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  1. Once again thanks for keeping us entertained. our requests for the 19th.... The Fawns... Girl in trouble. The Decisions... I can't forget about you. The Ultimations... Would i do it over. Cheers thejackos.
  2. Excellent....looking forward to another great night. Cheers thejackos.
  3. A few from the jackos: The Adorables... Ooh boy. Jimmy Connor... The reality of life. The Gees... It's all over. Many thanks, Cheers much appreciated.
  4. Enjoyed Saturday night the overlooked and underplayed requests were definitely worth a re-visit. looking forward to the weekend already. cheers thejackos.
  5. Keep the stories coming Gilly. Great to read. Hope you are both keeping well. Jacko.
  6. Five more from the jackos Martin. Hope we're not too late. Brad Lundy... I'm at the breaking point. Vic Marcel... You still got me. J T Rhythm... My sweet baby. Albert Jones... Fifteen cent love. Lee McDonald... I still believe in love. Many thanks.
  7. Five requests from us. Roll on saturday. Pic and Bill... Baby come back. The Traits... Some day some way 1966. Bobby Long and The Dealers... I gotta have love too. Whirlwind.... Don't let him get the best of you. Sharon Soul... His love is amazing. Cheers The Jackos.
  8. Happy birthday Gill...don't eat your trifle all at once. Have a special day mate, great memories. Love and best wishes from The Jackos and her brother x
  9. Couple of requests from us. Ann Bogus... Don't ask me to love again. Shirley Alston... Can't stop singin' ( 'bout the boy I love). Cheers The jackos.
  10. Looking forward to the 10th. Our 7 selections are: The Intruders.... Together. The Tiaras.... Surprise. O C Smith... Colour him father. Guitar Ray... Your gonna wreck my life. The Fabulous Moonlighters... For granted. Na Allen.... Thanks for nothing. E J Chandler... I don't want to lose you. Cheers The Jackos.
  11. until

    Sold.....I'm on my way. Cheers jacko.
  12. until

    Go Len
  13. until

    Our choices this week are: Bobby Bland ....Shoes. Sunday ...Where did he come from. Who could have predicted a year ago that Bury virtual alnighter would become a way of life. Massive thanks to everyone involved, WOW it's been special The jackos.
  14. What a night from start to finish. Round of applause to everybody involved. Doesn't get much better. BVAN always makes our Saturday night's special. Cheers The jacko's.
  15. Can't get enough of Carolyn Crawford...sublime.

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