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  1. Liverpool northern soul all dayer

    It's looking like January I believe .Should have definite dates very very soon cheers richard
  2. Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Richard richard richard
  3. Few wants

    Hi George I will ship out in the morning 1st class thanks for quick payment cheers richard
  4. Few wants

    Thanks George payment to claudia@pop-boutique.com I think you I’ll beyhappy with it .Please forward your address cheers richard
  5. Few wants

    Got it in ex condition small x on label 300 incl postage do you want pics
  6. Few wants

    Will to a look tomorrow I think it's a very nice copy .i will send full info tomorrow cheers richard
  7. Few wants

    Got a Douglas banks £300 including postage ex demo cheers richard
  8. Cherry people my God .whilst most of the album is I rly solid stuff Cherry People track is an embarrassment and should never have been played on any soul scene
  9. UK record shops for old vinyl?

    I have a record shop in the basement of pop boutique bold street Liverpool open Friday Saturday and Sunday .Lots of great soul ,funk , northern 7s at reasonable prices .Many soul funk original albums .mostly us imports but British stuff as well
  10. Thanks for the info Gilly
  11. Just picked up "does anybody know " on us trip very nice I am guessing she was from the Alabama area .i will post pics and soundclip when back home

    It was my first night walked no into Orrell St James since 1976 .I had attended Monday nights there back in the day always taking a small box of northern along so the djs would play something decent amongst the disco hits of the day .So it was a trip down memory lane for me . The venue was well attended and there was a few guys selling some pretty decent records over in the corner which always adds to my night . I picked up a lonzine cannon in excellent condition for a reasonable price .The music policy was mostly solid oldies and the djs kept the dance floor moving all night .I bumped into a few old friends and chatted the night away and even hit the floor once in a while . One or two idiots using talc despite notices not to do so caused an amount of annoyance for for the organisers but apart from that the night passed by quickly and pleasurably .Hats off to the organisers on the choice of venue reasonable priced entrance fee and the djs for some lovely tunes .
  13. How you got into northern soul

    From a young age I love music .my oldest brother was in a band and I looked up to him .From the age of 7 or 8 I knew bands like the small faces ,the who and of course the Beatles .Influenced by my school mates by the age of 11 or 12 I was listening to T. rex ...
  14. Liverpool northern soul all dayer

    Another brilliant alldayer at the Florrie .Well organised and a really perfect venue Looking forward to another cracker in November.
  15. Gene Woodbury that's not half bad/everybody can't ...

    No worries .You must have your records organised in the same style as mine .😀Cheers richard