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  1. Hi, looking for Goldmine cd Northern Soul at Ritz Brighouse in new or close condition, as it’s a present. PM for reply thanks Kev.
  2. Mine arrived today, nice quality tee’s. Fathers Day pressie sorted. cheers Kev.
  3. Look out for the James Conwell (Exits) Album (if you can get a decent copy), it's bloody awesome. Shoeshine Boy, Sundown & Gotta have money on the lp along with other Exits numbers not on 45's Just seen it's an original post from 2006 - Derrrrrrrrrr!!! Cheers Kev.
  4. Why the confusion, anyone that bought the sealed LP with 7" will have the right reissue copy. Scratched matrix.
  5. September Jones

  6. I wonder how it went down at the catacombs, as to me it would have been a record ahead of it's time in the early 70's with that kind of arrangement, perhaps this was the reason it was never released when it was originally recorded, it just did'nt fit with the musical style of 60's motown. It's a fantastic 'summer' song, I love it.
  7. Seems to be an explanation on discogs. Whether that would make it right I would not know, not being a TM collector.
  8. Only saw 1 live soul act 2015, but it was a blinder - Ann Sexton, Wilton, November. The DJ spots were top draw as well, not yer usual Same old Same old.
  9. First time in 10 years not spending Christmas & New Year in Tenerife, oh well I'll get over it tomorrow, so wish a Feliz Navidad y feliz año nuevo to each and everyone.
  10. 565f6162a044e_SHOWINGTHATWEVEGOTSOUL.jpg
    Just thought I would post this local paper review of the recent Wilton gig, hope that's ok with anyone that's mentioned. Just to add the reviewer is a local author/historian, so not your typical gig reviewer. Lastly, yeah it was all he says and probably more, Kev.

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