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  1. whoosh luvin it--some gorjus stuff there xx
  2. nice copy of shattered dreams required please pm me
  3. /Really enjoyed my visit to Soul in the hole--great turn out of like minded folk--music was awesome---great set Kevin Kane i loved it xx
  4. Started on the E cigs 12 months ago---tried most makes and liquids-- found VISION SPINNER to suit me--you can adjust the strength that suits you---flavour wise---im a sucker for the VANILLA CUSTARD---having said all that I have become addicted to it---never got it out of my hand
  5. Linda Clifford-sweet melodies/I cant let this thing get away--Frankie Redmond -Yesterday I believed I lied---Joe Johnson-Sounds Forever lp---Please pm with details and price---thank you
  6. Saddened to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with joe's family
  7. Nice to see Dotty daniels and Soul sisters still doing the business-- quality records imvho
  8. Happy Birthday Phil--hope you a great day
  9. Happy Birthday Mo--hope you are being spoiled-and having a lovely day
  10. 1977 black dore with feather---produced by Lee Bedell and Gerald Lee--its a cover version of an old broadway musical---not everyones cuppa
  11. --SUPERBS--WHERE OR WHEN--DORE 936---any one have on for sale please---pm price if you have--thanks
  12. Looks great-but you need to put dj list up-
  13. jo law

    crown jewel pure soul weekend


    Dave and Donna i would presume--dj line up looks very very good--do you fancy it Jackie---i do
  14. This was one of the stand out sets for me---the atmosphere was fantastic that afternoon

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