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    Lifelong across the board soul fan and record addict .managing director of pop boutique which has seven shops over U.K. and Sweden .Owner of tiny record shop in Liverpool that is only open Saturdays . Happily married

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    Richard free
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    Collecting vinyl travelling eating cooking drinking falling over
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    Lenny Curtis nothing can help me now

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  1. Joe and George no one loves you either label please .I seem to have lost my existing copy !
  2. 2 on eBay Two on discogs as well .
  3. Sold mine years ago but now when I hear it kind of miss it .I know her voice is annoying .I know it’s not a great record .I know it’s not soul .I know if I play it to anyone from outside the soul scene they will say it’s crap .It just has a certain charm and a kind of naivety .That’s what makes northern so great it just hits a certain spot . Happy Christmas to you and yours .See you at a venue when we are back at it
  4. Hi Drew it will be the weekend before. Can get to the boxes but have a vg+ Issue that plays great .Give me a shout if you get sorted in the meantime cheers richard
  5. A lot of money to pay without a sound clip .I thought it was pretty odd that the item was relisted .That said I have bought off the seller before .Thanks for the heads up .just not worth the risk at that money !
  6. Looking for a decent playing copy of Bobby long and the dealers I gotta have love too on Old Town please .Thanks in advance
  7. It’s there somewhere a pink demo .I will check other boxes tomorrow sorry for the delay
  8. I have one .Will dig out and give you price and condition later cheers richard
  9. Hi there I will take turbulations please .Pm PayPal details cheers richard
  10. Hi I have ola v Harper nm if you still need cheers richard
  11. If anyone has a copy for sale in nice playable condition you would make an old man happy cheers richard

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