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  1. reforee

    Want List - Funk/Sweet Soul

    Will PM you re Gloria and the Relations.
  2. reforee

    Otis Brown

    Looking for original copy in Ex condition of Otis Brown "Southside Chicago" Ole Records. please state condition of labels, sound etc. thanks Dave
  3. But they are all different forms of musical media which not everybody likes/wants or prefers. Even with vinyl LPs are not every bodies cup of tea if you just want the one track say, hence the 45 release prehaps?
  4. i suspect it's a two edge sword, you press 1000 and get stuck with 500, it's money on the shelve you can't use for next label project. Then there's the deal with the artist. If a deal is struck for a 500 run and the label gets stuck with half then the artist still gets his money. If the label sells out, doing a re run isn't that straight forward, they have to get permission from said artist....who may start to think "hang on we can get a better deal as our product is Hot" or over a 500 might cost more to the label for contract reasons. While reruns are great for those that didn't get copies it is not always great business sense for label or artist. In the world of numbers a thousand isn't a lot for the whole world of Soul fans to buy, but it is a big hit if they don't sell and that's where the rub is. If you put out the track to DJs and record stores as promos with the intention of gauging reaction and possible upfront orders from said outlets, you also open the door for negative things to happen, like gazumping, bootlegging etc. Now I'm not saying these are the reasons but if I was running a label they certainly would be on my mind. How would you feel to say......hearing a snippet of a new track, placing and paying for the product before its pressed and then trust to the label, once they have your money and an idea of who wants what and how many to press and distribute? That's prehaps the only way everybody wins without too many losing out which has to include the label and artist besides us greedy Soul fans! This is just me thinking out loud-so let's not take the above as any insight into what's happened here at all. Dave H.
  5. reforee

    Otis Brown & The Delights

    Anybody want to part with Otis Brown & The Delights Southside of Chicago. Ole 100. Original only . Not reissue. Please state condition and price please many thanks
  6. reforee

    The enigmatic Ty Karim.

    "All at once" is one of my favourites by the lady, along with the midtempo masterpiece "Lighten up" with the killer ballad " Don't let me be lonely tonight " on the flip. Think im missing her Senator 45 from my collection but can live with the cd with it on. What she left us was and still is a great legacy to her talent. Respect always Ty.
  7. While I don't condone bootlegging, the Soul music scene in general doesn't abide by the laws of the land. Venues used not being fully licensed to play music springs to mind and DJs not submitting their playlists to them for paying dues. Think this has now all been put under one license now, but over the years the amount of venues not covered must of been immense. Now in the big scheme of things it may sound insignificant, but add it all together it would amass to a few bob for the artist, songwriter, etc etc. Then let's throw in tapes & CDs sold at soul venues for whatever price or reason is also bootlegging as its copying without permission. Selling on your bootleg " reissues" is also deemed an offence so in the main we all need to look at ourselves on this issue. Thinking we are not doing any harm can't really be used as an excuse as we are all part of the problem, in fact we were all part of the mountain that was created by us creating the demand, whether that be back in the 70s or the collectors of today. Having just got back from Utrecht record fair and the amount of rare Soul albums that were there for sale, all priced above the normal new price for an album but done with the same artwork etc, where if you didn't know any better would be made to fool? The demand is there so the bootleggers provide. I was told most come out of Russia's/Eastern Europe so don't think there is much regulation out there when it comes to their practice? Look how long it's took the authorities to act here! These four go down, but it's the tip of a very large mountain fed by a very large base. Rant over Dave H.
  8. reforee

    Superbs on Dore

    Not sure if this had been a topic before but have three different copies of "Baby's gone away" on Dore. I have one copy issue blue with stripes across the middle, a copy the same blue with stripes but promo copy both wit the same b side, however have the same blue label but Promo with NO stripes and with a different "B" side to the others namely "Baby baby all the time". They have the same matrix numbers in the run out groocpve and the same record issue number. It goes against all the normal record pressing, issuing, formatting information to my thinking. As different b sides get different info on the record. I want to know the knowledge if it's out there? There's gotta be better Soul minds out there than my limited knowledge but this one has me sort of stumped? I'm not proud to ask.......HELP! TIA Dave H.
  9. reforee

    Al Gee Rap N' Rhythm double LPs

    There has gotta be some more people out there with some more info etc??????
  10. Having just resurrected an old project I am looking for information and the some of the actual LPs from the Music broadcast series from the US Army reserve program "Al Gee Rap N' Rhythm" LPs. for those that aren't aware they were a radio broadcast sent out to troops in the form of LPs featuring various artistes. So if you have any to sell let me know cost and what the 4 broadcast numbers on the back cover are so can see if I have them or not . Secondly, if you have any, but don't want to sell them then I would like the information on the back of the cover, dates, program number and artists (a photo would be easier of the rear cover) thanks Dave H
  11. reforee


    Christian, just a heads up! there are different versions of this track by the same artist on the different labels. If you want a particular one then you may end up with the wrong version/style! Dave H.
  12. reforee

    Mel Production Band

    NEWSFLASH....The end of the world is nigh...the only way to save yourself is sell me a copy of this want!
  13. Always great people and great Soul music for a Sunday to spend the time out with,... ... Hats off to Steve and Gouch for the sound system and the venue and the invite to spin more platters from my collection.. Here is my set of Floor Clearers and Room Emptiers...................................I kid you not! The Dynamics - Please think it over. Trex. The Elgins - Street Scene. Valiant. Sharon Clark & The Product of Time - I'm not afraid of love. Yodi. Communicators & Black Experience Band - One chance. Duplex. Oscar Harris, Billy Jones & The Twinkle Stars - Betcha by golly wow. Blue Elephant The Whatnauts - Whats left to give . Stang. Monique - Truth. Maurci. Candace Love - Never in a million years. Aquarius. The Youngeraires - God is still on the throne/ Ekim Kaidoz. Soulebrity Four - Cant live without your love. Noriega. The M.E.'s - I went out of my way. Unreleased Damon Acetate. Blue Gin - I'm Glad. NWI. The Castaways - If our love is strong. Pit. Bobby Allen & Gee Pees - Here she comes again. Uppp. Soul Sensations - A man that is not free. Music City. Here's to the next one.......if I had to explain what your missing then you wouldn't understand! Dave H.
  14. reforee

    New Sounds LP Help please

    The band are called The New Sound....I always assumed the title of the album was "The New Sounds" and was a play on the bands name and the music contained within. Surely the amount of times the name The New Sound is printed gives the game away or can't they see the wood from the trees? Dave.
  15. reforee

    Mel Production Band

    Come on stop hording......be green and "up cycle" these to me please.


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