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  1. Personally, when private bidders show up I drop out, as I have had so many bid retractions once they know your max bid or they bid you up and then the seller contacts you afterwards to make second chance offer or the winner didn't come up with the winning bid for whatever reason. I'm a cinic perhaps, but rather that than taken for a fool. Dave H.
  2. Thee Illusions Thunderstorms and Earthquakes. Sola. Anybody got a spare copy of this 2020 release please. Let me know condition, price etc. PM Me Dave H
  3. It is Amazing how some prices are now. When I sold my UK copy of Glen Miller for £400 about 5 years ago I thought I'd got a good price. What we must remember is "our little soul world" has expanded so much in the last 10 years or so. Far quicker than when we were young, in terms of number of collectors, record buyers, events etc and the need for old original records has increased beyond anybodies projections. One over riding factor is the number of old Soul records, whether a 100 run or a 10,000 run cannot be increased (unless reissued or booted), and by that fact alone the desir
  4. Anybody have a copy of this for sale please. Teddy Cash - You are so wonderful Cha Cha Records. VG+ or better. Pm me please and allow a few days for reply please. TIA Dave
  5. Sad news on the passing of one of the Northern Scenes characters and stalwarts. RIP Keith.
  6. I am going to stick my neck out on this "dual records same nimber"??? It could of been a tax dodge or even that they didn't have to pay one of the artistes by claiming it was a pressing plant issue. If said record became a hit then they may of come clean to said artiste. The record business is full of stories of rip offs and skulduggery, so why wouldn't "dual numbers" be seen as another way of "getting away" of not paying out once the money was in. Like I said, I'm sticking my neck out on that shout, but it happens. I would love to have them all on a spread sheet and how many duica
  7. 550 copies were pressed in 1991 at Bill Smiths Customs Records Inc, California. They were done by JJA.
  8. Looking for a decent copy of Thee Midniters Breakfast on the grass / Dreaming Casually. Whittier W509. Please state condition and price please Thanks Dave
  9. Hi Looking for a copy of The Debtones "Baby, baby all the time" Valiant Records. State condition and cost please. Pm me on here or pm on mobile FB etc if you can. TIA Dave
  10. Dave you are probably right as the Conway release is a great double header with the sweet soul side.
  11. I consider the Conway release the rarer of the 2 and a hard one to track down. " I wanna groove you" has been in my play box for a good 8 years and as Kev says the flip is the current must have on the Sweet soul scene Stateside. Both labels are desirable but which one is prehaps an individual choice? Dave H.
  12. Hoping someone may want to part with a copy of the following Jesse Rico - Oh what a girl. Rico. Please state condition and price please??? TIA Dave
  13. Fantastic Four now Sorted. OTIS Brown ....anyone? Dave

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