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  1. Only God Forgives. East Meets West Revenge Beat Em Up. Rated R for strong bloody violence including grisly images, sexual content and language And it's got Ryan Gosling for the ladies... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1602613/
  2. It wasn't meant as a compliment....
  3. Second rate Peter Kaye.
  4. Interesting survey here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/50585-which-country-is-the-happiest-in-the-world-hint-its-not-the-us?utm_source=FBTraffic&utm_medium=fijifrost&utm_campaign=CMfacebook The Happiest Countries in the World. Do you think this reflects where you live? I'd be particularly interested in responses from members outside the UK.
  5. Canadian Sapphires - about a tenner, if you are lucky. Edward Hamilton £35 ish - has sold for double on the wacky world of eBay though,
  6. Yes. But i've heard there are pills for it.
  7. Lee Writes.... Well that's another years Christmas and New Year celebrations over, I trust you all had a top one and are eager to get those dancing shoes wearing another groove in that Shakespeares dancefloor. Well on Saturday 10th January The King Bee kicks off it's 2015 shenanigans with the usual dream team of Gav Arno, Joe Dutton and Graham Wright laying down their usual blend of dance floor dynamite playing some of the rarest R'n'B, Ska, early 60's Soul, and Latin. We welcome back a good friend the inimitable Matthew Clarke as our first guest DJ of the year. A true gentleman, avid record collector, and ace DJ who's graced the decks of some of the top clubs in the country. Equally at home spinning R'n'B, Rock'n'Roll, Garage, 60's Beat, the list goes on, he's guaranteed to get the dancefloor buzzing. Looking forward to seeing you all in this new year, back at the biggest hippest party in town ~ The King Bee
  8. Can we shitcan Lee Evans as well?
  9. I've looked for this record for the last four or five buying trips to the US... never even had a sniff... found a few single sided demos with the wrong side.
  10. Out Of The Furnace. Christian Bale & Woody Harrelson and a great supporting cast in a dark revenge thriller.
  11. Anyone have a full list of Okeh 45 picture sleeves / Jukebox EPs from the US? Also any foreign releases ($5 or EP) that came in a picture sleeve? Ta Muchly.
  12. Thanks Mike, I have seen this in the past - its where I got my original list from - I was hoping that someone might have had some of the missing numbers on there...
  13. Yep, or at least parts of it are.... Go Compare.
  14. Looking for a discography of US Okeh albums.... Ta Muchly.
  15. I'm fooked. I've had an average week and I got... You drink like you're from Romania, which is the fifth heaviest-drinking country in the world.
  16. I'm reliably informed that the first to play this was the band on the Titanic, causing the Captain to run the ship into an iceberg to prevent him having to listen to it on the return leg. As for its 'recent' popularity I can confirm it was fetching decent money/popular well over four years ago, because I had copies for sale at Middleton, also from Vals, and if I were in his store now I could lay my hands on at least 10 copies.
  17. Real world price on a Fabulous Emotions on Tamboo should be no more than £30. I need the details on whoever bid £220+ on this as I've got some Magic Beans I need to sell.
  18. Bosch. Previous washing machine was a £150 Whirlpool which packed in not long after the guarantee. Current machine is a £500 Bosch that is going strong after 7 years.
  19. Isn't it an edit of the 12" version booted on a 7"?
  20. Al Wilson - Now I Know What Love Is intro sounds eerily like The Supremes - Back In My Arms Again
  21. Sounds great, only one problem, I'm not a fan of Gin. Can I sit in the corner and be a social reject with a nice drop of Rum instead?
  22. If the next couple of posts aren't back on topic, then the thread will be locked...

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