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    Lifelong across the board soul fan and record addict .managing director of pop boutique which has seven shops over U.K. and Sweden .Owner of tiny record shop in Liverpool that is only open Saturdays . Happily married

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    Richard free
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    Collecting vinyl travelling eating cooking drinking falling over
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    Lenny Curtis nothing can help me now

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  1. I enjoyed it but it’s so hard to tell the story in three parts .It would be so nice to see an alternative view on the soul scene rather than the well covered ground in part one.Nice to see anything on 60’s soul on the telly though!
  2. Looking for swampy and the bad habits stick with me tommy bush I don’t like it RIKA Thanks in advance
  3. The mar-j’s got to find a way out on magic touch pretty please
  4. until

    Not going to happen Len .He’s a man obsessed and has been for a long long time
  5. until

    Once again the Music at Bury was outstanding .I particularly enjoy the cheapies and curve ball tunes thrown in there .All the guys spinning have expensive tunes but price and quality is not always a match on our scene .Its so great to have quality cheapies dropped in to sets .Respect to all the DJs and Simon and all involved in putting their precious time into these events
  6. until

    It was always beans on toast Tea for me pre all nighters Back in the day .Cheese on top of course .No alcohol . A little different with the virtual all nighter .Looking forward to tonight .
  7. until

    Martin L it looks like you are in exactly the same situation as me .My wife hates the soul scene ,all nighters etc .She cannot understand how a man in his 50’s (just) want to go to a “disco “ on a Saturday night rather than take his lovely wife out .Thus I don’t get out to soul do’s as much as I would like to .Fortunately she is fine about me visiting Bury “virtually “ What a treat these nighters have been . The range of music played has been phenomenal. Looking forward to Saturday .!
  8. Agreed .great lost soul and normally vg at best
  9. until

    I am so happy to be involved tonight .I have been listening over the last weeks and the music has really been top notch .The online format has given djs a chance to play a few tunes you wouldn’t normally get to hear at a venue and risks have been taken .Each week I have added a few tunes that were new to my ear to add to. my wants list and not all of them big money . I am first and foremost a record collector and have been so enthused and inspired by the genuine spirit of the guys organising the Bury online all nighter .No profit involved just a true passion for the music that we all love
  10. until

    Much appreciated Sir
  11. until

    Think I’m on after the request list ....gulp .Nice list fellas !
  12. Looking for a nice copy of the mar-j’s got to find a way out on magic touch please cheers richard
  13. A little stress along the way at the florrie including a fire alarm and draft beer shortage .However it really was a top day and genuinely busy.I would like to say a special thank you to My old mucker Baz Maleedy for the amazing sound system and just being himself a top man ,Ted Massey for blowing the roof off with his set ,Jordan Wilson ,Ian Cunliffe ,Cally ,Daz Daikin ,Baz Maleedy (again) and young Charles Simpson for playing top tunes that kept the floor busy all day whilst playing varied sets with lots of tunes new to my ears . It was so great not to hear tunes repeated Over and over .
  14. Nobody needs hubcaps anyway Ted
  15. 2 more sleeps until the Florrie !!

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