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  1. gorgeous george

    Original Acetates/one offs

    That's it! Yes I did have it at one point! Sold a lot around 2001 when I got divorced Oh well!
  2. gorgeous george

    Original Acetates/one offs

    Or did I have it?? Got me thinking now... post a pic Dave put me out of my misery!
  3. gorgeous george

    Original Acetates/one offs

    Re: If you have the orig acetate its on Damon. I used to own this back in the day when I used to dj more on the northern scene. Think I sold it to Neil Holden. You didn't sell it to me Phil.. wish you had! That's where I heard it, one of your tapes . Hope you're well mate. Neil
  4. gorgeous george

    Original Acetates/one offs

    I've definitely heard it before... can't remember where though... Not much help I know!
  5. gorgeous george

    Benny Harper - My Prayer, Minty Labels

    Pmd u
  6. gorgeous george

    Bb Carter - Cool It Baby-Kris Wdj £150

    BB Carter - Cool it baby-Kris WDJ £150 V hard to find! Great dancer!
  7. Elder William Smith - His Voice - Mint £50
  8. Tom Emmanuel &Ron Experience -when you lose your groove/why the knower-golden three Ex £175
  9. gorgeous george

    Wanted A Few Rare Ones

    After these not expecting all at once, cash waiting for 1 or 2 priced fairly. Hyperions - why you wanna treat... -chatahoochee King George -I need you -audio Arts Chuck holiday -just can't trust nobody -Gloria Magnetics - count the days- sable Magnetics -lady in green -Bonnie John & weirdest -no time -tie Re Flores/LWF-look into my heart -ms Admirations -you left me -peaches Walter& admirations- man oh man..
  10. Ex copy on old town Fiestas - Think smart - rarer issue £200
  11. Bros Of Soul I'd Be Greatful Vg+ Plays Great £50 PayPal please as gift
  12. Brown bombers and soul partners -wait for me -amazing VG + plays great £450 B B Carter - Cool it baby - Kris VG+ £150 Al Hughes - take it or leave it - scope m- £350 Tyn Tymes - Baby I love you _ the music box m- £100 Tamy Wayne - have a good time - boom wdj VG+ £75 Kenny Hamber -Anything you want -Arctic VG+ £200 Danny woods 90 days in the county jail -smash wdj VG £60
  13. Mamie Galore no right. To cry -Sack M- £600 . Rose Brooks I'm moanin soul cityRED issue M- £350 rare!!
  14. Richard Simmons _ brothr where are you -. Mala DJ m- £60 + post