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  1. until

    Will you be playing some of the tunes from previous week's requests? Fiona
  2. until

    I'm gonna request eight, so that will make 10 from the jacko's, hope that's ok. The Sequins -That boy, Carolyn Cooke- I don't mind, Baby Washington - It'll never be over for me, Ruby Winters- Sweetheart things, The Incredibles- Crying heart, John Speaker- I can't break the news to myself, The Lovelites- My conscience, Barbara West- Congratulations baby. Thanks fiona.
  3. until

    What a treat...party time, bury playing all day, feet shuffling whilst peeling spuds lol. Thanks so much , Fiona.
  4. until

    THANK YOU SIMON. Cheers the jacko's
  5. until

    Love love love the DeVons. Fiona
  6. until

    Run out of up votes.....been fab well done Totally enjoy the ride Jacko.
  7. until

    We have just checked in and the music's playing...dancing already. Jacko
  8. until

    So excited, we will be there early...catch you later. Jacko and fi.
  9. until

    Requesting two for the girls this week. Shirley wahls-why am I crying and Sunday-ain t got no problems. Thanks in anticipation Fiona (jacko's significant other)!
  10. until

    Huge applause to all the key workers and frontliners who have kept us safe, and everyone who's been a part of the bury virtual allnighters who have kept us sane. Respectfully jacko. P.s. Can't wait for the alldayer.
  11. until

    We like to arrive early. Even though we checked in at 6.30pm last week, we were still late, the music had begun and we missed Darrow Fletcher. gonna make sure we're here for the start this week. cheers Jacko and fi.
  12. until

    Hi, my request this week is: Big Dee Irwin...You satisfy my needs. Cheers Jacko.
  13. until

    Couple from me...one from my youth Ronnie Mcneir Sitting in my class, and one that always gets me up dancing...Gene Chandler There was a time. Cheers jacko.
  14. until

    Would be good to hear Nathan Williams What price. Cheers jacko.
  15. until

    Is that music i hear? fab Jacko and fi.

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