD DREAM TEAM - There he is (gregory) EX £125 CHARLES BRIMMER - The feeling is in my heart (Broadmoor) EX- £150 RONNIE WEST - Lil woman (goins) EX £275 SOLD JACQUELINE JONES - A frown on my face (Loadstone) EX £275 SOLD DEMURES - Raining Teardrops (Brunswick demo) EX- £400 SOLD RONNIE McCAIN - This time im gone (Triode) EX- £200 SOLD
  13. Am i on my own by being underwhelmed by this track? I quite like the song, backing vocals sound good, but to me its let down by a very weak vocal.

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