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  1. Soulgrit

    Sweet, Deep and Soulful

    It was a late decision to go but i'm glad I did, the music played by the residents and the two guests Steve Scotney and Chris Huggins was amazing, loads of tunes new to me , nice friendly crowd in a great little upstairs venue. Well done Kev, Pete and Gaz ... you've got a little cracker here and I hope it continues, i'll definitely be at the next one . Willie.
  2. Try here Jordi https://www.soulbrother.com/shop/where-are-we-going-woman-of-the-world/ atb Willie
  3. Here you go, Willie West's Album playlist for Friday teatime 5.30 - 6-25, in some sort of order!. Strutt - Time Moves On (wd) - "If Wishing Made It So" - Brunswick. Artistics - Look Out - "She's Heaven" - Brunswick. Chi-Lites - Half A Love - "When Temptation Comes" - Brunswick. Cane & Able - same - "Relating A Message To You" - Epic. Willie Tee - I'm Only A Man - "Take Your Time" - Capitol. Tommy Tate - Holding On - "I Can't Do Enough For You Baby" - Malaco. Impressions - Times Have Changed - "Potent Love" - Curtom. Relatives - Don't Let Me Fall - "Leave Something Worth
  4. Me too Grant ,
  5. Soulgrit

    Aachen Soul Weekender 2014


    N' me.....
  6. Soulgrit

    Empty Bottles

    One cheap bucket for Oor Wullie please...... .
  7. Soulgrit

    Empty Bottles

    One cheapskate for me ta.
  8. until

    Albums all sorted and raring to go already Willie
  9. Oooh' that sounds interesting Rod!!!!!!!!!
  10. One cheapskate for me Rich thanks . Willie.
  11. Shocked when I read this, very sad news indeed, A true gent has left us and he will be surely missed... R.I..P Salmon.. My heartfelt condolences to the family. Willie

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