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    King Bee Rhythm And Blues Club

    Lee writes..... It's that time again when we get to announce next months guest DJ. Another new recruit to the hallowed King Bee decks, and another DJ from my beloved home city. I'm beginning to think every fourth person in Sheffield is a record collector/DJ. I've had few people telling me for months I need to get him spinning tunes at the club. At last weeks King Bee he thrust a mixcloud cd into my hand, and after playing it I agreed that yes indeed I did need to get him a slot. So without further ado, in the usual King Bee fashion I'll let Tim Jessop tell you a bit about himself: "As a kid growing up in the Steel City, loving Two-Tone, Jamaican ska and Soul, I always had a passion for all things sixties and discovering new sounds. Things didn't really click into place though until the early noughties, when, after purchasing Northern Soul comps and realising I much preferred the harder edged grittier Rhythm and Blues sounds of the earlier stuff, I discovered Kent's New Breed R&B and Mod Jazz compilations. Now this was a revelation! I now knew what it was I'd been looking for all these years. But you can't listen to this stuff on MP3, it had to be vinyl, so I invested in a turntable, started crate-digging in record shops again and never looked back. Having built up a formidable collection of 45's from the 50's and 60's I have made the natural progression into DJing and although I consider myself a new kid on the block, I've been steadily building up a (hopefully good) reputation and been priviledged to DJ at various venues in Sheffield and London, where I have guested with Original Dance Music, a prestigious collective of some of the Capital's finest vintage vinyl DJ's Locals may know me from my regular R&B sets down at the Riverside in Kelham Island with SFL Sounds. I am a contributor to the international DJ community internet site that is Mixcloud where my mixes cover the full gamut of 50's and 60's genres, as well as R&B, I chuck in loads of popcorn, tittyshakers, rockabilly, surf, garage, freakbeat, exotica, doowop, anything cool and danceable really, although rest assured my King Bee set will be jam-packed R&B dancefloor fillers! As I'm a semi-regular punter at King Bee (I don't get down as much as I 'd like) this is an absolute honour,especially to follow in the footsteps of so many DJ's I have admired and looked up to over the years...not creeping - it's true!! (No pressure then!) I always thought KB would be perfect for me and after Lee had been browbeaten by people recommending me I finally got my act together and handed him a sample CD - luckily he agreed! (I think I clinched it when I mentioned I was cheap!) Anyway, hope you can make it down and join in the shinanigans! Promises to be a good 'un!" Usual £4 on the door - doors open 20:30
  2. If you are going to see it at the cinema, please make sure that you clap along to the soundtrack, but about half a beat out of time, like someone did for us. I think she was channeling Les Dawson at the Piano for her 'performance'.
  3. No single release? Was CD only - though there might be a boot / Outasite issue now.
  4. Here's my view.... 5/10 Main characters were spot on - only to be let down by the "name" members of the cast - Lisa Stansfield should stick to warbling, John Thompson was too old for the part, Steve Coogan was Alan Partridge and Ricky Tomlinson's part was brief at best, so could have been filled by any actor of a certain age. I know this is anal, but a couple of choices for tracks in the film really ground my gears - Love Starved Heart and Suspicion played in quick succession - then the best friend complaining about 'commercial shit' being played... of all the thousands of Northern Soul records they could have access to, why these later discoveries? Youth club scenes were good, but they could have done with throwing a couple of commercial poppy things in there for a bit more authenticity (Skiing in the Snow or similar). A bit of a Curates Egg IMO.
  5. I know Wikipedia isn't the be all, but it names him as being DiFosco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Dee_Irwin
  6. Close that one Dave - I'd call it 'Chicago Demo' Shadow if I were renaming it.....
  7. Also issued in France and Germany (albeit with a different flipside in Germany)
  8. There was a small quantity of the Montclairs turn up on eBay about 8 years ago - they were fetching between 500 and 700 all mint - wish I'd pushed the boat out now...
  9. I recently sold one in as good as if not better condition as the one in the eBay sale for £85 including recorded delivery... I was happy, and the buyer was chuffed to bits, but at the time i thought i was probably setting a benchmark price at that....
  10. I'd say definitely 60s - All other records I've seen on that label have been 60s - O'Jays, Fabulous Playboys (x2) I think Sir Shambling might be mixing it up with this Apollo Records (Eddie Bo's early 50s releases were on it....) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_Records_%281944%29
  11. And as I stated I bought a Britsh copy - I really wanted one for my playbox. And yes, managing to pick up one in the UK, spurred me on to closing the dispute.
  12. Apologies Mike, I was posting at the same time as you. As stated above, no further input from me.
  13. Gene, We obviously hit an impasse. You want me to pay for a record that you have no evidence that you ever shipped 4 years ago - the shipping number supplied did not change status from "intending to ship", so the number was at best incorrect, or at worst a fabrication. You expect me to trust you, yet you say that I sent abusive e-mails (my only contact was with your wife as above) and that I initiated a claim within 4 days of payment (When again all evidence points to a dispute not a claim, being opened after 8 days, and after trying the shipping number on the USPS website several times over this period) - In doing this you have proved that you are willing to fabricate half truths and tell downright lies to bolster your case. I'm not willing to enter into any further discussion with you, as you seem to have a very warped view on the situation, which no amount of back and forth will alter.
  14. Here's my response to Genes accusation, which he has also posted on Facebook... In May 2010 I bid and won a record on Genes eBay auctions. When trying to pay for the item, I could not find this "drop down" shipping option for Signed for Insured shipping, so sent a request for an invoice for such. I then paid the amount on the invoice i received. After a couple of days I logged into eBay, to find that a shipping reference number had been entered into eBays system, however when this number was entered into the UPS website, it did not confirm the item had been shipped (or entered into the system by UPS). After trying for a couple more days, this message was unchanged so I opened a dispute through eBays system as I was concerned about it having been shipped. At this point I got the following message from Genes Wife: Dear tiki_terror, Item title: Northern Soul Ray Pollard The Drifter UA Issue Item number: 150443827532 Buyer User ID: tiki_terror Seller User ID: scooterso Total: $312.73 This item was picked up by the Post Office on May 25th. Now, 8 days later, you have just filed a Paypal dispute and Paypal have taken the funds you paid out of my account. This means you have one of my records coming to you and you haven't paid for it. I am not happy about this. 8 days is under the time it usually takes packages from the USA to reach the UK. You claim that I have never sent it because the "tracking" number only shows the postage being printed and paid for. However, you opted for First Class International mail, which doesn't show stage by stage tracking. The next cheapest service that does that is Priority Mail International, which is just over $20 more expensive, which I had as an option on the auction, but you didn't choose. As a Brit, I know that under UK law, proof of postage is all that is required to satisfy a court of law that the item was posted. Also, all the other records that were won by Brits have just started being delivered and all deliveries are in process right now. Your premature claim to Paypal and having them remove the funds you paid for the record from my account can be classified as fraud. Gene is pushing me to contact the Sheffield Police to file fraud charges, as he feels you are trying it on. However, I feel you have just misunderstood the type of shipping you chose, and would like to give you a chance to be patient for the record's arrival, after having restored the funds to our Paypal account. Please prove my thoughts correct. -Andrea To which I responded: Andrea, Thanks for your swift response. I have not taken the dispute to a claim, only opened a dispute, so the funds have not been returned to my account for this 45. I have never intended to receive a 45 that I haven't paid for, but only ensure that it has indeed been shipped. The wording of the USPS site does not confirm shipping, only that you have 'informed' them that you 'intend' to ship - if this means that a shipping label has been paid for, then any confusion is down to the poor standard of information on the USPS website, and for this I apologise for 'jumping the gun'. The reason I lodged a dispute is the fact that this is the first time that I have been supplied a 'shipping number' (which I have checked on daily without it being updated) and that it has not been noted that the U. S. Post office were in receipt of the item. I did not see an alternative form of shipping on the invoice, otherwise I would have opted for it. I have received four seperate packages from U.S. sellers that were purchased and paid for at the same time, and in the case of two packages after this 45, hence my worry about the item actually being shipped. The threat of contacting the Sheffield Police is not required. I am fully aware that no fraud (or indeed any crime) has been commited by me disputing receipt, Paypal would not offer such a service as 'dispute resolution' where they place a block on funds if it were illegal. To insinuate that I am commiting a fraud is inflammatory and in my opinion does nothing in aiding a swift resolution of the situation. I will of course remove the dispute as soon as the item is received. Regards, Joe Dutton. Unfortunately the item was never received, so I escalated the claim on the 20th of June. Paypal investigated the claim and found in my favour. This was the only contact I had with this eBay seller - at no point did I enter into any dialogue with Gene - and since no further contact was made considered the matter closed. What has happened in the intervening time for the seller to rake over the coals of this situation 4 years down the line I cannot imagine, but at no point during this time has he been in contact with me, which is strange when he has clearly had my, and more disturbingly, my wifes contact details (which he has seen fit to plaster over the internet, even though she was in no way involved in the situation, other than a joint Paypal account being in her name) and could clearly have made his position clear at any time. At the end of the day, I did everything by the book, yet I'm the one having to respond to Genes accusations.
  15. Dave, Are you 100% on the Thing Go Better With Coke being a UK promo? I've got one somewhere that I picked up in Oslo, and I'm pretty sure it's a Scandinavian release.
  16. I have a spare - I was gonna hold onto it for a while longer but if the offers right I'll let it go...
  17. What's with the balaclava? Has he got the ears of a burns victim?
  18. Claim item not as represented and you'll get your money back.
  19. I think there is a way for sellers to block bids from proxy snipers - i've had it happen to me on a few occasions. Sellers down like snipe software because it stops inflated prices due to "just anonther bid" syndrome.
  20. Wishing Ian a full and speedy recovery.
  21. I have one but I won't be able to give you a price and condition until tomorrow evening as I'm away from home today.
  22. A nice record - but bandying auction prices of £700 about is misleading and dangerous... people use this site to assess prices on pieces. Just for a bit of balance and perspective, not one copy sold on eBay above £330... http://www.popsike.com/php/quicksearch.php?pagenum=1&searchtext=johnny+mccall++alteen&incldescr=1&sortord=ddate&thumbs=&currsel= That's without all of the private / set sales that have been made.

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