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  1. So Fine _.mp3 Hi anyone know this tune please - I have it on a Soundcraft Acetate - no Artist shown - any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks T
  2. Sad loss RIP Dean - fine chap - condolences to his family & friends T
  3. Notts Palais - Bali hi downstairs - at alldayers & sunday nights in-between , Parkers Manchester Mr Serling & Dean Casinella's -(excuse spelling) Highland room @ Blackpool Mecca, Brass Construction rocked the place!! Blue Note Club in Derby - (Roy Ayres was Brilliant & had a beer with us at the bar afterwards!) Just a few - there were lots of others- if I can remember them. A fav tune - Himiko Kikuchi - What's baby singing Tee
  4. thought you had to leave prices visible even when sold ??
  5. what prices were the ones that are sold please ? for reference???? Thanks
  6. let us all know who it is. Don't let anyone else get the same treatment
  7. A very sad day! I was very lucky to have known John,a true Gentleman. his knowledge of all things music and non league football never failed to amaze me. John Thank You. Rest in peace T.
  8. excellent price - also have copy ! snap it up
  9. trevorq


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