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  1. jo law

    Living Room DJ

    whoosh luvin it--some gorjus stuff there xx
  2. jo law


    nice copy of shattered dreams required please pm me
  3. jo law

    Soul in the Hole, Sweet, Deep and Mid-Tempo room

    /Really enjoyed my visit to Soul in the hole--great turn out of like minded folk--music was awesome---great set Kevin Kane i loved it xx
  4. jo law

    Hill Sisters on Space

    pmd you
  5. do you still have the hill siiters on space--if so can i take it please---thanks jo

  6. jo law

    E Cigarette Advice Please

    Started on the E cigs 12 months ago---tried most makes and liquids-- found VISION SPINNER to suit me--you can adjust the strength that suits you---flavour wise---im a sucker for the VANILLA CUSTARD---having said all that I have become addicted to it---never got it out of my hand
  7. jo law

    Wanted Please

    Linda Clifford-sweet melodies/I cant let this thing get away--Frankie Redmond -Yesterday I believed I lied---Joe Johnson-Sounds Forever lp---Please pm with details and price---thank you
  8. jo law

    Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip

    Saddened to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with joe's family
  9. jo law

    Rugby Allnighter 11.4.15

    Nice to see Dotty daniels and Soul sisters still doing the business-- quality records imvho
  10. jo law

    Happy Birthday Phil Threlfall

    Happy Birthday Phil--hope you a great day
  11. jo law

    Happy Birthday Mo

    Happy Birthday Mo--hope you are being spoiled-and having a lovely day
  12. jo law

    Superbs - Wanted

    1977 black dore with feather---produced by Lee Bedell and Gerald Lee--its a cover version of an old broadway musical---not everyones cuppa
  13. jo law

    Superbs - Wanted

    --SUPERBS--WHERE OR WHEN--DORE 936---any one have on for sale please---pm price if you have--thanks
  14. jo law

    South Of France Soul Weekender

    Looks great-but you need to put dj list up-
  15. jo law

    crown jewel pure soul weekend


    Dave and Donna i would presume--dj line up looks very very good--do you fancy it Jackie---i do


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