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  1. mark w

    first three records to start a set

    Mello Souls demo is a revelation...never knew demos existed. Tidy!
  2. mark w

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Reckon Kenny Burrell had an Inspirations if I’m remembering correctly???
  3. mark w

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    Great seeing that SOS again...glad I was out by a factor of 10 on the box count, seems my £250 purchase of a copy from Out-a-site in the 90's did get me a rare record after all
  4. mark w

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    Martin Koppel wrote an article in Shades of Soul, late 80's, where he mentions being shown a box of 1000 copies by a dealer in Detroit. Goes on to say that at his next visit there the dealer claimed to have sold them all to (I think) someone in Europe. Anyone got that article?
  5. mark w

    Kenny Wells original just listed

    Hi Pete, sorry just picked up your message mate. KW finished on eBay. thsnks for the interest, cheers, mark
  6. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kenny-Wells-Isnt-it-just-a-shame-New-Voice-RARE-ORIGINAL-Northern-Soul-45/292436799997?hash=item44169771fd:g:Z98AAOSwRTVadx1h Nice original here for ya.....
  7. mark w

    Kenny Wells original

    Ends tomorrow, no bids yet..might end up a bargain!!??
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kenny-Wells-Isnt-it-just-a-shame-New-Voice-RARE-ORIGINAL-Northern-Soul-45/292454550329?hash=item4417a64b39:g:Z98AAOSwRTVadx1h Just relisted this at £250 starting....seems I was a bit optimistic on the last listing!!!
  9. Listed this one today, conservative grading as ever...., https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Frank-Beverly-If-thats-what-you-wanted-Sassy-ORIGINAL-rare-Northern-Soul/292337364693?hash=item4410aa2ed5:g:ceUAAOSwiBJaEa84
  10. mark w

    Soul Communicators Original listed

    Ending tomorrow folks
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Soul-Communicators-Those-Lonely-Nights-Fee-Bee-ORIGINAL-Northern-Soul-45-/292221134099?hash=item4409bca513:g:6OIAAOSw9itZmXS6 Just listed a nice EX- original on the Bay, 7 day listing.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/d3sc/m.html?item=292193055881&hash=item4408103489%3Ag%3AG4EAAOSwYVhZdLQa&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Just listed these for a week
  13. mark w

    Stemmons Express

    Where, when and how much you got it for ?
  14. mark w

    Stemmons Express

    Looks the same as the one I had
  15. mark w

    Stemmons Express

    I had the Karma issue, sold it about 20 years back and am pretty certain it was vinyl
  16. mark w

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    Impossible to pin down, but I'd agree with earlier mentions of the Temps Forever in my heart as a niter tune. Shake me wake me already mentioned, Levi is superb! Can't seem to get you out of my mind another from the Four Tops. Only heard it for the first time last year and it blew my socks off to hear something new of such quality and I've been listening to it at least weekly since....Kim Weston Fancy Meeting You Here...just brilliant!! Oh, and can't not mention Suspicion in the realms of Motown greats
  17. mark w

    Brilliant Unknown Northern Track

    That's a belter of a tune. When's the CD available Pete?
  18. Bilston Allnighter , Edinburgh March 1986....next day round and round in my head "ooh ooh-ah ah, ooh-ah ah" atmospheric haunting echo, loved it that night before I knew what it was and still pretty much somes up what it's all about to me...
  19. mark w

    Your first list?

    Hmm, now you mention that I'm wondering if the track was Teamettes trying to get to you, not the Festhers... Could be a bit of haze in the memory...not impossible thinking about a list from 1984 right enough!!!Never know now s'pose unless someone's got an that old list ??
  20. mark w

    which was your fave unreleased?

    All of the above, brilliant niter tunes...I'll add one which I only heard recently and blew my mind, constantly playing on YouTube Kim Weston " Fancy meeting you here" - utter brilliance!!
  21. mark w

    Your first list?

    About 1984-85, that little book type list with tiny print put out by Richard Domar...Sent away my SAE after seeing the advert in Echoes when I was first getting into the scene. That showed Not all the stories of prices back in the day are good with hindsight. In that book / list was the Feathers "Trying to get to you" on Team for £100. Remember seeing that and dying to hear it... Then I did, oh dear! On a positive note got loads of £1 and £2 shots from the list phoning back week after week.
  22. Just seen that the original studio acetate of Gloria Jones " Gone with the wind is my love" finished at £670!! Don't know if I'm more shocked or gutted, I reckoned it would have went for a few £K easily so never followed the auction...would have had a go at it around that price. Just me or does that seem like a spectacular bargain?
  23. mark w

    JM auction result Gloria Jones

    Its readily available on legit rerelease, so well preserved. Think there are 3 labels it's available on, including one of Lou Barreto's. The fact it's an acetate makes it even better for me as it's the only original format. I reckon it's a myth about acetates deteriorating, no worse than styrene imho. I had an audiodisc acetate with an alternate take of "Black wings..." By Hayes Cotton which I kicked the arse out of for years on various decks and it never lost sound quality to any great degree. Fact of getting a one off studio disc of a tune of immense quality makes the Gloria Jones acetate a very tasty item I'd suggest
  24. mark w

    Crate diggin

    Joe Simon a floor filler at the Allanton niters for Mark Linton


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