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    Lifelong across the board soul fan and record addict .managing director of pop boutique which has seven shops over U.K. and Sweden .Owner of tiny record shop in Liverpool that is only open Saturdays . Happily married

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    Richard free
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    Collecting vinyl travelling eating cooking drinking falling over
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    Lenny Curtis nothing can help me now

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  1. Hi Neil I will take Lee Dorsey please if available cheers richard
  2. One on rare soul valuations might be worth a pm
  3. Looking for a vg+ or better copy of Captions -don't take your arms away /hit it on mllage pretty please
  4. Check out Pure soul .de sales list he had one listed tonight
  5. Looking for vg+ copy of the visitors my love is ready and waiting ideally on red issue or white demo thanks in advance I know there are a couple on discogs !
  6. until

    Well it was another cracker .The widest range of soul tunes played at our alldayer yet .All 9 djs performed to a high standard .Bazm mentioned it and I am in full agreement that the amount of tunes that are new to these old ears has grown in lockdown .Not having a dance floor to please djs have taken a few more risks and I have for one have enjoyed the range of music played .Infact I believe these riskier tunes plus a bunch of great archive releases are giving the soul scene fresh legs . Thanks for everyone listening in .We will be back with another online date soon and looking at November f
  7. Mace has got one cheers Richard https://www.rhythm-and-soul45s.uk/ourshop/prod_6715142-Mel-Williams-Sookie-Tasty-Hasty-Ex.html
  8. until

    A week today until the next online event a year ago we we were doing the real thing .!we will be back in the Autumn live but until then enjoy next Sunday from the comfort of your own living room .
  9. An increasing bunch of young guys getting into rare soul but sadly not enough to replace all us old dudes .I think the U.K. market may decline but there is an increasing appetite in other parts of the world .Lots of tunes heading back to the USA..The genuinely rare records will hold their prices but lots of common records that fetches £100 or more at the moment will be hard to shift . Maybe the scooters will head back to Italy ?
  10. Deep,sweet ,northern , teen Japan has a voracious appetite for it all .
  11. One thing I would say is that there is no shortage of great soul records in Japan .There are quite a few guys that I know with killer collections .Not just northern but great sweet soul and funk etc
  12. Jack Montgomery always seems to me one of the most common £250- £300 records there is but agreed that’s where it is .Bottom and company is this weeks auction record the buyer will be keeping quiet about

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