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  1. Richard Free


    What a great day /night . Great to meet up with a bunch of old friends and talk record and life nonsense . Jordan and Charlotte are such a credit to the Northern scene they went into overdrive promoting this event and it paid off big time . The event is based around underplayed tunes and forgotten oldies and Dave Molloy ,Barry Maleedy , Jordan and Tony Clarke played outstanding sets with a bunch of tunes that were new to me . Dave Evison played a killer set of oldies many of which I hadn’t heard played out in years . I missed Dereks set sadly as I popped out to cool off and got heavily involved in record talk. Looking forward to the next one .
  2. Richard Free

    Lee Rogers SOLD The Pets two great dancers

    Could I take the lee Rogers please cheers richard
  3. Richard Free

    Chevrons - Love, I Love You

    I have a minter will pm you
  4. Richard Free

    Turley Richards on EBay..

    You may like this album mr Crocker
  5. Richard Free

    45's Set Sale * COLD T * JO ANN HENDERSON * SAM CHATMON ++

    Darrow fletcher too please
  6. Richard Free

    Turley Richards on EBay..

    Someone must have too much money . Waiting and getting a record at a good price is a much more enjoyable sport !
  7. Richard Free

    45's Set Sale * COLD T * JO ANN HENDERSON * SAM CHATMON ++

    Henry and his casuals please cheers richard
  8. Richard Free

    Billy Arnell - Tough Girl

    ZoomSoulBlue not heard Kev Day mentioned I a long while last bumped into him at the 100 club in the early 80s top bloke .What a great record Tough Girl is .Total atmosphere record
  9. Richard Free

    Johnny Williams my baby's good

    No worries it’s a great tune and so underplayed .enjoy it cheers richard
  10. Richard Free

    The sonatas going on down the road

    Looking for a copy of the sonatas going on down the road orig strong veg or better cheers richard
  11. Richard Free

    Johnny Williams my baby's good

    I think I have .i will get back to you tonight after work cheers richard
  12. Richard Free

    Liverpool northern soul all dayer

    It's looking like January I believe .Should have definite dates very very soon cheers richard
  13. Richard Free

    Poll: Russ V Richard - Wigan 1973-81

    Richard richard richard


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