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  1. Keith Money

    Keith Money

  2. Keith Money

    " Groovin on The Green " Soul night in Aberdeen City Centre .

    Really looking forward to playing some tunes along the legend that is Terry Jones, I think its gonna be a great night, see you on Saturday Keith
  3. Keith Money

    100 Club Allnighter

    Glad you enjoyed them and I did play Papa Bear,
  4. Keith Money

    100 Club Allnighter

    Not sure any clue what it sounded like and I will have a look.
  5. No, crap taste is crap taste regardless of how old you are or how long you have been on the scene, or not on the scene as it would appear as I have never seen him at anything thank god.
  6. Keith Money

    happy birthday geoff

    Happy birthday Geoff hope you have a great one.
  7. Keith Money

    Willie Tee - One More Chance'

    It sounds more like Oor Willie with a cold or Tetley Tea who is Willies second cousin.
  8. Keith Money

    TOBY - R.I.P

    Very very sad news, Our thoughts go out to Tobys wife and family at this very sad time. Keith and Sandra
  9. Keith Money

    FANZINES The Owls Effort.. Sold Out

    There are quite a few venue reports from a 100 Club, Shots etc and loads of others, They are still quite a good read considering how hard he was to deal with some times, I never fell out with him but I couldn't be bothered with all his stupid rules especially when the world cup or the football was on and he had some strange thing about electrical problems which he put in the mags but there were a lot of interesting things as well and are definitely of there time. Keith
  10. I have to say all 4 tracks on both records are brilliant and to have Deep Shadows issued as a single is something special, its just a pity Little Ann inst here to enjoy the success,
  11. Keith Money

    FANZINES The Owls Effort.. Sold Out

    Cheers Chris, Mine arrive yesterday in mint condition and well worth a read for anybody who hasn't seen them and is interested in that 3 year time period from 1987 to 1990. I was missing number 7 so its now a complete set and you forget how nuts he some times was but some brilliant lists and also prices if you could see the tiny writing. Best Keith
  12. Keith Money

    News: Mighty Bub's Memorial trophy

    Hi Andy, It looks like Christian Hermansson (Punky) from Gothenburg but I could be wrong. It does look like him Keith
  13. Keith Money

    Trinikas - Black is Beautiful - Pearce

    Happy New Year Hope you are well.
  14. Keith Money

    Trinikas - Black is Beautiful - Pearce

    Good taste Mr Vickers,
  15. Keith Money

    martha star and cressa watson question?

    The LP track has the sax bit in the middle removed but the rest sounds the same I think.


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