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  1. NiteOwl

    glastonbury soul club

    How often do you run these?
  2. Great track - I do have one but reluctant to sell..... Cel Thomas put me on to it about 16 years ago....... Give him a try as I know he had a couple of copies at one point.....
  3. NiteOwl

    The 2017 Springfield Allnighter

    T'was rather good Steve.... Hoping to persuade Lynne to go again..... Fingers crossed :-)
  4. Looking forward to this - Bringing the Birthday Girl and some First Timers with me.... Looks like its going to be a "Cracker"!!
  5. NiteOwl


    Going to give this one a try on Saturday.... Hankering for a bit of nostalgia in the Civic...... Hopefully the music will be a bit more adventurous??
  6. With all the fuss on Facebook about events at Lowton last weekend.... Can anyone confirm if this is still on? Cheers
  7. Is the Tyrone Davis still available?
  8. Well Phil.. .all I can say is "Well done"!!! With some trepidation about the late notice, and from a very quiet launch, I did not expect this to turn out to be as good as it was. Given that we were worried that nobody would turn up - what with othere things being on and Brighouse the night before, I was somewhat sceptical whether it has been a good decision... However once the vistors from York and Burnley started rolling in it began to take on the look of a much more promising night than expected. By the end of the evening it was obvious that great enjoyment was had by many - specially as so many commented how good it was, with requests for the date for the next one. It was great to see people not wanting to leave and happy to sit around and chat afterwards.... always a good sign in my book. An excellent turn-out for a first night, a great range of "dancing" sounds, superb dancefloor, and more importanly - a really nice friendly crowd, some of whom obviously enjoyed coming back to this cracking litlle club. Thanks to every one who attended and to the very hospitable landlord. It seems to me that you have the right recipe to make this a regular and really enjoyable event..... A great start! well done - looking forward to the next one.
  9. Just a quick note to anyone who might be interested.... Lots of new items listed and some great reductions HERE Thanks
  10. Title: left me (hip hop) Artist: hollywood aliaz Track: left me (hop hop) Label: ztbc Record information: a new slant??? a new generation??
  11. To use an analogy that works for my simple brain.... At the start of any new cycle/fashion/format - I see the rate of uptake like a pendulum. It tends to swing quite wide and fast at the start, but gradually slows down over time with the left and right extremes slowly apperaring less radical. Occasionally it will settle to one side or the other, but more often than not it will sit towards the middle in the end.... and thats were I think/hope the survival of vinyl/physical music will sit too. Think about "Digital media" in it's many forms, wether it be CD, MP3. Download.... or if you are a photographer JPEG, PNG etc.... Many of these digital formats do have some advantages for the modern world that we currently inhabit, and sadly nearly all these "virtual" formats are the only forms that the younger generation are familiar with. However, we constantly spout that from a quality point of view that our familiar "analogue" vinyl just sounds better. But more importantly (in my mind) it is this physical/tangible quality that still holds out a margin of hope for an extended existence. Whilst I do not anticipate seeing the pendulum swung far enough to the left for a mass revival of vinyl, I do like to think that its longevity to date will continue to emphasize it's physical/non-virtual qualities enough for some producers to have belief in maintaining some kind of production no matter how small... Remember - One electro magnetic hiccup/pulse could wipe out 30 years worth of your vunerable digital media in the blink of an eye - but our beloved vinyl would still be about. ( I lost a hard drive with 8,000 MP3's that wiped out over 2 years worth of vinyl recording) I ask myself - When 40 years after a picture was taken - or a record was pressed, and I can still see and listen to them to enjoy...... Would I be able to look at a JPEG of my kids or listen to an MP3 of Duffy and the like in 40 years......?? Hold onto your vinyl, whilst/because you can....... remember, all the virtual formats are held by someone/thing else.... Whatever format the future holds, lets hope it has both the quality and tangibility of something as long lived as vinyl....
  12. Would upload the particular track in question (left Me) but Mike has asked not to post MP3's in this section..... and not sure it warrants a place on refosoul - hence why i posted the download link
  13. Just go through the checkout process.. and the track is e-mailed to you...... (no cost- that £50 is for bulk postage discount)
  14. Had an e-mail recently about a forthcoming EP release featuring some NS.......... Was somewhat dubious to say the least. However followed it up and was provided with the following. Just wanted to hear what SS members reactions were...... https://soulbeat.co.u...?id_product=259
  15. Some New additions - New Scans and lots of sound clips - Also a couple of nice commision sales listed... Bottom & Company The Ideals Turnpikes Johnnie Mae Matthews Bobby Angelle Dynamics.. etc etc... And lots more... @ www.soulbeat.co.uk

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