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    Richard free
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    Collecting vinyl travelling eating cooking drinking falling over
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    Lenny Curtis nothing can help me now

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  1. Richard Free

    Chevrons, Love, I Love You

    I have a nice copy in ex at 250 on independence cheers richard
  2. Plus most of us are not 15 or 16 anymore so cannot claim to be naive or unaware
  3. No problem for those guys to have lots left over selling at £7,99 each without any vat they would be making a pretty penny if they only sold half of each pressing run . All profit with no artists ,writers royalties etc
  4. Richard Free

    Ernie marbray

    Now sorted via a phone call thanks soul source
  5. Richard Free

    Ernie marbray

    An easy wanted having failed miserably on previous requests for tougher wants .Ernie marbray ain’t nobody’s business .thanks richard
  6. Richard Free

    Missing Okeh Numbers, Picture Covers & Info!

    Hi Gary , Will have a think and get back to you . Will have have a nose in the meantime to see if I have anything else off your list . I always liked the Okeh label so have quite a few cheers richard
  7. Richard Free

    Missing Okeh Numbers, Picture Covers & Info!

    Hi Gary I have a jean dushon demo . any interesting swaps ? Cheers richard
  8. Richard Free

    Tommy bush and Johnny Hampton

    Rumour has it there is no Santa Claus so here on soul source looking for Johnny Hampton not my girl and tommy bush I don’t like it cheers richard
  9. Richard Free

    Peggy Paxton

    Hi Dave I have nice copy £100 plus postage cheers richard
  10. Richard Free

    Al Hughes take it or leave it

    Wanted Al Hughes take it or leave it Nate Evans and the buss this time with feeling cheers richard
  11. Richard Free

    Wants list

    Got a roddie joy will pm you
  12. Richard Free


    What a great day /night . Great to meet up with a bunch of old friends and talk record and life nonsense . Jordan and Charlotte are such a credit to the Northern scene they went into overdrive promoting this event and it paid off big time . The event is based around underplayed tunes and forgotten oldies and Dave Molloy ,Barry Maleedy , Jordan and Tony Clarke played outstanding sets with a bunch of tunes that were new to me . Dave Evison played a killer set of oldies many of which I hadn’t heard played out in years . I missed Dereks set sadly as I popped out to cool off and got heavily involved in record talk. Looking forward to the next one .
  13. Richard Free

    Lee Rogers SOLD The Pets two great dancers

    Could I take the lee Rogers please cheers richard
  14. Richard Free

    Chevrons - Love, I Love You

    I have a minter will pm you


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