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  1. A few more for sale, payment by paypal friends and family postage to the UK £2.80 1. Tiny Watkins. Run Run Run/ Cradle of love on goodie train 060 in mint condition £45 2. The Superbs. It hurts so much/I was born when you kissed me . on Dore 736 in Mint condition £50 5. Linda Perry. Its all in the back of me now/Everybody has somebody on Mainstream 5555 in vg condition £35 6.The vipers.Little Miss Sweetness/Same old Valarie on Duchess 102 in Mint condition £100 7.The Peps. You never had it so good \Detroit Michigan on D-Town 1049 in Mint condition £40
  2. A few more for sale today, payment via Paypal as Friends and family, Postage £2.80 to UK. 1. Cicero Blake. Your gonna be sorry/ Sad Feeling on Renee Demo 109 in vg- condition as scan shows £20 2. Luke Day. Love Line/ A whole lot of nothin on Renfro 40 in EX condition £25 3.Nolan Chance.Ill never forget you/Im loving nothing on Thomas 802 in vg condition. £20 4. Gene Dozier & The United Front. The best girl i ever had/Give the woman what they want [ sticker on this side] on Mercury 73603 in VG condition £20 5.Tony Drake. Shes Gone/ Lets Play House on Musicor 1357 in
  3. A few for sale today. payment by paypal friends & family. postage to UK £2.80. 1. Dan & The Clean cuts.Walking with pride/Co-operation on Scepter Demo 12115 in EX condition. £8 2. Melvin Davis. This love was meant to be/Save it on Mala 590 Demo. In EX Condition £25 Sold 3. Al Castana. I need & love you/ Eat em up in 1969 on Garu 105 in vg+ condition has writing on label as scan shows £50 4. Otis Clay.Special kind of love/all i need is you on Glades 1736 in EX Condition. £25
  4. A few more for sale, payment by paypal friends and family, Postage £2.80 to UK. 1.NA Allen.Everytime it rains/ lay it on me right now on Ronn 47. In vg+ condition £20 2.The Relatives. Lenient with my love/ More time to explain on Archway 831 in vg condition £50 3.Johnnie Taylor. Youre the best in the world/Disco Lady on CBS 4044 IN VG+ CONDITION £7 4.Chuck Brooks. You cant be in Two places at the same time/ Behind closed doors. On GSF 1175 in E condition £20 5.Tory Wynter. Real true voices/who can set you free on Akasha 100 in vg+ condition £40 6.Creations.You mea
  5. Just a few more for sale, Payment by paypal friends and family, Postage £2.80 to UK 1. Freddie Hughes. I gotta keep my bluff in/ Natural Man on Wand 1192 in E condition £15 Sold 2. Dennis Landry. Miss Hard to get/ MMM Good on Soul Unlimited 101 in Mint condition £20 3.Gino Washington & The GW Band. We ganna make it on ATAC 62743 in VG+ condition £20 .
  6. A few for sale. Postage £2.80 first class sign for to UK, Payment by paypal friends and family. 1. Freddy Butler. Im not affraid/The signifying monkey on Samo 449 in EX condition. £100 2.The Broadways. Goin Goin Gone/ Are you telling me goodbye on MGM Demo 66xy427 in vg+ condition £25 on hold 3.Admiral Ice. My carolina girl/Beach Bum on Admiral ice in Mint condition £90 This item is on hold 4. Lee Bates. What am i gonna do [What am i gonna say /same on Chains ix demo in mint condition £45
  7. 2 copies for sale, both in EX condition, postage to UK £7.50 others to be quoted, payment by paypal friends and family. Cleveland Martin and The Soul Sets.I dont want to slip away/Soul train thats it on Single B records in EX condition. Price £120 each plus post.
  8. I think we were all very lucky people to have known Jim, always smiling and making you laugh, a great knowledge of the music, we are truly shocked our thoughts are with Liz and the family. RIP Jim
  9. Great lad originally from Tutbury Staffs, Big lad with a big heart, he will be missed by all.
  10. A few more all priced to go,Payment by paypal friends and family, Postage to UK £2.70 on items up to £100, over £100 postage £7.50 other countries to be quoted. 1. Patterson Twins. Gonna find a true love/ same on Commercial demo 00042 in EX condition price £320 2. Dennis Landry.Sing my song/Concentration on Soul unlimited 118262 in EX condition price £50 3. Freddy Butler. Im not afraid/The signifying monkey Samo 448 price £80 4. Rick Sheppard. Can we share it/same on Columbia Demo 10242 in mint- condition £100 Sold
  11. All priced to go payment by paypal friends and family, Postage to UK £2.70 for items up to £100, over £100 £7.50 to Uk others to be quoted 1. Rocky Gil & The Bishops. Its not the end/Every day of my life on Teardrop 3181 in vg- plays fine. £300 2.Ralph Johnson.Have Your Fun/Inst on Masterkey 01 in vg+ £200 3.Ralphi Pagan.Girl from the Mountain/same on Coco Demo in EX £100 4.Fiats. Speak words of love/Before i walk out the door on Universal 5003 in EX £100
  12. You always find the best young Richard, Shy Guy is getting hard to find now. Another fantastic afternoon in Yorkshire.
  13. Another great afternoon of music and Friendship. We enjoyed every minute
  14. Great 7ts Soul Tune up for sale rarely seen these days. Ralfi Pagan . Girl from the mountain/same on Coco Demo 5056 in E condition. Price £120, payment by paypal, postage to UK £7.50.
  15. until

    I have spoken with Mel, just waiting for the rest of the priory committee to come back to us. all the best Dave

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