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  1. billb

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Inspirations - No one else can take your place Amen
  2. billb

    R.I.P. Professor Hawking.

    “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” ― Stephen Hawking
  3. billb

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    not a one for watching the latest films but I do like films set in 50's / 60's northern towns. I got put onto "The Whisperers" which can be viewed on youtube. Some great old backdrops of Manchester and Oldham. Fantastic film too!
  4. billb

    Wigan 1-0

    it wasn't a second yellow, it was a straight red. That's why I thought the Ref handled it badly. Even if I thought the challenge merritted a sending off, getting the yellow card out, then showing a red (after being intimidated by the Wigan players and Manager) is just bad practice.
  5. billb

    Cup games still have the magic!

    Great result for little Rochdale. To get a replay at Wembley, their share of the gate receipts and the TV income is a dream come true for any of the lower league teams that are strugling for money. Indeed, long live the cup(s)
  6. billb

    Wigan 1-0

    appaling handling of the sending off. If the Ref had got the red card out immediately then there would have been no issue. When he got the yellow card out, he was immediately surrounded by numerous Wigan players and also the Manager was going berserk on the sidelines. When the Ref changed it from a yellow to a red, it was obvious he'd been intimidated and influenced by Wigan's players and Manager's behaviour into making the deci..
  7. There's a track list on the drop down Tracklist Delfonics - I Told You So 7'' {1973 Philly Groove} Timmy Thomas - You're The Song (I've Always Wanted To Sing) 7'' {1974 Glades} Reflections - Gift Wrap My Love 7'' {1976 Capital} 21st Century - You're My Only World 7'' {1974 RCA} David Ruffin - No Matter Where 7'' {1975 Motown} Side Effect - Always There 7'' {1976 Fantasy} Soul Train Gang - Soul Train ''75'' (Vocal) 7'' {19..
  8. billb

    Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    thought I'd seen some ric tic sleves on here once? - brown paper with a ric tic stamp on, nothing fancy but still.....
  9. billb


    Golf called off because of snow all weekend, I couldn't do anything up at the allotment either, so I stayed in, watched the footie and acording to the Mrs "made the place look untidy".
  10. billb

    Best current whisky offers

    Neat, I put nothing in a whisky/ey and serve at room temperature. Bourbon does need a mixer though because if you drink it neat, it's like drinking bleach. I received some whisky stones (cubes) the other xmas. You put them in the freezer then drop a couple in the drink to chill it without diluting it. I don't really see the point really, if I wanted a chilled drink I'd put the bottle in the fridge/freezer just like they recomme..
  11. billb

    Best current whisky offers

    Steve, I've tried this and I find it very bland. I would rather drink a blended (Grouse) than this. Give it a try though, you've not much to lose and everyone has different tastes. I like the peaty ones (Talisker and Laphraig) and many other folk think they're disgusting. There's no right or wrong just personal taste. I always look out for deals in the supermarkets and I think one of the best was when they had Glenrothes Select ..
  12. billb

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    looks like it's a ringed bird, like they do with them on Nottingham Uni. Are most wild Peregrines ringed? - fantastic photo
  13. billb

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    love this, it's flying!

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