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  1. until

    Great selection of requests again this week. Cheers Jacko.
  2. until

    Loving Frank Lynch, new to me... i read his story this week, not an easy read, the B Van certainly takes you on some journeys. jacko's other half .
  3. Hey Nicola....have a special day. Hope Gilly shares his choc choc. Best wishes from the jacko's xx
  4. until

    Would love to hear two amazing records mentioned in Gilly's new book. Margaret Glover....This will never do. Steve Mancha... Did my baby call. Cheers Jacko. (What a read).
  5. Evening everyone, great place to be on a Saturday night.
  6. Hope we're not too late. Our requests this week are: Angela Davis and the Mighty Chevelles... My love is so strong. Charles Spurling... She cried just a minute. Many thanks the jackos .
  7. Massive respect and many congratulations on your official release day Gilly. All the best the jacko's.
  8. until

    Some absolute treasures being played tonight. Loving it.
  9. Sending birthday wishes from the jackos....hope you had a good day.
  10. Sending you birthday wishes on your special day...have a good one. the jackos.
  11. until

    Couple from us please: Willie Parker... Salute to Lovers. The Sapphires... Evil One. Cheers The Jackos
  12. until

    If you do manage to play some requests, could we please have: Beverly Shaffer.... Where will you be boy. Thelma Jones.... Second chance. Many thanks the jackos.
  13. until

    Really good night last night....every set was a treat. Well done to everyone involved. Know Simon doesn't need thanks but to come up with the idea and make it happen has been a gift. Cheers The jackos.
  14. until

    Excellent set from Jordan, enjoyed that.
  15. Best wishes from thejackos Wilxy. Have a good one.

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