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  1. Good to hear you're well Lorraine, still remember those fantastic shows you did at Stafford Top Of The World, they are some of my most heart warming memories ever. In fact I'm smiling to myself right now thinking about them, lovely times and a big thanks to you for them. You take care now and please keep us 'in the mix' as you Yanks say, love reading your posts. Love and Peace Nick
  2. And this was great from Stafford TOTW .......
  3. Always liked this as well, not too sure if it was ever played out though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIPUhB7kRiY
  4. and this is one of me favourites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRlr8l3lJjA
  5. what about this ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P0smsdQaz8 does it for me, and it was the B side to Why (Must We Fall In Love) ..........
  6. that youtube video for Johnny Jones is the canines knackers !! .... love it and it must be the first time I've listened to that track this century, one of the first records I ever aquired, 1972 ish I think, but still got it and suprisingly I think it still plays ... ?!?!? was well beat up when I got me hands on it, and I can't say I've treated it with that much respect over the years I was amazed how clear the sound on the youtube vid is .... have to dig my copy out and try and make out the tune & lyrics over all the crackles and pops ........
  7. Graham Central Station .... Feel The Need In Me ..... haven't heard that for years ... now THAT is a stomper !! and it used to go on for a long, long time as well ...
  8. Hi Des, 60's MID TEMPO/BEAT BALLAD PACK & THIS 60's DANCERS No. 2 PACK STILL AVAILABLE are these still up for grabs ?? if so let me know where to send the dosh and I'll get it to you... Cheers Nick
  9. top bloke, wee recommended !!

  10. Hang on a minute !! Has everyone forgot Russ's favourite band the awesome "Wigans Ovation" and the sublime "Skiing In The Snow" ?!?!?!? What the hell is wrong with you people ?? oh hang on that was after 1973 wasn't it? sorry about that everyone, just carry on and ignore me..........

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