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  1. Up Socially distanced visits with our grandchild. Down No Hugs.
  2. until

    Really enjoyable hour. Loved Lorraine chandler. Thanks all.
  3. until

    Two from us.... Lou Rawls... The house next door and Chubby and the Turnpikes...I didn't try. Cheers The Jackos.
  4. until

    Brilliant len...great night so far.
  5. until

    Aye from the jackos...we will definitely make that journey, please put us on the guest list. Happy birthday Lenny have a fab day. Best wishes Jacko and fi.
  6. until

    Double sider for me please. Irene and the scotts....I'm stuck on my baby and Irene and the scotts....Why do you treat me like you do. First party we've been to since lockdown. Cheers Jacko.
  7. until

    It's astounding how much good soul music is out there. Bury's been a real learning curve . Thanks all Fiona.
  8. until

    What an intro...pete has a great voice. Cheers The jackos
  9. until

    Have a great holiday Simon and a well earned rest. Saturday nights have given us the tonic we needed in these strange times....totally appreciate all the hard work you and your crew put in. It's definitely been a blast. Cheers Jacko and fi.
  10. until

    Hi all, had to leave our daughters early to catch the bury van...so ready for a great evening.
  11. until

    Requesting Otis Clay.....Baby Jane. Cheers jacko.
  12. until

    Fabulous Lenny....You have impeccable taste. Chalky already off to a great start. Cheers all Thejackos.
  13. until

    Another great set...a lot new to us too. Cheers Jacko
  14. until

    This week's request.....Robert John, Raindrops Love and Sunshine. Cheers Jacko
  15. until

    Our request for the reloaded set on the 8th is..... Lenny Dopson 9/5/2020. Missed it the 1st time round unfortunately and have really enjoyed the other sets he's done, so would be good to hear what our sleepy heads missed out on ( we know lightweights lol). Cheers Thejackos

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