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  1. Sunday Jordon - sweet temptation - Good Luck Thanks pm please
  2. In answer to questions - I will consider trades
  3. Freddie Butler - save your love- wheelsville incredibly rare quality 45 vg+/++ plays great £1800
  4. Also I think it’ll turn out to be a lot rarer than one might think
  5. Lovers - without a doubt/ one way to love - Frantic m- £1250. Two amazing sides
  6. Kelly and soul explosions- Talking bout my baby’s love / gig on my back - Dymamite two fantastic rare sides, mint- and plays perfectly £1400
  7. That's it! Yes I did have it at one point! Sold a lot around 2001 when I got divorced Oh well!
  8. Or did I have it?? Got me thinking now... post a pic Dave put me out of my misery!
  9. Re: If you have the orig acetate its on Damon. I used to own this back in the day when I used to dj more on the northern scene. Think I sold it to Neil Holden. You didn't sell it to me Phil.. wish you had! That's where I heard it, one of your tapes . Hope you're well mate. Neil
  10. I've definitely heard it before... can't remember where though... Not much help I know!

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