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  1. Look out for the James Conwell (Exits) Album (if you can get a decent copy), it's bloody awesome. Shoeshine Boy, Sundown & Gotta have money on the lp along with other Exits numbers not on 45's Just seen it's an original post from 2006 - Derrrrrrrrrr!!! Cheers Kev.
  2. Why the confusion, anyone that bought the sealed LP with 7" will have the right reissue copy. Scratched matrix.
  3. I wonder how it went down at the catacombs, as to me it would have been a record ahead of it's time in the early 70's with that kind of arrangement, perhaps this was the reason it was never released when it was originally recorded, it just did'nt fit with the musical style of 60's motown. It's a fantastic 'summer' song, I love it.
  4. Seems to be an explanation on discogs. Whether that would make it right I would not know, not being a TM collector.
  5. Wake me up before ya GO GO ( this is funny, right )
  6. Only saw 1 live soul act 2015, but it was a blinder - Ann Sexton, Wilton, November. The DJ spots were top draw as well, not yer usual Same old Same old.
  7. First time in 10 years not spending Christmas & New Year in Tenerife, oh well I'll get over it tomorrow, so wish a Feliz Navidad y feliz año nuevo to each and everyone.
  8. Just thought I would post this local paper review of the recent Wilton gig, hope that's ok with anyone that's mentioned. Just to add the reviewer is a local author/historian, so not your typical gig reviewer. Lastly, yeah it was all he says and probably more, Kev.
  9. Yep for that budget, this turntable gets consistently good reviews, tend to get quite a few listed on ebay. Have also noticed maplins had a couple of Numarks on display at around £150. Denons are not bad either, again these are all budget sub £200 turntables. If it's for home use and on a tight budget, most newer turntables like the Audio Technica 120 do have inbuilt phono-stage* (check it out first ) so you can connect direct to powered speakers without the need for a seperate amp. There is also a Audio Technica 60, which is still worth a look at and much cheaper.
  10. Whatever happened to the chimney sweep urchin look
  11. On a lighter note, I don't recall anyone in the film dancing in Calipers ?
  12. A fiver, if only. Remember I got paid on the saturday morning and walked out the shop with 90p left, after getting my ordered 'Battle' comic and a mars bar , I only stuck it about a year, too many big dogs to avoid.
  13. It was late, I was tired, must have been hallucinating !!! Was it just a West Yorkshire thing, then ? You don't get lyrics like this now-a-days, now up in Bradford a chap named Radford while taking part in a local play - was intercepted and then suspected of going ooh wakka doo wakka day-ay-ay-ay. ( I'm sure he was a nice fella, but to preserve any credibility can I say, I never owned a flat cap or had a cat )
  14. Whatever happened to... The Paper Round - getting paid a pittance for 7 days slog, some of those 70's newsagents were right conservative capitalists ( or was it just the twazzock at the top of our street ) ... Gilbert O' Sullivan ... Those sweetie necklaces you ate while round your neck ... Putting bangers ( not sausages ), into a pile of dog poop, or if you got lucky a bigger pile of horse poop ... Making traps for birds in the back garden ... Raiding the local orchard, getting a jumper full of crab apples and throwing them at cars driving by ... Pretending you were grown up and shaking hands with your dad instead of saying goodnight Enough Already ?
  15. Whatever happened to... Go carts made from old pram wheels and a bit of flat wood, leathel down a steep hill, still got a scar on my knee to this day. Whatever happened to... Spin the bottle, Kick out can and Peggy - Games we played on the council estate. Whatever happened to... Giant mud flaps for scooters, fashioned out of conveyor belt rubber from the pit, great for doing wheelies.
  16. Could'nt resist No More Hero's - The Stranglers Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky?He got an ice pickThat made his ears burnWhatever happened to dear old Lenny?The great Elmyra,And Sancho Panza?Whatever happened to the heroes?Whatever happened to the heroes?Whatever happened to all the heroes?All the Shakespearoes?They watched their Rome burnWhatever happened to the heroes?Whatever happened to the heroes?No more heroes any moreNo more heroes any moreWhatever happened to all the heroes?All the Shakespearoes?They watched their Rome burnWhatever happened to the heroes?Whatever happened to the heroes?No more heroes any moreNo more heroes any more No more heroes any moreNo more heroes any more
  17. Great names indeed Kev, (although not quite upto 80's standards). Been reading through some of it, some reflective and apt quotes on Cilla Black. Also liked the comment from a club goer about the club expanding the floor space to capitalise on the growing popularity of merseybeat, and in doing so killed the cellar club atmosphere, so he and probably many others switched to the smaller cavern club.

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