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  1. Please sign this petition

    signed and shared
  2. Wayoutgirl birthday.

    best wishes Sandra, 'ave a bazzer!
  3. Beer

    thanks Steve, I'll see if they've got some left tomorrow. Drinking Black Sheep Ale at the moment, they're selling it off at £1.39 at the local offie so I got the last half dozen.
  4. Please sign this petition

  5. Manchester

    oops, I've only just seen the no religious policy, take my above post down if you so wish.
  6. Manchester

    no you're not alone, I don't believe in heaven or hell either, neither place has ever been proven to exist and as for praying to some imaginary big daddy in the sky, total madness. If this imaginary god is as all powerful as folk make out, why does it allow t...
  7. Manchester

    children ffs, children! Religitards strike again.
  8. Bill Wright - A Man In Love - Midtown

    Old thread I know, agree with all above great record but is it the same Bill Wright who penned (with Thomas Stewart) TRUE IMAGE - I'M NOT OVER YOU?
  9. Billy Butler/right Track/okeh 7245

    Always thought it was a boot myself but someone's gone to a lot of trouble just to get the stamping such a mess.
  10. Billy Butler/right Track/okeh 7245

    I've got one of these but black OKeh - large 45, stamp looks good ZSP113544-1F always thought it was a boot? you can just about see the ZSP stamp bottom of picture
  11. Female soul 45 on Aquarius label pat ?

    http://www.soulfulkindamusic.net/aquarius.htm Aquarius 4010 - Candace Love - Uh Uh Boy That’s A No No / Wonderful Night - 1969 4011 - Pam Bowie - He’s All I Need / Everlasting Love - 1969 4012 - Candace Love - I Wanna Get Back / Never ...
  12. Beer

    went down south west years ago on the sccoters, pulled into a pub and my mate asked for a pint of mixed. He took one sip, nearly spat it over me and said "Bill wtf is this they've give me?" I took a sip and said "it's cider!" He said to the bar maid...
  13. Beer

    Just make sure you pour the stout first then the bitter will sink / mix with it. If you pour the bitter first, then when you pour the stout it will float as it's lighter so you'll get a layer. Years ago if the bitter weren't great, I'd ask for a bottle o...
  14. Piano Intros

    Larry Allen - Can't we talk it over
  15. Show us your great photos (2017)

    1st time I've been on here this year, well done, your photo's are fantastic. The pied wagtail at the begining just about pips it for me, not a rare bird but the loops on the wire, the greening/aging of the post and the frost, it's got the lot. Well done ...